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Congress tells BP ignored oil well dangers  U.S. Congress: Chief executive Tony Hayward has been told by an angry US Congressional panel his firm ignored dangers when drilling in the Gulf of Mexico US Congress set to grill BP chief
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Lawsuit Main Event: BP says oil has stopped ...
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1. 2012-03-02 BP reaches $7.8bn oil spill deal Louisiana
C. 2011-08-15 North Sea leak not expected on land Aberdeen, Scotland
D. 2011-08-13 Leak at North Sea oil platform North Sea, Scotland
E. 2011-05-24 Iceland's volcanic ash heads for London Grimsvotn, Iceland
5. 2011-04-20 BP sues Gulf oil spill companies United Kingdom
6. 2010-12-15 U.S. to sue BP over Gulf of Mexico oil spill Washington
H. 2010-07-22 BP 'buying silence' over oil leak USA
I. 2010-07-16 Capped well not leaking, BP says Louisiana
2010-07-15 BP says oil has stopped leaking Louisiana

  BP 'buying silence' over oil leak   USA: The head of the American Association of Professors has accused BP of trying to buy the best scientists to help its defence against litigatio... Capped well not leaking, BP says  Louisiana: BP says there are no signs of leakage from its ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, a day after the flow was stopped for the first time since April BP says oil has stopped leaking
  BP reaches $7.8bn oil spill deal  Louisiana: BP says it has reached a deal with the largest group of plaintiffs suing the company over the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig spill North Sea leak not expected on land   Scotland: The flow of oil leaking from a North Sea oil platform east of Aberdeen, has been 'greatly reduced,' and no oil is expected to reach land Leak at North Sea oil platform   Scotland: A Shell-operated oil drilling platform in the North Sea has been shut down while authorities work to fix a leak in a storage pipe Iceland's volcanic ash heads for London   A cloud of ash from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano spread toward central Europe late, spurring Germany to announce two airports will close   BP sues Gulf oil spill companies  BP is suing Transocean, the owner of the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico last year, for $40bn in damages   U.S. to sue BP over Gulf of Mexico oil spill

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  Washington: The federal government joined the dozens of lawsuits against BP and several other companies over the massive oil spill, seeking unlimited penalties.    The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion in April killed 11 w...
  Louisiana: BP says it has temporarily stopped oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from its leaking well, the first time the flow has stopped since an explosion
 The well has been sealed with a cap as part of a test that could last up to 48 hours. Obama said the development was a 'positive sign'

  U.S. Congress: Tony Hayward is set to face a grilling, a day after the oil firm agreed a $20bn compensation fund for victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
BP to fund $20bn oil spill payout  Washington: Oil giant is to put $20bn in a compensation fund for victims of the Gulf oil spill and will not pay shareholders a dividend this year Jun.12 US urges quicker BP oil strategy  Washington: A top Coast Guard official has said that BP's plans to contain oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico from a blown-out well do not go far enoug... Jun.4 BP fits cap but yet to stop leak in Gulf
  Louisiana: On day 46 of the oil spill, BP began to siphon oil from the ruptured undersea well to the surface, where it was flowing onto the awaiting drill ship
May.31 Fisherman restraining order against BP  Louisiana: A fisherman who was hospitalized after becoming ill while cleaning up oil in the Gulf of Mexico has filed a temporary restraining order in federal... May.29 'Top kill' BP operation to halt oil leak fails  Louisiana: The latest attempt to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil leak has failed, BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles has said May.26 BP says 'top kill' plug going to plan   Louisiana: Nearly four hours after latest attempt, the oil giant's chief executive said he would not know for another 24 hours whether the plan is working May.23 US warns it may 'push BP aside  Louisiana: Oil firm may be 'pushed out of the way' if it fails to perform in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster clean-up, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has... May.10 BP working 'parallel paths' to stop oil gush  Louisiana: Gov. Bobby Jindal: A wind shift could push more oil from Deepwater Horizon gusher into the Mississippi Delta and areas west of the river May.5 Gulf oil spill: First leak capped, says BP  Louisiana: BP has managed to seal the smallest of the three leaks spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Oil is still gushing into the sea, 800,000 litres... May.3 BP vows to clean up Gulf of Mexico oil slick  Louisiana: Oil giant has acknowledged it is 'absolutely responsible' for cleaning up a huge oil spill after an explosion at one of its wells off the US... Apr.30   Pressure mounts on BP to tackle slick  Washington: Calls for swifter action were led by Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, who urged BP to commit more resources to tackling the catastrop...

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Apr.19 Stinky manure smell engulfs London

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Oct.30 Warming 'may cause economic chaos'
  London: A top economist: Climate change could devastate the global economy on a scale of the 2 world wars

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