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1. 12-03 Biden arrives in China amid tensions Beijing
C. 12-10 Market fire in China's Shenzhen kills 16 Shenzhen, Southern China
12-14 China puts Jade Rabbit rover on Moon China
4. 12-14 Jade Rabbit rover rolls on to Moon China
F. 12-15 Sixteen dead in China Xinjiang clash Xinjiang, Western China
6. 12-20 China denounces Japan military plans Beijing
H. 12-21 French chateau sale ends in tragedy Dordogne, Southern France
8. 12-26 China condemns Japan PM shrine visit Beijing

  Biden tells Chinese president of 'deep concerns' over air zone  The U.S. has 'deep concerns' over China's newly declared East China Sea air defense zone, Joe Biden privately told Chinese President Xi Jin... S Korea expands air defence zone   South Korea has announced it is expanding its air defence zone, which will now partially overlap with a similar zone announced by China   Market fire in China's Shenzhen kills 16 Map of Shenzhen China  A fire in a farmers' fruit market in south China's Shenzhen has killed at least 16 people and injured at least three, officials say 21 workers killed in gas blast at Chinese mine   The workers were earlier reported trapped by the blast in Xinjiang region's Changji prefecture. Twelve others escaped the explosion early Fr... China puts Jade Rabbit rover on Moon
  China launching Jade Rabbit mission  China is set to launch its first lunar rover mission, the next key step in the Asian superpower's ambitious space program U.S. airlines comply with China's demand Cameron promises China 'growth partnership'   Biden to visit Japan, China amid dispute  U.S. Vice President will visit Japan and China this week as a dispute seethes over Beijing's recent claim of a large swath of airspace in the region   Biden: US 'deeply concerned' by China's air zone  The US remains 'deeply concerned' about China's new air defence identification zone (ADIZ), Vice-President Joe Biden said as he began a tour...   Biden arrives in China amid tensions

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Dec.1   China  
Dec.2   Washington  
Dec.3   Beijing  
  Joe Biden should not repeat 'erroneous remarks' on China's new air zone, Chinese state media warned, as the US vice-president arrived in Beijing
Dec.4   Beijing  
Dec.7   South Korea  
Dec.10   Southern China  
Dec.13   Western China  
Dec.14   China  
  China says it has successfully landed a craft carrying a robotic rover on the surface of the Moon, the first soft landing there for 37 years
  China     N Korea 'summons people from China'   North Korean business people are being recalled from China following the execution of top official, Chang Song-thaek   China     Jade Rabbit rover rolls on to Moon  China's Jade Rabbit robot rover has driven off its landing module and on to the Moon's surface Dec.15   Western China   Sixteen dead in China Xinjiang clash Map of Xinjiang China  Sixteen people have been killed in violence in China's western region of Xinjiang, a state news portal says Dec.18   Southern China   China confirms US warship incident   China says one of its warships 'encountered' a US vessel. The US said its guided missile cruiser USS Cowpens was forced to take evasive acti...   Beijing   Bitcoin sinks after Chinese action   Bitcoin has fallen to less than half the value it recently traded for, following reports of fresh action by Beijing to restrict trade in the... Dec.20   Beijing   China denounces Japan military plans   China has denounced Japan's new national security strategy, accusing it of military expansion Dec.21   Southern France   French chateau sale ends in tragedy Map of Dordogne France  Lam Kok, a Chinese billionaire is feared dead in a helicopter crash that happened as he was surveying his newly-purchased vineyard Dec.22   San Francisco Bay Area   Apple signs iPhone deal with China Mobile  US computer giant Apple has signed a deal to bring its iPhone to China Mobile - the world's largest carrier Dec.26   Beijing     China condemns Japan PM shrine visit
  China and South Korea have condemned Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for visiting a shrine that honours war dead including convicted war criminals
  Beijing     China marks Mao's birth anniversary   Celebrations are being held in China to commemorate the 120th birthday of Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China   Antarctica     Trapped Antarctic ship to get help   A Chinese icebreaker is expected to reach a scientific mission ship trapped in dense pack ice off East Antarctica since Christmas Day Dec.27   Beijing   China reforms one-child policy
  China's top legislature has formally adopted a resolution easing the country's one-child policy, the state news agency Xinhua reports
  Antarctica   Icebreaker rescue ship stuck in Antarctic ice
Map of South Pole Antarctica
  South Pole weather has stymied a rescue by a Chinese ship trying to reach an expedition vessel trapped for the past four days in frozen seas
Dec.31   Guantanamo   US hails Guantanamo 'milestone'  The US has hailed the release of the last three Chinese Muslim Uighurs from the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay as a 'significant miles...


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