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Gulf oil spill firms 'complacent'  3 major companies involved in the spill lacked a safety culture and made serious mistakes ahead of the catastrophe, the key inquiry has said Panel backs BP on spill findings US Gulf oil drilling ban overturned  A federal court judge has blocked President Barack Obama's six-month moratorium on deep water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico Congress tells BP ignored oil well dangers   U.S. Congress: Chief executive Tony Hayward has been told by an angry US Congressional panel his firm ignored dangers when drilling in the Gulf of Mexico US Congress set to grill BP chief
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Good Economic News Main Event: US rejects Ke...
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2015-11-06 US rejects Keystone XL pipeline from Canada Washington
C. 2015-11-03 Obama will decide on Keystone pipeline during his term White House, Washington
D. 2015-02-24 Obama vetoes oil pipeline bill Washington
4. 2015-01-29 Keystone XL project approved by US Congress U.S. Senate
F. 2015-01-09 US House passes Keystone pipe bill House of Representatives
6. 2014-11-18 US Senate narrowly fails to pass Keystone XL pipeline bill U.S. Senate
7. 2014-01-31 'No objections' to Keystone pipeline Washington
I. 2013-01-03 Transocean agrees oil spill fine Washington

Obama will decide on Keystone pipeline during his term Keystone pipeline company wants pause to the bid process. Western Canada Obama vetoes oil pipeline bill Keystone XL project approved by US Congress. U.S. Senate US House passes Keystone pipe bill. House of Representatives US Senate narrowly fails to pass Keystone XL pipeline bill. U.S. Senate 'No objections' to Keystone pipeline   Transocean agrees oil spill fine  Transocean, which owned the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, has agreed to a settlement with the US government   BP banned from new US contracts  BP has been temporarily suspended from new contracts with the US government, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said Gulf spill: BP to get record criminal fine US to tighten squeeze on Iran oil US rejects Keystone XL oil pipeline  The state department has recommended the rejection of a crude oil 1,600-mile pipeline from western Canada to refineries on the Texas coast US taxes and pipeline deal struck  House of Representatives: Lawmakers have agreed to extend a payroll tax break for 2 months, after Republicans won their fight to attach a provision on a pipeline Obama backs new oil exploration   Cost cuts 'led to BP oil spill'   US panel: The companies involved in the BP oil spill had made decisions to cut costs and save time that contributed to the disaster   U.S. to sue BP over Gulf of Mexico oil spill
US rejects Keystone XL pipeline from Canada

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  US President Barack Obama has announced he is rejecting an application to build the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada

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  The federal government joined the dozens of lawsuits against BP and several other companies over the massive oil spill, seeking unlimited penalties.    The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion in April killed 11 w...

  U.S. Congress: Tony Hayward is set to face a grilling, a day after the oil firm agreed a $20bn compensation fund for victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
BP to fund $20bn oil spill payout  Oil giant is to put $20bn in a compensation fund for victims of the Gulf oil spill and will not pay shareholders a dividend this year Jun.15   Obama in national address on oil
  US President has made his first national address from the Oval Office to outline his response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.    Barack Obama has vowed to 'make BP pay' for th...
US oil firms 'not ready' for leak  U.S. Congress: Congressional panel: The major oil companies drilling off the US coastline are as unprepared as BP for a major spil Jun.12 US urges quicker BP oil strategy  A top Coast Guard official has said that BP's plans to contain oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico from a blown-out well do not go far enoug... Jun.6   Too soon to be 'pleased' with BP progress  The fed's response manager to the oil disaster said that BP has made progress, but cautioned it was too early to call the effort a success May.24 Feds tell BP to cut use of oil dispersants  Environmental Protection Agency has instructed BP to scale back its use of oil dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico US toughens talk over Gulf spill  The government has toughened its rhetoric towards BP as frustration builds about the company's inability to plug a leaking oil well May.17 Obama to set up oil spill panel   President Barack Obama will set up a commission to investigate the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, examine industry practices and the government's... May.14   Obama: No more cosying up to oil industry  US President has vowed to end the 'cosy relationship' between oil companies and US regulators in the light of the Gulf of Mexico disaster May.12 Deepwater Horizon preventer 'faulty'  House of Representatives: Congressional investigators believe the device meant to stop oil leaking from a Gulf of Mexico well after last month's rig explosion was faulty May.10 Oil firms 'set for Senate clash'  U.S. Senate: Firms in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster are set to present conflicting claims at the first US Senate hearing Apr.30 Pressure mounts on BP to tackle slick

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Jun.18   Bush calls for offshore drilling
  President George W Bush has called on Congress to end a 27-year ban on drilling for oil in coastal waters, to reduce dependence on imports

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Jan.16 BP failed on safety - U.S. panel

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Apr.16 G-7 finance leaders focus on oil, debt

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