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Powell responds to WMD report Terror threat lowered to yellow  Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge is saying that the United States was not letting down its guard Serena rules out Australian Open   Pentagon: Saddam is POW  The declaration could affect how deposed Iraqi leader is treated in captivity and if, or how, he'll be tried Bush opens door for Iraq contracts   Bush 'plotted Iraq war from start'  A top official sacked from the Government has accused President of planning for an invasion within days of coming to office US keeps 'terror' arrests secret  The Supreme Court allowed the government to keep secret information about hundreds of people rounded up following 9/11 US Treasury to probe O'Neill book  The Department has called for an investigation into whether a ex-government member leaked secret documents in his new book   Bush unveils vision for moon and beyond
  Bush denies policy shift on Iran  US President has said that moves to help in the wake of the earthquake is not a sign of a thaw in relations with Tehran Iran declines U.S. official aid mission   CIA: Tape probably Bin Laden  Analysis suggests a new audiotape purportedly recorded by al-Qaeda leader is genuine U.S. keeps Libya sanctions for now  Bush signed an order that keeps in place sanctions first enacted during the Reagan administration in 1986 Bush calls for changes on illegal workers

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Jan.2   Iran
Jan.5   Washington  
Jan.7   Washington  
  Plan allows some 8 million illegal immigrants to obtain legal status as temporary workers
Jan.8   Washington
Jan.9   Washington  
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Jan.12   U.S. Supreme Court  
Jan.14   Washington  
  An ambitious plan is to return Americans to the moon by 2020 for future manned trips to Mars
Jan.16   Washington   Bremer, Bush meet on Iraq  President and his national security advisers plan to hold meetings with Paul Bremer to discuss Iraq political transition   Washington   US downplays rift with Iraq Shia  Paul Bremer, has played down differences with the majority Shia population over the transfer of power   Washington   Bremer: U.N. has 'vital role' to play in Iraq  U.S. civilian administrator in Baghdad huddled with Bush on ways to win U.N. support for a plan for the transfer of power Jan.20   Washington     Bush made State of the Union address  President has made a robust defence of his administration's record and insisted that his foreign policies had made Americans safer Jan.21   Washington     Democrats slam 'go-it-alone' Bush  After State of the Union speech President's critics have accused him of leaving the US isolated and worse off   England Blair backs Bush on Iraq weapons   U.S. Congress   Expert not convinced on NK nukes  Sigfried Hecker could not say if it really was bomb-grade plutonium metal as North Korea claimed Jan.23   Washington   US chief Iraq arms expert quits
  David Kay did not believe Iraq possessed large stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons
Jan.24   Switzerland     Cheney adrresses European nations  US Vice-President has urged to do more to support global democracy and defeat terrorism Jan.25   Washington   Kay: No evidence Iraq stockpiled WMDs
  Former chief U.S. inspector said U.S. intelligence services owe President Bush an explanation
Jan.26   Moscow Powell presses Putin on democracy   Washington   U.S., Britain downplay Kay remarks  Both governments have defended their decision to oust Saddam despite an assertion by the leader of a team of experts   Washington   US to review pre-war intelligence  The Government stood by its decision to topple Saddam Jan.29   Washington     US admits Iraq intelligence flaws  Condoleezza Rice has acknowledged for the first time that intelligence reports on Iraq might have been wrong Jan.30   Washington   Bush wants 'facts' on Iraqi WMD
  US President has said he wants to 'know the facts' about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction

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01/21 Blair backs Bush on Iraq weapons
01/24 Cheney adrresses European nations
01/26 Powell presses Putin on democracy
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01/21 Expert not convinced on NK nukes

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