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Heavy smoke blankets Moscow  The country has been suffering from the worst heatwave in decades and the thick smoke has made the situation increasingly uncomfortable Oil spill may take months to clear  Moscow: The Ministry for Emergency Situations said improved weather was helping the effort to clear the spill, which could damage the area for years Death toll rises in oil disaster Map of Kerch Strait Russia
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Spill Main Event: Muscovites struggle to bre...
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1. 2016-09-12 Russia's Norilsk Nickel admits 'red river' responsibility Norilsk, Russia
C. 2014-11-10 Moscow shrouded in noxious gas Moscow
D. 2011-04-25 Ukraine remembers Chernobyl blast Chernobyl, Ukraine
2010-08-06 Muscovites struggle to breathe Moscow
F. 2010-08-05 Heavy smoke blankets Moscow Moscow
6. 2007-11-15 Oil spill may take months to clear Moscow
H. 2007-11-12 Death toll rises in oil disaster Kerch Strait, Russia
8. 2007-11-11 Russian oil tanker breaks in two Kerch Strait, Russia

Moscow shrouded in noxious gas  Residents of parts of the capital have been urged by the emergencies ministry to stay indoors because of a gas that is spreading through the city Mercury link to Arctic fox decline Map of island of Mednyi Arctic  Scientists say that foxes in Arctic regions who feed on ocean prey are being exposed to dangerous levels of mercury Ukraine remembers Chernobyl blast Map of Chernobyl Ukraine  Ukraine is marking the 25th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident - at the Chernobyl power plant Muscovites struggle to breathe
Russia's Norilsk Nickel admits 'red river' responsibility Map of Norilsk Russia

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  The world's biggest nickel producer has admitted a spillage at one of its plants was responsible for a river in the Russian Arctic turning blood-red

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  Moscow: The acrid smoke, from thousands of square miles of wildfires, drove carbon monoxide levels in Moscow 5 times higher than what is considered safe


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  Russia: Russia and Ukraine launched a rescue and cleanup operation in the Black Sea after fatal storms sank 5 ships, including an oil tanker. 20 sailors missing
Nov.11 Russian oil tanker breaks in two Map of Kerch Strait Russia
  A tanker split in two during a fierce storm, spilling some 560,000 gallons of fuel into a strait leading to the Black Sea
 The storm sank three other ships
Jun.27 UN issues desertification warning  Tens of millions could be driven from their homes by encroaching deserts, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

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Dec.11   Car of ex-spy contact contaminated
   Germany: A car used by Dmitry Kovtun, a contact of Litvinenko, before the men met was contaminated with polonium-210.    four people have ...
Jul.31 'Huge' pipeline oil spill  Russia: The spill in an export pipeline is near Russia's western border with Ukraine and Belarus

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Dec.20 Russians stow water as spill nears   Russian Far East: Residents of Khabarovsk stocked up on water in the hours before the arrival of a toxic slick of chemicals Nov.24 China warns Russia of toxic slick
Map of Harbin China  Beijing: The chemical spill has disrupted life in the city of Harbin and will reach Russia in about 2 weeks

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Apr.26 Chernobyl radiation 'on the rise'  Kiev: A scientist monitoring the site of the disaster has warned that levels of radiation around the destroyed reactor are rising

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Jul.24   Kursk radiation threat denied  Russia: Russian engineers said there was no chance of a leak Jun.13 Trying to save sturgeon   Switzerland: Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakstan and Turkmenistan agreed on a package of measures to protect their caviar industry

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