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U.S. eyes return to the Moon   Rumsfeld visits troops Map of Kirkuk Iraq  US Defence Secretary has arrived in the city of Kirkuk for an unannounced visit to make an assessment of the situation US shares Russian poll concerns  The United States are expressing concern about the fairness of the Russian parliamentary elections   Blunt Bush message for Taiwan Map of White House USA
Israel asks not to meet Geneva authors  Powell intends to meet the authors of an unofficial peace plan for the Middle East U.S. to seize WMD on high seas  The U.S. and allies are willing to use 'robust techniques' to stop rogue nations from getting the materials for WMD Pentagon freezes Boeing contract New terror attack warnings Mid-East talks take shape  The co-authors of the Geneva plan, an unofficial peace plan, have begun lobbying for support   Rumsfeld visits  Defence Secretary on a visit aimed at reaffirming Washington's support for President Karzai Defense counsel for Gitmo detainee  The Defense Department has assigned a military defense counsel for Australian detainee David Hicks United States scrapped tariffs on steel

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Dec.2   Israel  
Dec.3   Washington  
Dec.4   Washington  
  Japan has joined the European Union in dropping the threat of retaliation
Dec.5   Northern Iraq  
Dec.8   Washington  
Dec.9   Washington  
  President opposes plans for a referendum in Taiwan. Premier Wen Jiaboa met Bush at the White House
  Washington   US rejects N Korea nuclear offer  The offer by North Korea is to freeze its nuclear activities in return for a series of concessions from the United States   Taiwan     Chen stands up to Bush  President Chen Shui-bian won't be swayed from plans to hold a referendum on China's missile threat despite a stinging rebuke Dec.11   Washington     Bush firm on Iraq contracts  President still wants those countries that did not support the war to contribute to Iraq's recovery by forgiving its debts Dec.12   Washington     Bush signs Syria sanctions bill  President has signed legislation that seeks to punish for ties to terrorism by authorizing economic and diplomatic sanctions Dec.15   Washington     Bush promises Saddam fair trial
  President: The US will work with the people of Iraq to ensure the trial of Saddam will stand international scrutiny
  Washington     Colin Powell has cancer operation  Secretary of State has been admitted to hospital for prostate cancer surgery Dec.18   Washington Bush overruled on US terror law
  Washington   US warns Israel over 'separation'  The United States has warned against taking any unilateral measures in the West Bank and Gaza Dec.19   Washington   Court: Gitmo suspects need lawyers  A federal appeals court has concluded terrorist suspects held in U.S. custody on foreign soil deserve access to U.S. legal system   Washington Pilot suspected of drinking Dec.20   Washington   Libya hailed for renouncing WMD  President Bush said the decision set an example to other countries on how to build better relations with the U.S. Dec.21   Washington   US raises terror alert level
  The Government is to raise the alert level from 'elevated' to 'high', warning of a high risk of attack
Dec.22   Washington   Missiles ready to defend Washington  Surface-to-air missiles were being deployed and air travelers encountered more delays Dec.23   Washington     Sniper jury vetoes death penalty  The jury debated 8 hours before recommending 18-year-old Lee Boyd Malvo should face life in jail without parole Dec.27   Washington Eagles crush Redskins to clinch NFC East
Dec.30   Washington   U.S. officials: British planes threatened  Virgin Atlantic Airways began manning flights with armed officers Dec.31   Washington   U.S. eases Iran aid restrictions
  The administration eased restrictions on assistance in response to the Iran's devastating earthquake

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B. 12-02 Israel asks not to meet Geneva authors Israel
2. 12-02 U.S. to seize WMD on high seas Washington
D. 12-02 New terror attack warnings Washington
E. 12-03 Mid-East talks take shape Washington
5. 12-03 Rumsfeld visits Afghanistan
G. 12-03 Defense counsel for Gitmo detainee Washington
12-04 United States scrapped tariffs on steel Washington
8. 12-05 Rumsfeld visits troops Kirkuk, Northern Iraq
J. 12-08 US shares Russian poll concerns Washington


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