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  Syria set to dominate G8 summit   Northern Ireland: The leaders of the G8 nations are set to begin a summit in Northern Ireland, with Syria's crisis likely to dominate G8 states condemn NK nuclear moves  London: Foreign ministers from the G8 group of nations have condemned in the 'strongest possible terms' North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile pr... Korea crisis on agenda at G8 talks  London: The Korean crisis will be high on the agenda when foreign ministers from the G8 group of nations hold talks in London on Thursday Leaders back Somali terror fight   London: World leaders have pledged to boost support for measures to fight piracy, terrorism and political instability in Somalia, after a meeting Czechs and UK refuse EU agreement. Czech Republic   Diplomats unite against Gadhafi
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B. 2017-06-22 Brexit: UK offer on EU citizens a good start, says Merkel Brussels
C. 2014-09-04 Nato summit: Russia criticised over Ukraine crisis Newport, Wales
D. 2014-06-09 Merkel and Cameron in battle over European Commission Stockholm, Sweden
4. 2013-11-13 Sri Lanka warns UK PM over 'war crimes' Sri Lanka
5. 2013-09-05 UK has new Syria chemical evidence St. Petersburg
2013-06-17 Obama and Putin push Syria G8 summit Northern Ireland
H. 2013-06-16 Syria set to dominate G8 summit Lough Erne, Northern Ireland
I. 2013-04-11 G8 states condemn NK nuclear moves London

  Merkel and Cameron in battle over European Commission    Sweden: The leaders of Sweden, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands are meeting at a mini-EU summit to try to reach a consensus on European reform   Sri Lanka warns UK PM over 'war crimes'   David Cameron has been warned by the Sri Lankan government not to quiz them over alleged war crimes in 2009   UK has new Syria chemical evidence   St. Petersburg: The UK has fresh evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Damascus, David Cameron has told the BBC as he arrives in Russia for the G20 sum...   Obama and Putin push Syria G8 summit
  Brexit: UK offer on EU citizens a good start, says Merkel   Brussels: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has described UK plans to ensure the rights of EU citizens in Britain after Brexit as 'a good start'   G7 warns of Brexit as risk to global growth priority   Japan: A declaration at the G7 meeting in Japan says a vote by the UK to leave the European Union would pose a 'serious threat to global growth'   Nato summit: Russia criticised over Ukraine crisis Map of Newport United Kingdom

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  Wales: Western leaders have criticised Russia for its 'destabilising' influence on the crisis in eastern Ukraine, as they opened a Nato summit in Wales

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  Northern Ireland: The US and Russian presidents have acknowledged they have a widely different stance on Syria, but did agree to push for a summit in Geneva


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  London: International diplomats meeting concluded: Libyan leader's government has 'completely lost legitimacy,' and military action must continue
World leaders meet on Gadhafi. London

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Feb.22   Argentina rallies support over Falklands
Map of Cancun Mexico
   Mexico: Latin American and Caribbean leaders have come to an agreement supporting Argentina over sovereignty of the Islands
Jan.28 Afghan conference sets deadlines
  London: A plan by the Afghan government to reintegrate members of the Taliban into law-abiding society got strong support at a conference Jan.27 Key summit to tackle Afghanistan. London

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Nov.8 Fund plan for bailouts hits hurdles in G20
. Scotland Sep.5   G20 pledges tougher bank action   London: Finance ministers from the most powerful economies have agreed a series of measures to try to regulate the global banking system   Brown: No room for economic complacency   London: Finance ministers from the G-20 nations meeting have reiterated their commitment to coordinated action to tackle the economic crisis Jun.28 Iran 'must free UK embassy staff'. Greece Apr.2   Obama hails 'historic' G20 summit  London: Barack Obama has hailed the summit as a historic turning point in the pursuit of world economic recovery   G20 leaders: We can unite   London: Leaders attending the G-20 summit said they were confident they could bridge their differences to unite on a plan to address the crisis Apr.1   G20 leaders get down to business  London: World leaders will strive to reach an agreement on how to confront the worst global financial crisis since the 1930s Mar.31   G20 leaders gather amid security  London: World leaders are gathering amid tight security and police warnings to discuss ways to resolve the worst financial crisis since the 1930s Mar.30   Brown: G-20 will rise to challenge  London: British Prime Minister believed world leaders would 'rise to the challenge' at this week's G-20 summit by agreeing firm measures Mar.14 G20 leaders vow to restore growth
  London: Finance ministers from the rich and emerging nations have pledged to make a 'sustained effort' to pull the world economy out of recession
 Commitment to fight all forms of protectionism and maintain open trade and investment. A key commitment to restoring bank lending
Mar.13 G20 ministers meet amid divisions  London: Rifts are emerging as finance ministers from developing countries and major powers prepare to meet in England

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