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U.S. to send jets, Patriot missiles to Jordan  Washington: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has approved the deployment of a Patriot missile battery and F-16 fighter jet aircraft as part of a planned ex...   Drills begin amid Korea tensions    South Korea: The US and South Korea have begun annual military drills amid high tensions with North Korea in the wake of a UN sanctions vote South Korea-US naval drills begin  South Korea and the US have begun three days of naval exercises in what is being seen as a show of force aimed at North Korea US and South Korea in joint drill  US and South Korean forces have begun military exercises on the peninsula amid warnings from Pyongyang that the drills should not go ahead US-Japan military exercises begin  More than 44,000 Japanese and American military personnel, 40 Japanese and 20 US warships are taking part in the drill off Japan's southern islands S Korea and US 'plan more drills   South Korea: South Korea is planning to hold more military exercises, after its joint naval manoeuvres with the United States end in the Yellow Sea on We... US and S Korea begin exercises
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B. 2017-08-20 US-South Korea set for divisive military drills South Korea
2. 2017-02-04 Iran holds military exercise in defiance of US sanctions Semnan, Iran
3. 2016-04-23 North Korea 'will halt' nuclear tests if US stops S Korea exercises North Korea
E. 2016-03-12 South Korea, U.S. deter North Korea with 'largest ever' military drill South Korea
F. 2015-02-25 Rev. Guard conducts military drill against replica US carrier Strait of Hormuz, Southern Iran
6. 2015-01-15 'Cyber attack war games' to be staged by UK and US London
2014-04-23 U.S. paratroopers in Poland amid crisis Swidwin, Poland
I. 2014-02-23 S Korea-US military drills begin South Korea

  S Korea-US military drills begin
  US-South Korea set for divisive military drills  The US and South Korea are conducting annual military drills which consistently infuriate Pyongyang, despite appeals to halt the exercise   Iran holds military exercise in defiance of US sanctions Map of Semnan Iran  In a defiance of the new sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, Iran held a military exercise Saturday to test missile and radar systems   North Korea 'will halt' nuclear tests if US stops S Korea exercises  Foreign minister Ri Su-yong has said it will suspend its nuclear tests if the US stops its annual military exercises with South Korea   South Korea, U.S. deter North Korea with 'largest ever' military drill  U.S. and South Korean marines and sailors stormed a beach aboard assault vehicles Saturday in a mock amphibious landing Rev. Guard conducts military drill against replica US carrier Map of Strait of Hormuz Iran  Southern Iran: Dozens of Iranian speedboats swarmed a replica of a U.S. aircraft carrier in a strategic Gulf waterway, blasting it with missiles in large-scale drills 'Cyber attack war games' to be staged by UK and US  London: The UK and US are to carry out 'war game' cyber attacks on each other as part of a new joint defence against online criminals   U.S. paratroopers in Poland amid crisis Map of Swidwin Poland

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  A contingent of paratroopers arrived, the first of what will be a persistent presence of U.S. troops as the crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold
   South Korea: Joint military drills have begun, amid rare family reunions between North and South Korean relatives separated for decades

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   South Korea: South Korea and the United States are due to begin four days of joint military exercises in the waters off the Korean west coast
Nov.26   China criticizes U.S.-S. Korean exercise  Beijing: China appeared to criticize the U.S.-South Korean military exercise set to begin Sunday in the Yellow Sea off the west coast of the Korean P... Sep.3 S. Korea, U.S. to hold joint naval exercise   South Korea: The anti-submarine exercise is scheduled to end Thursday. It will be held in the waters west of the Korean Peninsula Aug.18 U.S., S. Korea: anti-sub exercises   South Korea: The United States and South Korean navies will begin a joint exercise in response to North sinking of a South Korean warship last march Jul.24 U.S., South Korea begin military exercises
  Amid heightened tensions with North Korea, the United States and South Korea began joint military exercises, dubbed Invincible Spirit
May.24 U.S., S. Korea to conduct joint exercises  Washington: The U.S. military will conduct exercises with the S. Korean military in response to N. Korea was behind the sinking of a warship

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Sep.25 Russia shows off military for U.S.. Venezuela

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Apr.4 US holds massive terror exercise
. New Jersey

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Jan.30 US, Philippines joint military exercises  Exercises, which will involve 650 US troops, signals a new phase in the war on international terrorism

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Aug.16 32 U.S. paratroopers injured   Germany: Training exercise involved a large-scale parachute jump

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Jun.25 Bombing exercises resumed on Vieques
  Puerto Rico: U.S. Navy battleships resumed shelling exercises on the island over the objections of protesters

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