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  Libya warns UK could worsen war  Libya's foreign minister says a British plan to send a military team to advise rebels fighting Gaddafi would harm chances of peace   US warns it may 'push BP aside  Louisiana: Oil firm may be 'pushed out of the way' if it fails to perform in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster clean-up, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has... Woodward in NI devolution warning  Northern Ireland: Politicians have been warned not to allow the crisis surrounding the future of the first minister to derail devolution Britiain warns Iran about embassy arrest  London: Foreign Secretary David Miliband: There will be consequences if Iran mistreats a British Embassy employee who was arrested in Tehran UK warns of damage in TNK-BP row  Moscow: The British embassy has warned of the damage being done by the dispute between TNK-BP's shareholders   Bush and Brown in warning to Iran
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War & Army Main Event: UK warns Iran over em...
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B. 2016-06-26 China warns Brexit will 'cast shadow' over global economy Beijing
C. 2014-07-19 Cameron in new EU sanctions warning to Russia over plane London
3. 2013-11-13 Sri Lanka warns UK PM over 'war crimes' Sri Lanka
E. 2013-08-24 Cameron and Obama warning over Syria Washington
F. 2012-08-22 UK joins US in warning to Syria London
G. 2012-08-21 Ecuador: UK would be 'suicidal' to move on Assange Ecuador
H. 2012-08-15 UK in 'threat' to arrest Assange London
2011-11-29 UK warns Iran over embassy attack London
9. 2011-04-19 Libya warns UK could worsen war Libya

  Cameron in new EU sanctions warning to Russia over plane  London: Tougher sanctions against Russia will be needed if Moscow does not change approach to the downing of the Malaysia plane, Cameron has indicated   Sri Lanka warns UK PM over 'war crimes'   David Cameron has been warned by the Sri Lankan government not to quiz them over alleged war crimes in 2009   Cameron and Obama warning over Syria  Washington: The UK and the US have threatened a 'serious response' if it emerges Syria used chemical weapons last week   UK joins US in warning to Syria  London: The UK has joined the US in warning Syria that the use or threat of chemical weapons would force them 'to revisit their approach'   Ecuador: UK would be 'suicidal' to move on Assange  The Ecuadorian president said the UK would be 'suicidal' to come into Ecuador's embassy in London, where WikiLeaks founder has been holed up   UK in 'threat' to arrest Assange  London: Ecuador has accused the UK of making a 'threat' to enter its embassy in London to arrest Wikileaks' Julian Assange UK warns Iran over embassy attack
  China warns Brexit will 'cast shadow' over global economy

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  Beijing: China finance experts have warned that Britain's decision to leave the European Union will 'cast a shadow over the global economy'

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  London: Britain condemned Iran for allowing protesters to storm its embassy and a separate diplomatic compound in Tehran
 Prime Minister David Cameron warns Iran of 'serious consequences' after protesters stormed the British embassy and a compound in Tehran


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  London: Gordon Brown and George Bush have warned Iran to accept their 'offers of partnership' or face tough sanctions and international isolation
Jan.16 Russia warned over 'intimidation'
  London: British Council employees were interviewed by security services and a director was detained by police

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Mar.27   Blair warns Iran of 'different phase'
  London: Prime Minister has said his country is prepared to move to a 'different phase' if negotiations fail to free 15 sailors being held by Iran.    UK could end up releasing evidence proving t...
Mar.26   UK, Iraq raise pressure on Iran  Iran is under increased pressure to release 15 British sailors and marines seized in what Tehran insists were its territorial waters Mar.25   Blair: Seizure of troops 'very serious'   London: Tony Blair said that the 15 British sailors and marines captured by Iran were not in Iranian waters Jan.24 Greek warning over London auction    Greece: Greece has warned buyers of former royal treasures being sold by Christie's that they could face legal action

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Dec.19 Blair warns of 'global struggle'. United Arab Emirates

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Jul.31   UK warns Iran over nuclear plans  The international dispute over nuclear program appears to be escalating Mar.4 UK warns Syria of 'pariah' status  England: Foreign Secretary has warned Syria it risks being 'treated as a pariah' if it fails to withdraw its forces from Lebanon

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Feb.26   UN warning over spy allegations
  British spies would have undermined the UN work if it was true they bugged Kofi Annan's office Feb.16 U.K. issues Saudi Arabia warning  England: British nationals should forgo all but 'essential' travel because of possible terrorist attacks

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