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B. 02-01 Bush to order WMD intelligence inquiry Washington
2. 02-02 Ricin found at Senate building U.S. Senate
D. 02-04 U.S. stands by Pakistan Washington
E. 02-05 CIA denies pressure over Iraq CIA
02-06 Bush launches Iraq WMD commission Washington
G. 02-08 Bush sets case as 'war president' Washington
H. 02-11 Bush: WMD greatest threat to humanity Washington
8. 02-12 4 charged over designer steroid Washington

Ricin found at Senate building  Traces of the deadly poison have been found at the office of Senate Majority leader Bill Frist U.S. stands by Pakistan  The United States is standing by key ally after Khan admitted he had shared nuclear secrets with other nations   CIA denies pressure over Iraq  George Tenet has defended the gathering of intelligence later used to justify declaring war   Bush launches Iraq WMD commission
  Bush to order WMD intelligence inquiry

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Feb.1   Washington  
  President will name a bipartisan commission to investigate prewar intelligence assessments of Iraq's suspected WMD
Feb.2   U.S. Senate  
Feb.4   Washington  
Feb.5   CIA  
Feb.6   Washington  
  President appointed a bipartisan commission to 'figure out why' intelligence failed regarding Saddam's WMDs
  Washington     Bush under fire over WMD inquiry  Democrats have criticised a commission set up by President to investigate pre-Iraq war intelligence failures Feb.8   Washington     Bush sets case as 'war president'  US President has issued an uncompromising message to voters in a rare extended TV interview Feb.9   Iraq     US reveals 'al-Qaeda Iraq plot'  Al-Qaeda plans to stir hatred among Iraq's Muslims as part of its fight against US troops Feb.10   Libya     US signals new thaw with Tripoli   An American diplomat has been stationed in Tripoli, the first full-time US presence in Libya in decades Feb.11   Washington   Bush: WMD greatest threat to humanity
  President offered several proposals to halt the proliferation of unconventional weapons
Feb.12   Washington   4 charged over designer steroid  A grand jury charged nutritional supplement manufacturer Victor Conte with forming an illegal steroid distribution network Feb.14   Nevada     Kerry won Nevada and Washington DC  Democratic presidential hopeful has won easy victories in 2 caucuses Feb.19   Washington   U.S. military experts heading to Haiti  A small team of military experts from the U.S. Southern Command will assess the security situation Feb.20   Washington   Caucus plan for Iraq shelved Map of White House USA
  The White House acknowledged that the plan to use a caucus-style election to choose a government has been shelved
Feb.22   Washington   Nader announces presidential bid  A consumer advocate and former Green Party presidential candidate will run as an independent in the 2004 election Feb.23   Washington   Bush goes on anti-Democrat attack  President is warning against handing over power to the Democrats in November's election Feb.24   Washington   Bush calls for gay marriage ban  President has endorsed a constitutional amendment that would ban marriages of same-sex couples   Washington   First Guantanamo inmates charged  2 men, alleged to have been al-Qaeda members, have been charged with conspiracy to commit war crimes Feb.26   Washington   Washington lifts Libya travel ban  The move is seen as a reward for decision to scrap nuclear arms programmes   Washington   US support for Aristide wavers  Secretary of State Powell has urged President Aristide to 'examine his position' Feb.27   Washington   US warns Haiti head on violence
  The United States has warned President Aristide to rein in pro-government gangs

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North America
02/05 CIA denies pressure over Iraq
02/14 Kerry won Nevada and Washington DC
02/02 Ricin found at Senate building
Arab Countries
02/10 US signals new thaw with Tripoli
02/09 US reveals 'al-Qaeda Iraq plot'

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