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Texas and Oklahoma flooding: Three dead Map of Wimberley Texas Texas
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1. 2017-09-01 Trump seeks $7.8bn for flood recovery U.S. Congress
2. 2016-08-23 Louisiana floods: Obama 'heartbroken' after tour
D. 2016-08-13 'Historic' Louisiana flooding: Three dead Louisiana
E. 2015-10-04 South Carolina flooding 'once in 1,000 year event'
F. 2015-10-04 South Carolina flooding brings mass power cuts and rescues South Carolina
2015-05-29 Death toll from floods in Texas and Oklahoma reached 24 Dallas
H. 2015-05-25 Texas and Oklahoma flooding: Three dead
I. 2015-05-24 Rain deluge brings floods to Texas and Oklahoma
9. 2011-08-31 Obama declares floods disaster in NC & NY Washington

  Louisiana floods: Obama 'heartbroken' after tour   President Barack Obama has toured the flood-ravaged areas of Baton Rouge, where he vowed to help residents rebuild in the coming months 'Historic' Louisiana flooding: Three dead   At least three people have died and thousands have been rescued after 'historic' flooding swamped the US state of Louisiana South Carolina flooding 'once in 1,000 year event'   The governor says rainfalls in parts of the state have been higher than at any time in 1,000 years, with at least 6 reported deaths South Carolina flooding brings mass power cuts and rescues   The state of South Carolina remains on high alert amid widespread flooding that has cut power to thousands and forced road and water rescues Death toll from floods in Texas and Oklahoma reached 24 Map of Dallas
  Trump seeks $7.8bn for flood recovery

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  U.S. Congress: US President has asked Congress for $7.8bn (6bn) as an initial payment to help with recovery efforts following flooding in Texas and Louisiana

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year 2015 Top ^

  Dallas: Dozens of people are rescued in the state of Texas. 3 missing with another 15 people dead from tornadoes in northern Mexico and Texas
 The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott asks for a Presidential declaration of a disaster to obtain United States Government assistance for the worst affected areas of the state

  Two people were killed in weather-related accidents in Oklahoma and a man lost his life in San Marcos, Texas.    12 people, including two children, were repo...
May.24 Rain deluge brings floods to Texas and Oklahoma   A deluge of rainfall has burst rivers and brought flood warnings to several southern US states, with Texas and Oklahoma the worst hit so far

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Aug.31   Obama declares floods disaster in NC & NY
  Washington: The move allows the two states to tap extra federal funds for relief efforts. President earlier signed emergency declarations for other states
May.14 Key Mississippi floodgates opened
Map of Morganza Louisiana
  Louisiana: US army engineers have opened floodgates that will inundate up to 3,000 sq miles of land in an attempt to protect large cities along the river
May.13 US to open Louisiana flood gates   US engineers are preparing to flood up to 3 million acres in southern Louisiana in a bid to protect large cities along the Mississippi May.9 Memphis flood forces evacuations   Tennessee: The southern city of Memphis is coping with flood levels not seen since the 1930s, which have forced people from at least 1,300 homes

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Jun.11 Floodwaters hit campsites, leave 16 dead
Map of Arkansas USA  At least 16 people have died in the state of Arkansas after floodwaters hit campsites in a mountainous national park

year 2008 Top ^

Sep.12 Sea floods island   Texas: Floodwaters surged into Galveston Island neighborhoods with the center of Hurricane Ike still more than 200 miles from landfall. Sep.2 New Orleans ready for mass return  Mayor Ray Nagin has said that nearly 200,000 residents who fled because of Hurricane Gustav can start coming back early on Thursday

year 2005 Top ^

Sep.28 Morgue boss: 'These are horrible times'  New Orleans: Louisiana officials believe they can identify about half of the 783 bodies brought so far to the St. Gabriel morgue Sep.23 Storm overcomes levee
  New Orleans: Water is pouring over a patched-up levee, increasing fears that rains brought by Rita could flood the city again Sep.13 City may lose 160,000 homes  New Orleans: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said that one of the biggest challenges would be letting residents return Sep.10 Police hunt for dead
  New Orleans: City police are making the recovery of bodies of Hurricane Katrina victims top priority Sep.8 30 found dead in nursing home
. New Orleans Sep.6 Flood survivors 'must leave city'
  New Orleans: The mayor has ordered the forced evacuation of people refusing to leave, amid fears of serious threats to health Water pumped from flood-hit city  New Orleans: Engineers have begun pumping water after repairing a key breach in the city's floodwalls Sep.1 Up to 60,000 trying to flee city  New Orleans: Police and National Guard troops struggled to restore order. Looters and armed gangs were roaming the streets Aug.31 City evacuations under way  New Orleans: Bush called the disaster 'one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history' Aug.30 Race to rescue hurricane victims. Mississippi

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