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Colombia coca cultivation rises by 50% says UN  The United Nations says there was a 50% increase last year in the area of land being used to cultivate coca leaf in Colombia Brazil police raid Sao Paulo 'Crackland' and make arrests Map of central Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil  Police have arrested nearly 40 people for drug trafficking in central Sao Paulo where crack cocaine has been sold and consumed freely for years US sanctions Venezuela VP over trafficking claims  Washington: The US has imposed sanctions on Tareck el-Aissami, accusing him of involvement in international drug trafficking Colombia seizes record cocaine haul in Turbo Map of Turbo Colombia  Police in Colombia say they have seized their largest ever domestic haul of illegal drugs - nearly eight tonnes of cocaine Peru approves shooting down of drug smuggling planes   The Peruvian Congress has approved legislation that allows the country's air force to shoot down small planes suspected of carrying illegal drugs Brazil angry at Indonesia execution  Brazil says it is 'outraged' by the execution of Marco Archer Cardoso Moreira, 53, one its citizens in Indonesia for drug trafficking Venezuela arrests 22 over drug haul   The authorities have now arrested 22 people in connection to a massive cocaine haul found on an Air France flight from Caracas to Paris Woman arrested with 'cocaine bump'   Colombia: A Canadian national has been arrested in Colombia after trying to board a flight to Toronto with a phony pregnant belly stuffed with cocaine Top Colombian drug baron captured Map of San Cristobal Venezuela
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B. 2018-02-22 Argentina foils diplomatic luggage cocaine plot Argentina
C. 2018-02-16 Inmate drugs twin brother in brazen escape from prison Piedras Gordas, Peru
3. 2017-07-14 Colombia coca cultivation rises by 50% says UN Colombia
4. 2017-05-21 Brazil police raid Sao Paulo 'Crackland' and make arrests
F. 2017-02-13 US sanctions Venezuela VP over trafficking claims Washington
6. 2016-05-15 Colombia seizes record cocaine haul in Turbo Turbo, Colombia
H. 2015-08-20 Peru approves shooting down of drug smuggling planes Peru
2015-01-17 Brazil angry at Indonesia execution Brazil
9. 2013-09-27 Venezuela arrests 22 over drug haul Caracas, Venezuela

  Inmate drugs twin brother in brazen escape from prison Map of Piedras Gordas Peru
Argentina foils diplomatic luggage cocaine plot

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  Argentina's security ministry says it has foiled a plot to use the Russian embassy's diplomatic courier service to smuggle cocaine to Europe
  Peru: Alexander Delgado allegedly drugged his twin brother, changed into his clothes and walked out a free man

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  Venezuela: Daniel Barrera, known as 'Crazy Barrera', was captured across the border from Colombia with the help of Venezuelan, British and US agencies
Jan.7 Incoming defense chief a drug 'kingpin'  Venezuela: Chavez has tapped Gen. Henry Rangel Silva, a leading general accused by the U.S. of being a drug 'kingpin' to be the country's new defense m...

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Oct.18 Beauty queen denies drug charges   Argentina: Angie Sanclemente, 31, a former Colombian beauty quee,n has denied drug-smuggling, at the start of her trial in Argentina Jun.23 Eight shot dead in Rio drug raid   Rio de Janeiro: The group died in two separate exchanges of gunfire - lasting several hours - in the Engenho da Rainha neighbourhood Mar.1 Colombia drug war efforts praised  The International Narcotics Control Board has dropped Colombia from its list of countries requiring special observation

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Nov.28 Rio police seize large drugs haul  Rio de Janeiro: Brazilian police and troops say they have found a large haul of drugs after storming a major drug traffickers' stronghold Nov.2 Police raid drug assets office  Colombia: Police have raided the offices of the body which controls assets seized from drug traffickers. Anomalies had emerged in the book-keeping Jul.3 98-foot, ocean-going narco-sub seized  Ecuador: A fully functional submarine built for the primary purpose of transporting massive amounts of cocaine has been seized by Ecuadorean authorit... May.26 Ex-model arrested on drug charges
Map of Buenos Aires Argentina
  Argentina: Angela Sanclemente, 30, a former Colombian model wanted on drug trafficking charges, was captured in Argentina

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Oct.20 Wheelchair user arrested for smuggling
. Madrid Oct.17 12 dead in Brazil drug battle. Rio de Janeiro Aug.25 Court ruling allows personal use of pot
  Argentina: Supreme Court ruled it is unconstitutional to punish an adult for private use of marijuana as long as it doesn't harm anyone else
Apr.15 Colombia captures top drug lord

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Apr.29 Major trafficker killed
. Colombia

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Nov.19 Ex-airline owner arrested on drug charges  Peru: The US has labeled Fernando Zevallos as a cocaine kingpin and chargef him of drug trafficking, homicide

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Apr.16 Cocaine found on U.S.-bound Navy ship  Colombia: A stash of cocaine and heroin was found aboard the main training ship shortly before it was to sail for the United States

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Apr.10   FARC commander sought  Colombia: Prosecution service has ordered the arrest of a leftist rebel commander for drug trafficking

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