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Deforestation drops in Brazil's Amazon Map of Amazon
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1. 2016-02-22 Peru oil spill pollutes Amazon rivers Achuar, Peru
C. 2016-01-14 Explosion unleashes toxic gas in Santos, Brazil Guaruja, Santos, Brazil
D. 2014-11-26 Deforestation drops in Brazil's Amazon Amazon
4. 2014-05-15 Galapagos in 'emergency' over stranded petrol tanker Galapagos, Ecuador
F. 2013-11-14 Brazil says Amazon deforestation rose 28% in a year Amazon
G. 2013-06-09 Brazil 'on alert' over Ecuador spill River Coca, Ecuador
H. 2013-05-30 Rainforest deforestation leads to seed shrinkage Amazon
2011-02-14 Huge fine in Amazon pollution case Ecuador
J. 2008-12-01 70% deforestation cuts Amazon

Explosion unleashes toxic gas in Santos, Brazil Map of Guaruja Santos Brazil
Peru oil spill pollutes Amazon rivers Map of Achuar Peru

year 2016 Top ^

  At least 3,000 barrels of crude oil have been spilled in an Amazonian region after leaks from Peru's main oil pipeline, the state oil company said
  A chemical explosion at a cargo warehouse in Brazil has spread a plume of toxic gas over the country's biggest port, Santos

year 2014 Top ^

  Deforestation in the Amazon rain forest has dropped 18% over the past 12 months, falling to the second-lowest level in a quarter century
May.15   Galapagos in 'emergency' over stranded petrol tanker Map of Galapagos Ecuador  Ecuador: Ecuador has declared an emergency in the islands, saying that a tanker which ran aground still poses a threat to the archipelago's fragile ecosystem

year 2013 Top ^

Nov.14 Brazil says Amazon deforestation rose 28% in a year
Map of Amazon  Brazil says the rate of deforestation in the Amazon increased by 28% between August 2012 and last July, after years of decline Jun.9 Brazil 'on alert' over Ecuador spill Map of River Coca Ecuador  Brazil is 'on alert' over an oil spill that originated in Ecuador and is travelling downstream towards the Brazilian Amazon May.30 Rainforest deforestation leads to seed shrinkage Map of Amazon  Amazon: The destruction of tropical rainforests is having an even greater impact on the environment than was previously thought, a study suggests

year 2011 Top ^

Feb.14 Huge fine in Amazon pollution case
  Ecuador: A court in Ecuador has fined US oil giant Chevron a reported $8bn for polluting a large part of the country's Amazon region

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.1 70% deforestation cuts
Map of Amazon  Amazon: Brazil has announced a plan to reduce deforestation rates in the region by 70% over the next ten years Sep.29 Brazil government 'worst logger'  The government has been named as the worst illegal logger of Amazon forests by its own Environment Ministry

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.7 Deforestation slows again   Amazon: Deforestation in the rainforest fell by 20% between August 2006 and July 2007 Aug.13 Brazil Amazon destruction slows   President Lula has welcomed new figures showing that the destruction of the rainforest has decreased by 25%. Apr.10 Galapagos Islands 'facing crisis'  Ecuador: Ecuador's President Correa has declared the Islands, home to dozens of endangered species, at risk and a national priority

year 2006 Top ^

Nov.14 Dam plans jeopardize Amazon   Environmental experts are criticizing government for failing to assess the impact of 2 dams proposed for construction Aug.24 Galapagos 'face species threat'  Ecuador: Officials are worried about the discovery of foreign species on the Islands

year 2005 Top ^

May.18 Amazon destruction accelerating   The rainforest is being destroyed at near record levels, according to figures released by the Brazilian government

year 2004 Top ^

Apr.7 Amazon shrinkage alarms activists   Environmentalists are calling for urgent action to slow deforestation in Brazil's jungle

year 2003 Top ^

Jun.26 Amazon destruction speeds up   New satellite information has revealed a sharp increase in the rate of destruction of the rainforest

year 2002 Top ^

Oct.30 New plan to save Amazon forests  London: A new action plan is being launched at a conference in London Jun.5 Galapagos spill decimates iguanas
  Ecuador: Oil spill in 2001 has caused the death of more than 60% of marine iguanas

year 2001 Top ^

Mar.21 Oil from sunken rig contained  Rio de Janeiro: Platform's owners said the spill was being contained. Only one body has been recovered Jan.22 Emergency over Galapagos oil-spill
  Ecuador: Government declared a state of emergency as spreading oil slick threatening some rarest birds and sea animals

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