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Mudslide buries Peruvian village, leaving little to claim Map of Barbablanca Peru  Gathered along the edge of a mountain, the people of Barbablanca watched in stunned silence as a river of mud washed over their small village Colombia landslide kills dozens Map of Salgar Colombia
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B. 2017-04-03 Colombia declares emergency as landslide victims buried Mocoa, Colombia
2017-04-01 Colombia landslides: Over 200 die in Putumayo floods Putumayo, Colombia
D. 2017-03-25 Mudslide buries Peruvian village, leaving little to claim Barbablanca, Peru
4. 2015-05-18 Colombia landslide kills dozens Salgar, Colombia
5. 2013-03-18 Rains cause deadly Brazil landslides Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro
G. 2012-10-18 Landslide kills children in Peru's jungle San Martin, Peru
H. 2011-04-14 Colombia mudslide kills 14 in bus Manizales, Colombia
I. 2011-02-28 Massive landslide hits Bolivian capital La Paz, Bolivia
J. 2010-12-08 100 more bodies trapped under landslide Medellin, Colombia

  Colombia landslides: Over 200 die in Putumayo floods Map of Putumayo Colombia
Colombia declares emergency as landslide victims buried Map of Mocoa Colombia

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  Colombia's president has declared an 'economic, social and ecological emergency' as the first victims of the Mocoa landslide were laid to rest
  Hours of heavy rains overnight caused rivers to burst their banks, flooding homes with mud in Putumayo province
 220 were missing, and another 202 were injured


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  Heavy rains in northwest Colombia caused a landslide that killed at least 52 people Monday as mud rushed into homes and bridges

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Mar.18 Rains cause deadly Brazil landslides   Rio de Janeiro: At least 16 people have been killed in landslides in a mountainous area north of Rio de Janeiro, after heavy rains

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Oct.18 Landslide kills children in Peru's jungle   Several children were among the victims when a mudslide sent a mass of tree and rock debris crashing into homes in Peru's jungle

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Apr.14   Colombia mudslide kills 14 in bus   The bus was leaving the central city Manizales when it was hit by a collapsing hillside and swept into a ravine Feb.28 Massive landslide hits Bolivian capital   Sudden seismic activity caused a 'mega-mudslide' in the Bolivian capital of La Paz. The mudslide left at least 800 families homeless

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Dec.8 100 more bodies trapped under landslide   Colombia: Rescuers resumed digging for victims after overnight rains halted them, but Red Cross said the chances of finding survivors was slim Dec.5   Colombia landslide 'buries many'   At least 50 people are feared to have been buried by a landslide in the city of Medellin. Rescue workers had managed to rescue 7 people so f... Apr.10 More than 200 dead in mudslides   Rio de Janeiro: Most of the deaths happened in Niteroi, just across the bay from the city, the fire department said. At least 134 people died there Apr.8 Death toll climbs from Rio mudslides
  Rio de Janeiro: The death toll from flooding and mudslides continued to climb, with official reports of at least 181 fatalities. 5,000 of people have been left homeless Jan.26 Landslides trap Machu Picchu tourists  Peru: Days of heavy rains caused multiple landslides in the area, trapping thousands of tourists

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Mar.3 Mudslide kills 10 at gold mine
Map of Puno Peru  Peru: Ten people died and an additional 16 were missing, a day after a mudslide rolled through a mining camp in southern department of Puno

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Jan.13 Rescue mission in collapse
  Sao Paulo: Rescue crews are searching for several people feared missing after a hole being dug for a subway station collapsed
  Dogs seek missing in construction-site crater
Jan.6 Mudslide toll reaches 31
  Rio de Janeiro: Firefighters recovered the body of a woman whose home was engulfed; her husband died of injuries
Jan.5 Mudslides kill at least 24  Rio de Janeiro: More than 8,300 were left homeless following heavy rain in southeast Brazil. The death toll likely to rise

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Apr.10 Mudslides hit Machu Picchu
  Peru: 10 people are missing and hundreds of tourists are trapped after mudslides near the historic ruins

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Apr.1 Hundreds feared trapped in landslide  Bolivia: Firefighters and villagers raced to unearth dozens of people trapped under a clay, rocks and rubble Mar.31 Landslide buries homes
  Bolivia: A landslide roared through a gold-mining town, killing 3 people, injuring 4 others Mar.21   Mudslides kill 19  Colombia: Torrential rains triggered mudslides in western Colombia and flooding in an eastern border city Jan.18 Mudslides deathtoll rises to 36  Brazil: Rescue workers digging into thick mud found the bodies of 3 children in southeastern Brazil. Avalanches destroyed houses

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Dec.9 Mudslides kill dozens
. Brazil

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Nov.22 Landslide at mine kills at least 23
  Colombia: 50 are missing after mudslides, triggered by heavy rain, swept over an abandoned gold mine

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