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US Senator Bob Menendez charged with corruption  New Jersey: Democrat Bob Menendez, has been charged with 14 counts of corruption. He accused of using his influence to illegally benefit a Florida eye d... Jesse Jackson Jr jailed for fraud  Former US congressman Jesse Jackson Jr has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for misusing campaign funds   'Suspicious' letter sent to Obama  A suspicious letter sent to US President Barack Obama is 'similar' to two poisoned letters mailed to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg this... Obama 'ricin' letter suspect arrested  An arrest has been made after letters containing suspected ricin were sent to US President Barack Obama and a US senator   'Suspicious' letter sent to Obama  A letter addressed to US President Barack Obama containing a 'suspicious' substance has been intercepted US charges 91 over health fraud  Ninety-one people, including doctors and nurses, have been charged with making fraudulent US Medicare claims totalling $295m DeLay guilty of money laundering Map of DeLay Texas  Texas: A jury has convicted former US House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on charges of illegally funnelling corporate money to Texas candidates   Madoff grilling for US watchdog  The Securities and Exchange Commission has ordered an in-house investigation into why it did not detect the $50bn fraud case sooner Lobbyist Abramoff jailed for corruption  Former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for corruption for trading gifts for political favours Wolfowitz 'broke World Bank laws'   A panel of executives says its President broke bank rules in awarding a substantial pay rise to his girlfriend White House official Libby guilty 5 named in Iraq contracting scam   3 officers and 2 civilians charged they steered $8.6 million in reconstruction funds in exchange for kickbacks Conrad Black indicted on fraud charges  The former chairman of Hollinger International and 3 other former executives have been charged Tom DeLay faces criminal charge  Texas: The Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives has been indicted with criminal conspiracy Galloway takes on US oil accusers  U.S. Senate: British MP has told senators who accused him of profiting from Iraq oil the claims were the 'mother of all smokescreens' Russians cited in oil-for-food probe
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B. 2016-01-25 'Putin is corrupt' says US Treasury Washington
2015-05-28 Former Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted FBI
3. 2015-04-01 US Senator Bob Menendez charged with corruption New Jersey
4. 2013-08-14 Jesse Jackson Jr jailed for fraud Washington
F. 2013-05-30 'Suspicious' letter sent to Obama Washington
G. 2013-04-17 Obama 'ricin' letter suspect arrested Washington
H. 2011-09-07 US charges 91 over health fraud Washington
8. 2010-11-24 DeLay guilty of money laundering DeLay, Texas

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted
  Kremlin demands 'Putin corruption' proof  Moscow: The Kremlin has called on the US Treasury to come up with proof after it told a BBC investigation it considered Putin to be corrupt   'Putin is corrupt' says US Treasury

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  The US Treasury has told a BBC investigation that it considers Russian President Vladimir Putin to be corrupt

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  FBI: Former Speaker of the House of Representatives was allegedly trying to evade banking reporting requirements and lying to FBI


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  U.S. Senate: A Senate report accuses top politicians, including advisers to Putin, of engaging in illicit transactions with Iraq
Feb.15 Senator alleges oil-for-food 'bribe'. U.S. Senate

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Apr.8 Democrats call Halliburton probe
Feb.13 Enron 'bribed tax officials'. U.S. Senate

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Oct.16 Enron auditor fined $500,000
Aug.21   Ex-Enron executive pleads guilty  Michael Kopper has pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering and wire fraud Jul.8 Bush wants new laws on corporate abuse
  U.S. Congress: Former WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers and ex-CFO Scott Sullivan take Fifth on Capitol Hill
Mar.14   Andersen indicted over Enron  Accountancy firm at the centre of the Enron bankruptcy, has been indicted on the charge of obstruction of justice Jan.9   Criminal inquiry into Enron collapse  Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation of fallen energy giant

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Sep.20 Insufficient evidence to prosecute Clinton
  Whitewater investigation of the Clintons ends without indictments. Counsel Ray said that there was insufficient evidence

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