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Assad, 2016   Palmyra (17)   Evacuation (72)   Aleppo, 2016   Syria Rebel Failure   Syria Rebellion (141)

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1. 12-07 Aleppo battle: Assad says victory in city would be 'huge step' Aleppo
2. 12-08 Army 'suspends Aleppo fighting' Aleppo
3. 12-11 Palmyra: Fierce battle for ancient Syrian city Palmyra, Syria
E. 12-12 Aleppo battle: UN chief warns of 'atrocities' Aleppo
5. 12-13 Aleppo battle: Rebels await evacuation, as fighting ends Aleppo
12-14 Aleppo battle: Evacuation agreement 'back on' Aleppo
H. 12-15 Aleppo battle: Evacuation continues as truce holds Aleppo
8. 12-18 Hundreds leave Aleppo as evacuations resume Aleppo

Army 'suspends Aleppo fighting'   Syria's army has suspended combat operations in eastern Aleppo, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says   Palmyra: Fierce battle for ancient Syrian city Map of Palmyra Syria
Aleppo siege: Syria rebels lose 60% of territory   Close to two-thirds of rebel-held areas of east Aleppo have now fallen to the Syrian government after another district was seized   Aleppo battle: Assad says victory in city would be 'huge step' Map of Aleppo Syria

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Dec.3   Aleppo  
Dec.7   Aleppo  
  Syrian President has said a victory for his army in Aleppo would be a 'huge step' towards ending the country's five-year civil war
Dec.8   Aleppo  
Dec.11   Syria  
  Control of the ancient city of Palmyra has been going back and forth between government forces and so-called Islamic State, reports say
  Cairo   Cairo bombing: Cairo Coptic Christian complex hit   A bomb explosion in the Coptic Christian cathedral complex in the Egyptian capital Cairo has killed at least 25 people, officials say Dec.12   Aleppo     Aleppo battle: UN chief warns of 'atrocities'   UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has voiced alarm 'over reports of atrocities against a large number of civilians' in Aleppo   Dubai   Fire breaks out in high-rise on Dubai's palm island   Firefighters have put out a fire that broke out on a high-rise in Dubai's palm-shaped island, the latest in a string of blazes to race up multistory... Dec.13   Aleppo   Aleppo battle: Rebels await evacuation, as fighting ends  Rebel fighters are preparing to leave eastern Aleppo under a deal that could end more than four years of fierce fighting in the Syrian city   Washington     Yemen conflict: US cuts arms sales to Saudi Arabia  The US has said it will limit arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid concerns over civilian casualties linked to air strikes in Yemen Dec.14   Aleppo   Aleppo battle: Evacuation agreement 'back on'
  A deal to evacuate the last rebel-held part of eastern Aleppo is back on, opposition fighters say, a day after a previous agreement fell through
Dec.15   Aleppo   Aleppo battle: Evacuation continues as truce holds   The evacuation of Syrian civilians and rebels from eastern Aleppo is continuing round the clock, as a truce was reported to be holding overn... Dec.17   Yemen     Yemen suicide bomb kills dozens of soldiers   A bomber has killed at least 23 soldiers and wounded many more in the city of Aden. Reports say the soldiers were queuing up to receive sala... Dec.18   Aleppo   Hundreds leave Aleppo as evacuations resume   Buses and ambulances leaving rebel areas. At least 350 people reportedly left rebel enclaves in convoys on Sunday, towards government territory   Jordan     At least 10 people killed in Jordan attacks Map of Karak Jordan  Gunmen killed seven Jordanian police officers, two Jordanian civilians and a female Canadian tourist in a series of ambushes Dec.21   Berlin     Tunisian fugitive 'had been under surveillance'  A Europe-wide manhunt is under way for Anis Amri, 24, wanted for the attack, who had been under surveillance earlier this year Dec.22   Aleppo   Aleppo 'back under government control'
  The Syrian army says it has retaken full control of Aleppo, following the evacuation of the last group of rebels
  UN Security Council     Egypt delays UN resolution on Israel as Trump raises concerns  Egypt has suddenly delayed a vote on its UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank as Donald Trump made his opposition clear Dec.28   Washington     John Kerry warns Israel over peace deal with Palestinians
  US Secretary of State John Kerry has said the prospect of an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal based on a two-state solution is in grave jeopardy
  Berlin   Berlin truck attack: Tunisian 'linked to Anis Amri' held   A 40-year-old Tunisian man has been detained in Berlin in connection with last week's attack on a Christmas market, German state prosecutors... Dec.31   Baghdad     Suicide bombers kill at least 28 in central Baghdad Map of Sinag street Baghdad Iraq  Two suicide bombers carried out the attack on a busy commercial street in Baghdad has left at least 28 people dead and scores wounded

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