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U.S. expels Venezuelan consul in Miami  Venezuela's consul general in Miami has been declared to be persona non grata and must leave the United States US 'revokes Venezuela envoy visa  Washington: Washington has revoked the visa of the Venezuelan ambassador to the US after President Hugo Chavez rejects the US envoy to Caracas Venezuela breaks relations with Colombia
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Crime Main Event: Venezuela expels three US ...
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1. 2018-02-22 Argentina foils diplomatic luggage cocaine plot Argentina
2. 2016-12-31 Greek ambassador killed by wife's lover Rio de Janeiro
D. 2015-02-28 Venezuela limits US diplomats Caracas, Venezuela
E. 2014-02-16 Venezuela to expel US officials Venezuela
2013-09-30 Venezuela expels three US diplomats Venezuela
6. 2013-09-02 Brazil, Mexico summon U.S. ambassadors over espionage Brazil
H. 2013-08-26 Brazil minister quits in Bolivia row Brazil
8. 2013-05-28 2 U.S. officials shot in Venezuela nightclub Caracas, Venezuela

Greek ambassador killed by wife's lover  Rio de Janeiro: Police in Brazil believe that ambassador was killed by his wife's lover under her orders in a house in the Rio area and have detained three suspects   Venezuela limits US diplomats   Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has announced measures to limit the number of US diplomats working in the country   Venezuela to expel US officials  President Nicolas Maduro expels three US consular officials, accusing them of meeting students involved in anti-government protests   Venezuela expels three US diplomats  Venezuela gives three US diplomats 48 hours to leave the country, after accusing them of plotting to sabotage the country's economy   Brazil, Mexico summon U.S. ambassadors over espionage  Brazil and Mexico summoned U.S. diplomats Monday after media reports that the United States had spied on their countries' presidents Brazil minister quits in Bolivia row  Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota has resigned in the wake of a diplomatic scandal with Bolivia 2 U.S. officials shot in Venezuela nightclub   Two U.S. military officials who work at the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, were wounded in a shooting early Tuesday, U.S. officials sai...   Assange 'to emerge from embassy'  London: Julian Assange is expected to make a public statement later on the diplomatic row that has engulfed him since being granted asylum by Ecuado...   UK in 'threat' to arrest Assange   London: Ecuador has accused the UK of making a 'threat' to enter its embassy in London to arrest Wikileaks' Julian Assange   WikiLeakers founder seeks asylum in Ecuador
Argentina foils diplomatic luggage cocaine plot

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  Argentina's security ministry says it has foiled a plot to use the Russian embassy's diplomatic courier service to smuggle cocaine to Europe

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  London: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and has requested political asylum


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  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that he is breaking off relations with Colombia. He called President Uribe 'crazed'
 The Organization of American States meets to discuss Colombian claims that Venezuela is protecting rebels in its territory
Jul.16 Venezuela recalls ambassador to Colombia  Venezuela rejected Colombia's assertion that Colombian rebels are living in Venezuela

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Sep.27   Honduras accuses Brazil over Zelaya  Honduras is accusing Brazil of instigating an insurrection, and gave the Brazilian Embassy 10 days to decide the status of ousted president Sep.22 Hondurans surround Brazil embassy. Honduras Aug.25   Chavez: Ready to cut ties with Colombia  Venezuela: Venezuelan President is preparing to break off diplomatic relations with Colombia over the plan to allow U.S. troops access to its military ... Aug.18 Relations with Argentina suspended. Honduras Aug.8 Ambassador orderred back to Colombia. Venezuela Jul.28 Chavez freezes ties with Colombia. Venezuela Apr.18   Venezuela may reinstall envoy to U.S.
  Hugo Chavez is signaling a shift in the historically tense relations between the two nations -- one that the Obama administration welcomed Feb.18 U.S. protests expulsions of diplomats  Ecuador: The State Department called the expulsion of the 2nd U.S. diplomat from Ecuador in just over a week 'unjustified' Feb.14 Venezuela ousts EU politician over Chavez

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Sep.11 Venezuela to expel U.S. ambassador
  President Hugo Chavez said he is recalling his own ambassador from Washington and expelling the U.S. ambassador from Venezuela
Mar.3 Ecuador cuts ties with Colombia
  Ecuador has cut diplomatic ties with Colombia in a deepening crisis over a cross-border raid by Colombian troops.    Venezuela also said it was expelling all C...

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Feb.3 US to expel Venezuelan diplomat  Washington: The United States has ordered the expulsion of a Venezuelan envoy in a tit-for-tat move

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Nov.14   Chavez and Fox recall ambassadors  Venezuela: Mexico and Venezuela have recalled their ambassadors amid a spat between the two countries

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