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Haqqani joins UN sanctions list. UN Security Council UN to sanction Congo's M23 rebels. UN Security Council Report finds Iran shipping arms to Syria   UN lifts Libyan banks sanctions  UN Security Council: The UN Security Council has lifted sanctions on Libya's central bank and the country's foreign investments banks, diplomats say UN Syria sanctions call dropped  European Union: European countries proposing a new resolution have dropped demands for immediate sanctions against al-Assad's government   UN passes Gaddafi sanction vote
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Security Council vows new sanctions after N Korea's rocket launch. UN Security Council Raul Castro calls for US to lift trade embargo. UN Gen. Assembly Libya urges UN to lift arms embargo to tackle IS. UN Security Council Ukraine warns West against lifting Russia sanctions. UN Gen. Assembly UN blacklists North Korea arms ship operator. UN Security Council UN imposes sanctions on Boko Haram. UN Security Council U.N. passes new North Korea sanctions
North Korea made $200m flouting sanctions, UN told  North Korea earned nearly $200m last year by exporting banned commodities in breach of international sanctions, a UN report says   North Korea: New UN sanctions 'an act of war'   North Korea has described the latest UN sanctions imposed on the country as an 'act of war'   US urges all nations to cut ties with Pyongyang  UN Security Council: The US has urged 'all nations' to cut diplomatic and trade ties with North Korea after the country's latest ballistic missile test UN approves new sanctions against North Korea  UN Security Council: A weakened resolution that won’t ban oil imports or an international asset freeze on the government or dictator Kim Jong Un, UN backs fresh sanctions over N. Korea missile tests  UN Security Council: A resolution banning North Korean exports and limiting investments in the country was passed unanimously North Korea test-fires missiles in defiance of UN sanctions  North Korea has test-fired two mid-range ballistic Musudan missiles within hours of each other in defiance of UN sanctions, says South Korea UN imposes tough North Korea sanctions

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  UN Security Council: The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution significantly expanding international sanctions against North Korea

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  UN Security Council: The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Thursday for tougher sanctions against North Korea. China, North Korea's key ally agreed to it

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  UN Security Council: The Security Council has voted unanimously to impose sanctions on Muammar Gaddafi's Libyan regime for its attempts to put down an uprising.    The Council backed an arms embargo and asset freeze while referring Col Gaddafi to the International Criminal Court for all...

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Sep.29 Sanctions against Sierra Leone lifted. UN Security Council Jun.9 U.N. votes new sanctions on Iran   UN Security Council: The Council voted to impose new sanctions on Iran to try to force it to suspend its nuclear program. President Ahmadinejad dismisses new san... Jun.8 U.N. to vote on tougher Iran sanctions. UN Security Council May.18 New Iran sanctions being tabled. UN Security Council

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Jun.12 U.N. tightens sanctions on North Korea  UN Security Council: The 15-0 vote on Resolution 1874 is to expand and tighten sanctions on North Korea after that nation's recent nuclear test Jun.10 UN agrees on tougher N. Korea sanctions  UN Security Council: The five permanent members have agreed on a resolution that would expand and tighten sanctions on North Korea

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Jul.11   Russia, China veto sanctions on Zimbabwe
  UN Security Council: Russia and China vetoed a resolution that would have imposed sanctions on Mugabe, and 11 senior members of his government Jul.2 U.S. may push UN sanctions on Zimbabwe
. Washington Apr.23 Fuel embargo blocks UN aid  Gaza: The United Nations is being forced to suspend its humanitarian work in Gaza because of the Israeli fuel blockade

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Dec.10 Draft targets Iran military, bank
Dec.4 China questions UN Iran sanctions Mar.24 New sanctions on Iran approved   UN Security Council: Iran's foreign minister rejected a unanimous vote by the Security Council because of refusal to suspend its uranium enrichment program

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Dec.24   Ahmadinejad: U.N. will regret sanctions   Iran: Iran vowed to push forward with efforts to enrich uranium and to change its relations with the nuclear watchdog Dec.23 Security Council approves Iran sanctions
  UN Security Council: The Council voted unanimously to impose sanctions for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment
 The resolution orders countries to stop supplying Iran with materials and technology contributed to nuclear and missile programs. It freezes Iranian assets of related to those programs. The resolution increases pressure on the Iran government to prove that it is not trying to make nuclear weapons. Iran rejected the resolution. The US urges even tougher action against Iran
Dec.22 Britain, France push for vote on Iran Oct.16 North Korea condemns UN sanctions Oct.14 U.N. slaps sanctions on North Korea
  UN Security Council: The Council voted unanimously to slap trade, travel and other sanctions
 The vote had been delayed because of concerns by China and Russia. The US has revised its draft to remove the threat of military action and reduced the total embargo on military equipment
Jul.15 Sec. Council votes for N. Korea sanctions
  UN Security Council: The Security Council demanded that N. Korea suspend its ballistic missile program

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Nov.15 UN arms embargo for Ivory Coast Sep.18 UN threatens sanctions on Sudan. UN Security Council Sep.14 U.S. eases Sudan sanctions threat

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Sep.12 U.N. votes to lift Libya sanctions  UN Security Council: The Security Council has voted to lift sanctions that have been in place since the bombing of two airliners in the 1980s May.22 Council lifts Iraq sanctions
  UN Security Council: Resolution 1483 gives the U.S. and Great Britain authority to control Iraq until an elected government is in place May.15 US considers Iraq sanctions deal
May.8 Rift looms over Iraq sanctions. UN Security Council May.7 US moves to end Iraq sanctions

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