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  Bush, Iraqi Leader Vow Jan. 30 Elections  Bush and Ghazi al-Yawar vowed to press ahead with Jan. 30 elections despite a surge in violence Congress Approves Intelligence Bill
  Bush Keeps Rumsfeld, Names Kerik

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Dec.3   Washington  
  President asked Defense Secretary to keep adapting the U.S. military to face post-Cold War threats like terrorism
Dec.6   Washington  
Dec.8   House of Representatives  
  The Congress is sending the bill that creates a new director of national intelligence demanded after Sept. 11 to Bush
Dec.10   Washington     Bush's Energy Nominee Surprises Industry  President nominated a senior Treasury Department official Sam Bodman, 66, to be the next Energy Secretary Dec.11   Washington   Kerik withdraw his nomination  The decision to withdraw his nomination as homeland security secretary was made over a personal controversy Dec.14   Washington   Fed Raises Interest Rate to 2.25%  The Federal Reserve pushed U.S. interest rates up by a modest 0.25% Dec.16   Washington   U.S. hikes joining bonus  The Army National Guard, battered by Iraq, would increase enlistment bonuses to attract new recruits Dec.17   CIA   New bin Laden tape likely al Qaeda leader  CIA have a 'high degree of confidence' that the voice on the new, 70-minute-long, audiotape is that of bin Laden   Washington   U.S. cancels Iraq's $4.1 billion debt  The administration urged others to do the same to help the country rebuild Dec.19   Washington     Rumsfeld faces Iraq letters row  US Defence Secretary has pledged to personally sign letters of condolence to the families of soldiers killed in action Dec.20   Washington     Bush says Iraqi troops not ready  The President is warning that next month's election would not be 'trouble-free'   Washington     Bush admits Iraq bombers' impact  The President has admitted that repeated car bomb attacks by insurgents are having 'an effect' on the situation Dec.21   Washington     New jail abuse allegations hit US  Memos between FBI officials detailing abuses were released as part of a lawsuit against the government   Washington   Bush vows to pursue Iraq mission  President is confident democracy will prevail in Iraq and that continuing violence will not derail next month's elections Dec.22   Washington     Rumsfeld pressed over Mosul blast
  Defence Secretary has come under pressure over the attack at a US base in the northern Iraqi city that killed 22 people
Dec.23   Washington   U.S. warns Russia over Yukos sale  The Bush administration has criticized a takeover of key parts of the embattled oil giant Dec.29   Washington     US forms quake relief coalition
  The US, Australia, Japan and India have formed a coalition to lead aid efforts after the Indian Ocean sea surges
Dec.31   Washington     US pledges $350m in tsunami aid
  The US plans to increase by 10-fold its contribution to help the survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami

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Congress Approves Intelligence Bill
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New bin Laden tape likely al Qaeda leader
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New bin Laden tape likely al Qaeda leader

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