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  Russian convoy enters nation unchecked   Donbass: Russian convoys -- filled with aid, according to Moscow, though they were never checked by Ukrainian or International Red Cross officials   Russia convoy 'in customs border zone'   Four lorries from a 280-strong Russian aid convoy have moved into the customs zone near Ukraine's border, a Ukrainian security official has ...   Russian aid convoy arrives at border   Lorries from a Russian convoy carrying aid to eastern Ukraine have reached a border post controlled by separatists   Ukraine crisis: Russia assures US on aid convoy   Moscow: Russia's defence secretary has assured his US counterpart that there are no military personnel in its controversial aid convoy for Ukraine, the... Russian convoy to Ukraine abruptly changes course Map of Voronezh Russia
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1. 2015-09-15 Russia 'to continue Assad military aid' Moscow
C. 2015-09-12 Russian cargo planes 'carrying aid' arrive in Syria Latakia, Syria
3. 2015-02-09 Obama 'may supply arms to Ukraine' Washington
2015-02-02 U.S. shifts stance on military aid to Ukraine Washington
F. 2014-09-13 Russian convoy enters nation unchecked Donbass
G. 2014-08-20 Russia convoy 'in customs border zone' Rostov-on-Don, Russia
H. 2014-08-17 Russian aid convoy arrives at border Rostov-on-Don, Russia
I. 2014-08-15 Ukraine crisis: Russia assures US on aid convoy Moscow
J. 2014-08-13 Russian convoy to Ukraine abruptly changes course Voronezh, Russia

  U.S. shifts stance on military aid to Ukraine
  Russia 'to continue Assad military aid'  Moscow: President Putin has pledged continued military support for Syria's Bashar al-Assad despite growing concerns over Moscow's role in the war Russian cargo planes 'carrying aid' arrive in Syria   Two Russian cargo planes carrying 80 tonnes of humanitarian aid have landed in Syria, Syrian state media say   Obama 'may supply arms to Ukraine'

year 2015 Top ^

  Washington: US is studying the option of supplying lethal defensive arms to Ukraine if diplomacy fails to end the crisis in the east
  Washington: The United States is now considering sending lethal aid to help the Ukrainian government fend off attacks from pro-Russian rebels

year 2014 Top ^

  A convoy of 280 of Russian trucks -- which Moscow says is carrying relief goods for war-weary civilians -- has suddenly changed its course
Aug.11   Putin taunts West with humanitarian convoy in eastern Ukraine
  Moscow: The Kremlin announced it will send a humanitarian convoy into Ukraine, despite previous warnings from the West against such move
Aug.9   Ukraine crisis: Poroshenko 'to consider aid mission'  Kiev: President Petro Poroshenko has said he is ready to consider allowing humanitarian assistance into the rebel-held area of eastern Ukraine Aug.8   West warns Russia over Ukraine 'aid'  European Union: The UK and US governments have warned Russia not to use humanitarian assistance as a pretext for sending troops into eastern Ukraine Apr.11 US urges countries to help Ukraine's economic rescue  Washington: US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has urged other countries to contribute more to the economic rescue of Ukraine

year 2012 Top ^

Sep.18 USAid shuts down Russia operation
  The United States Agency for International Development has announced it will close its offices in Russia following an order from the authorities there

year 2010 Top ^

Jun.18 UN launches Kyrgyzstan appeal  The UN has announced a $71m flash appeal for Kyrgyzstan, where it says some 400,000 people have been displaced by inter-ethnic fighting Jun.15 U.S. mulls more help for Kyrgyzstan  Washington: As thousands of ethnic Uzbeks flee attacks in Kyrgyzstan, the United States is evaluating what further help may be needed, including militar...

year 2009 Top ^

Dec.17   Nato fails to gain Russia aid in Afghanistan
  Moscow: Secretary General Rasmussen has failed to gain any commitment from Russia to help win the war against the Taliban insurgency

year 2008 Top ^

Oct.22   Donors pledge $4.5 billion toward Georgia
  Western donors pledge $4.5 billion toward the rebuilding of Georgia, which suffered from damage inflicted during short war with Russia Aug.27 U.S. aid arrives in tense Georgia
Map of Batumi Georgia  The Coast Guard cutter Dallas bypassed its original destination, the port of Poti, which is controlled by Russian troops still in the country U.S. ship arrives in Georgia Map of Batumi Georgia
  A Coast Guard ship carrying humanitarian aid docked in the port, as Georgia's Western allies renewed their criticism of Russia
Aug.13 US forces to deliver Georgia aid  Washington: President Bush has said the US will use military aircraft and naval forces to deliver aid to Georgia following its conflict with Russia

year 2007 Top ^

Apr.8 Kazakhs get loan to save Aral Sea  Kazakhstan: The government has secured a multi-million dollar loan from the World Bank to implement the project to save the northern part of the sea

year 2000 Top ^

Dec.21 Salvation Army could be expelled  Russia: Moscow Justice Ministry considers it a subversive military organization Nov.16 $150 million loan to fight AIDS
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