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Russia rehab centre fire kills eight. Siberia Deadly fire sweeps through psychiatric institution Map of Veliky Novgorod Russia  Up to 37 people died. 15 bodies had been recovered and 22 people were still missing. 23 people have been rescued Dozens die in Russia hospital fire
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2018-03-26 Russia Kemerovo fire: Shopping centre exits 'were blocked' Winter Cherry, Kemerovo, Siberia
C. 2016-05-24 Russian attack helicopters destroyed in Syria Tiyas, Syria
3. 2016-01-31 Russia factory fire kills 12 'migrants' in Moscow
E. 2015-12-12 Russian mental health clinic fire kills 21 Voronezh, Russia
F. 2015-04-12 Siberian field fires sweep through 21 villages, injure 70 Khakassia, Siberia
G. 2015-04-07 Russian nuclear submarine fire 'put out' in Arctic dock Severodvinsk, Russia
H. 2015-03-15 Fire hits bell tower at famed Moscow convent
8. 2015-03-12 30 feared dead in Russian shopping center fire Kazan, Volga Region
9. 2015-01-31 Fire devastates major Russian library

Russian attack helicopters destroyed in Syria   The Russian military suffered a setback in Syria when fires destroyed four Mi-24 attack helicopters; US officials say 'accident' to blame   Russia factory fire kills 12 'migrants' in Moscow   Twelve people, including three children, have died in a huge fire at a textile factory in the east of the Russian capital Russian mental health clinic fire kills 21   At least 21 people have died in a fire at a mental health clinic in western Russia. Another two people are still reportedly missing Siberian field fires sweep through 21 villages, injure 70 Russian nuclear submarine fire 'put out' in Arctic dock   A fire that broke out on a Russian nuclear submarine Orel at an Arctic naval shipyard has been put out, Russian media report Fire hits bell tower at famed Moscow convent 30 feared dead in Russian shopping center fire. Volga Region Fire devastates major Russian library   Moscow: A fire at one of Russia's largest public libraries has been raging for more than 17 hours, to destroy thousands of rare documents   Police: 38 dead in protest-linked Odessa fire Map of Trade Unions building Odessa Ukraine
Russia Kemerovo fire: Shopping centre exits 'were blocked' Map of Winter Cherry Kemerovo Russia

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Mar. 26
  Siberia: There was no alarm and exits were blocked when a fire engulfed a shopping and entertainment mall in Siberia, killing at least 64 people

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  Ukraine: A building fire broke out during a clash between pro-Russia demonstrators and supporters of the central government


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  Moscow: At least 36 people have been killed in a fire at psychiatric hospital in Ramenskiy village in the Moscow region, officials say
Apr.3 Fire rages in 40-story Chechnya building

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Apr.2 Deadly blaze hits Moscow market

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Dec.30 Russia nuclear sub fire extinguished
Dec.29 Nuclear submarine in dock fire Map of Murmansk Russia  A fire has broken out during repairs to a Russian nuclear submarine at a dock near the northern port of Murmansk Jan.2 Russia grounds all Tu-154Bs after fire  Russia's airlines must ground their Tu-154B planes, after a fire in Siberia which killed three people

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Aug.14 Satellite images show scope of wildfires  Photographs on NASA's website show hundreds of hot spots generated by wildfires across central and western Russia Aug.9 Heat and smog double death rate
. Moscow Aug.8 Hundreds more wildfires burn in Russia Aug.6 Muscovites struggle to breathe  Moscow: The acrid smoke, from thousands of square miles of wildfires, drove carbon monoxide levels in Moscow 5 times higher than what is considered safe Aug.5 Heavy smoke blankets Moscow Aug.2   Russian fires prompt state of emergency
  Moscow: Authorities have imposed a state of emergency around about 500 towns and villages because of wildfires burning across the west of the country
 700 fires are burning, covering about 450 square miles. Most of the fires were started accidentally by people burning garbage, dropping cigarettes, or failing to extinguish campfires or barbecues properly
Jul.31   Wildfires:25 dead, thousands homeless
  The Russian government said it has sent some 240,000 people to fight the blazes, which are among the worst ever to hit the region Jul.30   Medvedev orders army to fight wildfires  Moscow: Wildfires in central Russia have destroyed around 1,000 homes, left 5 people dead, and prompted the prime minister to call on local officials...

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Dec.6 Death toll rises in nightclub inferno   Ural: Suspects in an explosive inferno at the Lame Horse that killed at least 112 people will face charges Monday Dec.5 Five held as investigators probe club fire   Ural: Investigators picked through the remains of a burned-out nightclub in the aftermath of an inferno, the result of an alleged misuse of firewo... Russia to mourn club fire victims  Moscow: President Medvedev has declared a national day of mourning on 7 December after a fire at a nightclub killed at least 109 people Dec.4 152 killed in nightclub blast and fire
Map of Perm Russia
  Ural: An explosion at a nightclub killed at least 101 people and injured at least 140 others. The preliminary theory was use of pyrotechnical devices.    Most victims at the Lame Horse club died from smoke inhalation. President Dmitry...
May.9 Gas blast causes fire  Moscow: A pipeline has exploded in the capital, sending flames 100m high into the air and setting fire to a nearby building. Several people injured

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Mar.19 63 elderly die in home fire
Map of Yeysk Russia  The fire swept through an old people's home in the village of Kamychevatskaya, in the Kuban region

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Dec.8 Hospital fire killed 45 women
  Moscow: A fire at Hospital 17, a drug rehabilitation hospital, has killed mostly young addicts

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Mar.14 Historic building ablaze
. Moscow

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Nov.23 32 dead in dorm blaze
. Moscow Apr.9 Deaf school blaze kills 28. North Caucasus Apr.7 School fire kills 22. Siberia

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