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  Nigeria fury over US arms refusal  Nigeria's ambassador to the US has criticised Washington for refusing to sell his government 'lethal' weapons to fight Boko Haram   US senators urge arms for Ukraine  U.S. Senate: Leading American senators have called for the US to send weapons to help Ukraine fight what they say is 'a Russian invasion'   Pentagon: Russia to send more powerful weapons into Ukraine   Russia is preparing the transfer of more powerful weaponry into Ukraine, and it could happen at any time, a Pentagon spokesman said US withholds Egypt military aid  The US is suspending a large part of the $1.3bn in aid it gives to Egypt's military. The delivery of large-scale military systems would be w...   US and Germany urge Russia not to arm Syria  Berlin: The US and Germany have called on Russia not to supply Syria's military with an advanced missile system they say could prolong the conflict there   US considering arms for Syria rebels  US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has acknowledged his government is no longer ruling out arming Syrian rebels US warns Syria over 'arms supply' US sells $30bn in jets to Saudis  The US will send 84 Boeing F-15 jets to its key Middle Eastern ally, and upgrade 70 existing Saudi F-15s Iraq to buy US F-16 fighter jets US military invents 'bigger bang' China tests stealth fighter as Gates visits   Obama says arms treaty must pass  US President has called the ratification of a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia 'a national security imperative' US to give Pakistan military $2bn US to push $60bn Saudi arms sale   The Pentagon is set to notify the US Congress of a $60bn weapons sale to Saudi Arabi advanced military aircraft Hezbollah 'has improved missiles' - US   U.S. official: Iran to ship arms to Taliban
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  US boosts arms supplies for Saudi-led coalition  The US says it is speeding up weapons deliveries to a Saudi-led coalition bombing Houthi rebels who have taken up arms against the government...   Top lawmakers urge Obama to send weapons to Ukraine   U.S. Congress: Leading Republicans and Democrats have urged Obama to provide lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine in its fight against pro-Russian rebels   Obama 'may supply arms to Ukraine'  US is studying the option of supplying lethal defensive arms to Ukraine if diplomacy fails to end the crisis in the east   U.S. shifts stance on military aid to Ukraine
  Yemen conflict: US cuts arms sales to Saudi Arabia  The US has said it will limit arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid concerns over civilian casualties linked to air strikes in Yemen   US concern as Russia lifts ban on Iran arms delivery

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  The US has expressed concern after Russia lifted a ban on supplying Iran with the sophisticated S-300 air defence missile system
  The United States is now considering sending lethal aid to help the Ukrainian government fend off attacks from pro-Russian rebels

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  New U.S. military intelligence suggests Iran plans to smuggle new shipments of weapons into Afghanistan in the coming weeks

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Sep.15 U.S.: Venezuela could spark arms race  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: The United States fears recent weapons purchases by Venezuela could fuel an arms race in South America Feb.12 Thousands guns sent to Afghans missing  More than 1/3 of all 242,000 weapons the United States has procured for Afghanistan's government are missing

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Oct.3 U.S. to sell $6.4b in weapons to Taiwan  The move bound to anger China. The administration expects congressional approval quickly

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Sep.21   Blackwater in Iraq weapons probe
  Federal prosecutors are investigating allegations that employees of Blackwater illegally smuggled weapons into Iraq
Jul.30   Rice: Arms deals promote stability
  Secretary of State: The U.S. is cutting new arms and military assistance deals with Middle Eastern countries

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Mar.2 U.S. to boost arms sales to India  New Delhi: India will be able to buy more sophisticated fighter aircraft as part of a closer defense relationship

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Sep.1   Powell: New Iraq arms probe needed  Washington wants the first step to be the return of weapons inspectors to assess Saddam's arms capability

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B. 2016-12-13 Yemen conflict: US cuts arms sales to Saudi Arabia Washington
2015-04-13 US concern as Russia lifts ban on Iran arms delivery Washington
3. 2015-04-07 US boosts arms supplies for Saudi-led coalition Washington
E. 2015-03-05 Top lawmakers urge Obama to send weapons to Ukraine U.S. Congress
5. 2015-02-09 Obama 'may supply arms to Ukraine' Washington
6. 2015-02-02 U.S. shifts stance on military aid to Ukraine Washington
H. 2014-11-11 Nigeria fury over US arms refusal Washington
I. 2014-08-31 US senators urge arms for Ukraine U.S. Senate
J. 2014-07-25 Pentagon: Russia to send more powerful weapons into Ukraine Pentagon, Washington

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