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  Halliburton to plead guilty on spill   Houston: US company Halliburton will plead guilty to destroying evidence relating to the 2010 Gulf Of Mexico oil spill US 'will sue' Standard & Poor's  New York: Standard & Poor's says it is to be sued by US government over the credit ratings agency's assessment of mortgage bonds before the financial crisis US bank to pay $12bn settlement  North Carolina: Bank of America has agreed to pay US government mortgage agency Fannie Mae $3.6bn to settle claims relating to residential home loans   Transocean agrees oil spill fine  Washington: Transocean, which owned the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, has agreed to a settlement with the US government Samsung to fight court ruling for Apple   South Korea: Samsung plans to challenge a U.S. court ruling that recommends more than $1 billion in damages to Apple over a patent dispute Samsung told to pay Apple $1bn Map of San Jose USA
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1. 2016-06-27 VW US emissions settlement reported to cost $15bn USA
C. 2016-06-23 Led Zeppelin cleared of plagiarism in Stairway case Los Angeles
D. 2016-05-26 Google defeats Oracle in Java code copyright case San Francisco Bay Area
2016-04-21 VW reaches US deal in emissions scandal San Francisco Bay Area
F. 2016-02-29 Apple backed by judge in new iPhone access fight Brooklyn, New York
6. 2016-01-04 VW sued by US justice department Washington
H. 2015-10-23 Venezuela Central Bank sues US-based DolarToday website Venezuela
I. 2015-08-26 Fifty Shades publisher 'must set aside' $10m in royalties Fort Worth, Texas

Apple backed by judge in new iPhone access fight. New York VW sued by US justice department. Washington Venezuela Central Bank sues US-based DolarToday website Fifty Shades publisher 'must set aside' $10m in royalties. Texas BP to pay 12bn for Gulf oil spill Apple Music changes policy after Taylor Swift stand. San Francisco Bay Area Airbus to sue in US, German spying row. Germany Blurred Lines 'copied Marvin Gaye'. Los Angeles US city sues Petrobras for corruption. New England BP found 'grossly negligent' in 2010 Gulf oil spill. New Orleans Apple and Samsung in legal deal. San Francisco Bay Area LinkedIn in $6m labour violation settlement. San Francisco Bay Area LA Clippers sale 'can go ahead' despite Sterling's objections. Los Angeles McDonald's in Russian court case over standards. Moscow RJ Reynolds told to pay wife of cancer victim $23.6bn. Florida US loses trade spat to China, India 'Drunk' man sues Las Vegas casino. Nevada Facebook sued over message 'scan'. San Francisco Bay Area JP Morgan in record $13bn settlement Map of Manhattan
VW US emissions settlement reported to cost $15bn  German carmaker Volkswagen has reportedly reached a $15bn (11.3bn) settlement with US car owners after admitting it cheated emission tests Led Zeppelin cleared of plagiarism in Stairway case  Los Angeles: Led Zeppelin did not plagiarise the opening chords of the rock epic Stairway to Heaven from the US band Spirit, a Los Angeles jury has found Google defeats Oracle in Java code copyright case  San Francisco Bay Area: Google has won a major court battle with software firm after a jury ruled it did not unfairly appropriate parts of the Java programming lang... Apple loses trademark fight over iPhone name in China VW reaches US deal in emissions scandal

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  San Francisco Bay Area: Volkswagen will offer 'substantial compensation' and car buy-back deals in the US as part of a settlement of the the diesel emissions scandal

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  Manhattan: JP Morgan has agreed to a record $13bn settlement with US regulators for misleading investors during the housing crisis


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  San Francisco Bay Area: A US jury has ruled that Samsung should pay Apple $1.05bn in damages in an intellectual property lawsuit
 It said several of Samsung's devices had infringed Apple's software and design patents
Jul.2 GlaxoSmithKline 'guilty of fraud'  GSK is to pay $3bn in the largest healthcare fraud settlement in US history. The drug giant is to plead guilty to promoting two drugs for unapproved... Jul.1 Apple 'settles China iPad case'  Apple has agreed to pay $60m to Chinese firm Proview to settle a dispute involving rights to the 'iPad' name, a court in China has said Mar.2   BP reaches $7.8bn oil spill deal  Louisiana: BP says it has reached a deal with the largest group of plaintiffs suing the company over the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig spill Feb.9   US banks in mortgage settlement  5 of the biggest US banks have agreed to provide $25bn in assistance to homeowners to settle claims over improper foreclosure practices

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Sep.1 US 'to sue banks over mortgages'  Washington: The US is planning to sue more than a dozen major banks for misrepresenting the quality of mortgages they sold during the housing bubble Aug.16 Tobacco firms sue over new labels  Washington: Five tobacco companies have sued FDA over a new law that would force them to place graphic health warnings on their cigarette packets Feb.14 Huge fine in Amazon pollution case
   Ecuador: A court in Ecuador has fined US oil giant Chevron a reported $8bn for polluting a large part of the country's Amazon region

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Dec.21 Halliburton settles Nigeria bribery claims  Oilfield contractor has agreed to pay Nigeria $35 million to settle allegations that led to charges against former VP Dick Cheney and other ... Dec.15   U.S. to sue BP over Gulf of Mexico oil spill
  Washington: The federal government joined the dozens of lawsuits against BP and several other companies over the massive oil spill, seeking unlimited penalties.    The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion in April killed 11 w...

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Sep.2 Pfizer agrees record fraud fine

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Jul.17 EU hits Intel with fresh charges
. European Union Feb.27 EU fines Microsoft record $1.4bn  European Union: The European Commission has fined US computer giant for defying sanctions imposed on it for anti-competitive behaviour

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Jun.4 Nigeria sues drugs giant Pfizer
Apr.10 U.S. files piracy complaint against China. New York

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Aug.20 Merck to fight drug onslaught
Aug.19 Merck punished for faulty drug  Texas: The drugs giant is to blame for the fatal heart attack suffered by a man taking its painkiller Vioxx Aug.10 Microsoft in $7m spam settlement Feb.4 Court rejects $280bn tobacco case. Washington

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Mar.24 Microsoft hit by record EU fine
. European Union

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Apr.4 Microsoft loses antitrust suit
  Washington: Microsoft is confident that it will eventually overturn the decision by a judge that it violated anti-monopoly laws

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