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  'Only one thing will work' with N Korea, says Trump  Washington: 'Only one thing will work' in dealing with North Korea after years of talks with Pyongyang brought no results, US President has warned Trump does not rule out military response to Venezuela crisis   Washington: US President Donald Trump has said he is not ruling out a military option in dealing with the crisis in Venezuela Trump warns N Korea that US military is 'locked and loaded'
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  Obama warns against irresponsible social media use  Former US President Barack Obama has warned against the irresponsible use of social media, in a rare interview since stepping down in January   Donald Trump warns North Korea: 'Do not try us' Map of parliament Seoul South Korea
  Trump warns Israel that settlements 'complicate' peace hopes  Washington: US President Donald Trump has said Israeli settlements 'complicate' the peace process with Palestinians and urged 'care' over the issue   Democrats say firing special counsel could cause crisis

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  Washington: Senior Democrats have warned Trump not to use a controversial memo as a pretext to fire the special counsel investigating alleged Russian involvement

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   South Korea: US President Donald Trump has issued a blunt warning to North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un in an address to South Korea's parliament

  Washington: President Donald Trump says the US military is 'locked and loaded' to deal with North Korea, ramping up the rhetorical brinkmanship
Aug.8 Trump threatens N Korea after they have miniaturized a nuclear warhead
  Washington: Trump issued an extraordinary ultimatum to North Korea on Tuesday warning Pyongyang not to make any more threats against the United States
Jun.30 Trump warns North Korea of 'determined response'   Washington: US President Donald Trump says that years of 'strategic patience' with North Korea have failed and it is now time for a 'determined response'

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Dec.16   US hacking claims: Obama told Putin to 'cut it out'
  Washington: President Obama has said that he ordered Russia's Vladimir Putin to 'cut it out' in a conversation about email hacking ahead of the US election Apr.1   Nuclear terrorist attack would 'change our world', says Obama
  Washington: The threat from terrorists trying to launch a nuclear attack that would 'change our world' is real, President Barack Obama has said
Mar.12 Obama warns against campaign anger   Washington: President Barack Obama has warned White House contenders to avoid raising tensions, a day after a rally by Donald Trump was called off amid ... Mar.3   Mitt Romney warns against 'phony' Trump   USA: Republican ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney has urged his party to reject Donald Trump, reportedly calling the front-runner a 'phony' and... Feb.16 Obama pushes Senate over Scalia seat. Washington

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Nov.14   Obama warns of Asia 'intimidation'   Queensland: US President Barack Obama has said that Asia's security must not be based on intimidation where big nations bully small ones Nov.12   Obama warns of Myanmar 'backsliding'   US President Barack Obama is to hold talks with Myanmar's President Thein Sein, hours after accusing his government of backsliding on reform...

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Dec.19 S Sudan on precipice, Obama warns
. Washington Oct.2 Obama warns of US default danger   Washington: US President has warned that Wall Street should be concerned that a faction of Republicans is willing to allow the country to default on its...

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Nov.30 Obama warns of 'Scrooge Christmas'
. Washington

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Aug.28 Irene still a threat, Obama warns   Washington: US President Barack Obama has warned that flooding and power cuts are still a risk as Tropical Storm Irene moves away north towards Canada Jul.11 Obama warns on debt talks failure
. Washington

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Nov.23 N Korea a serious threat - Obama   Washington: US President has strongly condemned North Korea's shelling of Yeonpyeong island in South Korea and said the US would defend South Korea Jun.26 Obama berates N. Korea over Cheonan   Toronto: US President Barack Obama has said North Korea must be 'held to account' for the sinking of a South Korean warship Apr.11 Obama warns of nuclear terrorism
. Washington Feb.3 Obama to pressure China on trade  Washington: President Obama says he will be much tougher with China to make sure it opens its markets to trade with the US

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Sep.14 Obama issues warning to bankers   Washington: US President has warned bankers against complacency, saying that some in the industry are ignoring the lessons of the financial crisis Jun.19 World 'watching Iran', Obama says
. Washington

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Oct.3 Bush warns of economic challenges
. Washington

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Jun.19 Bush: Iran must stop uranium work
. Washington Mar.10 Bush: Iran grave security threat. Washington

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Oct.6 Bush warns of 'war on humanity'
. Washington Sep.28 Bush warns of Iraq violence spike. Washington Aug.12   Bush warns Iran on nuclear plans  Washington: US President still has not ruled out the option of using force against Iran, after it resumed work on its nuclear program

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Aug.2 Bush warns of 'nation in danger'
. U.S. Congress

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Jul.21 Bush cautions Iran and Syria
. Washington Mar.16   Bush issues ultimatum on Iraq    Portugal: US President, speaking after his summit meeting in the Azores, has said that tomorrow will be a moment of truth for the world Jan.2 Bush warns Iraq 'faces reckoning'. Washington

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May.30 Bush warns Pakistan over Kashmir
. Washington

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