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North Korea: US bomber flight pushes two countries on brink of nuclear war  North Korea on Tuesday said the United States’ decision to fly two supersonic B-1B Lancer bombers in the area in a training drill is a provo... N Korea senior intelligence officer 'defects to South'  South Korea: A senior North Korean military officer who oversaw spying operations has defected, say South Korean officials   South Korea evacuation after shelling on western border Map of Yeoncheon South Korea  South Korea has ordered the evacuation of residents from an area of its western border after an exchange of fire with North Korea, reports say South Korea blames North for DMZ mine blast Map of DMZ South Korea  South Korea has warned of a 'pitiless penalty' for North Korea, after blaming it for a landmine blast in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) last week North and South Korea exchange fire  North and South Korea exchanged fire Friday after gunners in the North targeted balloons carrying leaflets critical of the country's regime Korean ships exchange warning shots   South Korea: North and South Korean ships exchanged warning shots after a North Korean patrol boat crossed a disputed maritime border   North Korea fires shells at South Korean vessel  North Korea fired at least two shells Thursday near a traveling South Korean high-speed patrol boat in the Yellow Sea North, South Korea exchange fire across disputed western sea border Map of Yeonpyeong island South Korea
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B. 2017-12-20 Warning shots as soldier crosses border to South DMZ, South Korea
C. 2017-05-02 North Korea: US bomber flight pushes two countries on brink of nuclear war North Korea
D. 2016-04-10 N Korea senior intelligence officer 'defects to South' South Korea
2015-08-20 South Korea evacuation after shelling on western border Yeoncheon, South Korea
F. 2015-08-09 South Korea blames North for DMZ mine blast DMZ, South Korea
G. 2014-10-10 North and South Korea exchange fire South Korea
7. 2014-10-06 Korean ships exchange warning shots Yeonpyeong, South Korea
8. 2014-05-22 North Korea fires shells at South Korean vessel South Korea

  North Korean soldier is shot while defecting across DMZ Map of Panmunjom North Korea
Warning shots as soldier crosses border to South Map of DMZ South Korea

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  South Korea: South Korea's military has fired warning shots at North Korean guards searching for a soldier who defected
  An elite soldier stationed at the heavily guarded Demilitarized Zone made a bold bolt for freedom Monday, defecting to South Korea despite getting shot twice


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  South Korean Marines fired artillery shells across a disputed sea border after North shells from a live fire drill fell into the water south of the frontier
Feb.24   N Korea 'violates' S Korea's border   South Korea: A North Korean patrol boat violated a sea border with the South several times late on Monday, officials in Seoul say

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Sep.16 South Korea shoots dead a man trying to swim to North   Soldiers opened fire after the man jumped into the Imjin river and ignored repeated warnings to stop

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Nov.24 S Korea to bolster island force  South Korea: South Korea is to strengthen its military force on five islands close to North Korea, amid tensions over a clash that left four people dead Nov.22 Artillery fire on Korea border
Map of island of Yeonpyeong South Korea
  South Korea: North Korea has fired artillery shells across its western maritime border, prompting return fire from South Korea
 Artillery shells at one of border islands are killing two marines and two civilians. The South's military placed on its highest non-wartime alert. North accused the South of firing first. The Southern military had conducted exercises; shelling was directed away from the North
Nov.3 S. Korea fires warning shots in Yellow Sea  South Korea: South Korea's navy fired warning shots to push a North Korean fishing boat back to its side of the Yellow Sea border Oct.29 North Korea, South Korea exchange shots
Map of Chorwon South Korea  North Korean forces fired two rounds from a 14.5 millimeter machine gun at a South Korean military guard post near the border town of Chorwon Sep.5 N. Korea to release S. Korean boat crew  North Korea has decided to return a South Korean fishing boat and its crew, after the North's navy intercepted them in its waters in August Jun.28 N Korea: U.S. bringing weapons to border Mar.26 South Korean navy ship sinking near North
Map of Baengnyeong Island South Korea
  104 crew members are on board the 1,500-ton ship in the Yellow Sea off the Seoul-controlled island of Baengnyeong, near North Korea
 About 40 sailors are missing. The patrol vessel, with 104 people aboard, sank after an explosion tore through its hull
Jan.26 North and South Korea exchange fire

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Nov.9 Two Koreas' navies in skirmish
  South Korea: South Korea's Yonhap news agency: North and South Korean naval forces have exchanged fire off their west coast

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Oct.6 Shots fired amid Korean tension
  S. Korean troops have fired 40 warning shots at soldiers from the North when soldiers crossed into the DMZ

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Oct.25   Seoul finds holes in North border  South Korea: South Korea has put frontline troops on high alert after finding 2 holes cut in the wire along heavily fortified buffer zone

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Jul.16 Koreans fire across border  South and North Korean troops have briefly exchanged gunfire in the Demilitarized Zone

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Nov.27 Koreas trade cross-border fire  South Korea: 2 or 3 shots were fired from a North. South Korean soldiers returned fire. There were no reports of injuries

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