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US warning to Egypt over arrests  Washington: The US has urged Egypt's leadership to stop the 'arbitrary' arrests of Muslim Brotherhood members, warning against targeting any group   Egypt teeters on brink of overthrow  A defiant President Morsi rejected an ultimatum issued by the military and 23 people were killed in clashes between his supporters and opponents   Egypt's Morsi rebuffs army ultimatum Map of Cairo
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President Sisi urges Egyptians to 'defend state' ahead of protests   Cairo: President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has urged citizens to defend the state and its institutions ahead of planned anti-government protests Egypt protesters 'to be dispersed' Map of Cairo
  Qatar is given a further 48 hours to agree to demands

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   Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia and three other Arab states have extended the deadline for Qatar to accept a list of demands or face further sanctions by 48 hours

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  Cairo: Egypt's interior minister has warned supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi that they will 'soon' be dispersed from a sit-in in Cairo

  Cairo: President Mohammed Morsi has rejected the army's 48-hour ultimatum to resolve the country's deadly crisis, saying it will only sow confusion
Egyptian army sets 48-hour ultimatum   Cairo: Egypt's army has given the country's rival parties 48 hours to resolve a deadly political crisis. It would offer its own 'road map' for peac... Jun.28 US travel warning over Egypt clashes   Washington: The US has warned Americans not to travel to Egypt and has told non-emergency diplomatic staff to leave, as clashes continued in the country Jun.26   Egypt's Morsi warns of risks from unrest  Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has warned that continuing unrest is 'threatening to paralyse the country' Jun.10 Egypt warning over Ethiopia Nile dam  Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has said 'all options are open' to deal with any threat to his country's water supply posed by an Ethiopian... Mar.31 Egypt satirist released on bail  The popular Bassem Youssef has been released on bail, after questioning by prosecutors over allegations he insulted Islam and President Mors...

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Jul.9   Egypt military 'warns' president
  The council has said the decision to dissolve the parliament must be upheld, after new President Morsi ordered the assembly to reopen Feb.10   Gaddafi son warns of Libya revolt   Niger: Saadi Gaddafi, One of the sons of the late Libyan leader has threatened to lead an uprising against the country's transitional government Jan.16   Bedouin leaders threaten rebellion   Sinai: At a meeting in the south desert, Bedouin leaders accused the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of treason against Egypt

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Nov.28   U.N. warns of rival Libya brigades  Rival revolutionary brigades remain almost entirely responsible for security in Libya, posing that country's most pressing challenge Nov.27   Egypt military head fires warning  Army chief says he will not let 'troublemakers' meddle in Monday's parliamentary elections, warning of 'extremely grave' consequences Nov.24   Egypt army apologises over deaths   Cairo: Ruling military has apologised for the deaths of about 38 protesters in clashes with police, as protests continue in Cairo and other cities Aug.29 Rebels give Gadhafi loyalists ultimatum
Map of Sirte Libya
  Libya: Rebel fighters gave loyalists in Moammar Gadhafi's hometown of Sirte deadline to disarm or face 'liberation'
Jul.1 Defiant Gaddafi threatens Europe. Libya May.8 Warning after fatal Cairo clashes Apr.19 Libya warns UK could worsen war  Libya's foreign minister says a British plan to send a military team to advise rebels fighting Gaddafi would harm chances of peace Mar.20   Gaddafi vows 'long war' in Libya   Libyan ruler called the allied nations bombing his country 'terrorists', a day after the US, UK and France began to enforce a no-fly zone Mar.18   Obama gives ultimatum to Gaddafi   Washington: US President has said Libyan government forces must end their offensive against rebel-held towns and pull back - or face military action Feb.20   Libyan leader's son warns of 'civil war'
  In a speech on state TV, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi blamed drunks, criminals and foreigners for fomenting violence in the North African nation.    Sayf al-Islam, admits the military over-reacted against anti-gov...

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Nov.18 Sudan: 'Strongest warning' urged  UN Security Council: Kofi Annan has called on the Security Council to issue its 'strongest warning' to fighting forces to sign a peace deal

Protest Main Event: Egypt's Morsi rebuffs ar...
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B. 2017-07-02 Qatar is given a further 48 hours to agree to demands Saudi Arabia
2. 2016-04-24 President Sisi urges Egyptians to 'defend state' ahead of protests Cairo
3. 2013-07-27 Egypt protesters 'to be dispersed' Cairo
E. 2013-07-11 US warning to Egypt over arrests Washington
5. 2013-07-02 Egypt teeters on brink of overthrow Egypt
2013-07-01 Egypt's Morsi rebuffs army ultimatum Cairo
H. 2013-07-01 Egyptian army sets 48-hour ultimatum Cairo
I. 2013-06-28 US travel warning over Egypt clashes Washington
9. 2013-06-26 Egypt's Morsi warns of risks from unrest Egypt

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