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  Mexicans vote for new president  Ex-governor Enrique Pena Nieto - seen as the frontrunner - is attempting to win the presidency back for the PRI party that ruled for decades   As elections loom, protesters rally   Protesters packed the main square of Mexico City, slamming the candidate widely seen as the front-runner in next month's presidential electi... Mexico fugitive linked to Obama 2012 bid. Washington   Opposition set to win Mexico poll  Exit polls in elections indicate the main opposition party has made gains in the voting taking place in almost half Mexico's states Mexicans head to polls; security in mind Slain Mexican candidate's brother to run. North Mexico Ruling party loses midterm elections  President Calderon's ruling party paid the price for a weak economy as the opposition RIP rolled to victories in the lower legislative house Midterm elections begin Elections are referendum on Calderon Mexico City legalizes abortion  City lawmakers voted to legalize abortion, a decision likely to influence policies and health practices across Mexico and Latin America Mexico City to vote on abortion Judge: Calderon to lead Mexico
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Vote Contest Main Event: Pena Nieto 'wins' M...
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B. 2016-08-31 Trump met Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto
2. 2012-08-31 Mexico challenger urges protests Mexico
3. 2012-07-07 Mexicans protest over poll winner
E. 2012-07-06 Mexico final tally -- a PRI presidential victory Mexico
5. 2012-07-04 Partial recount in Mexico polls Mexico
6. 2012-07-03 Mexico candidate demands recount Mexico
7. 2012-07-02 Losing Mexico candidate defiant Mexico
2012-07-01 Pena Nieto 'wins' Mexico election Mexico

  Trump angry as golf tournament is moved to Mexico   Miami: US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has reacted angrily after a leading golf tournament was moved from one of his courses to M... Mexico challenger urges protests  Presidential runner-up Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has rejected a court ruling upholding July's election and called for a mass demonstration   Mexicans protest over poll winner   Tens of thousands of people are demonstrating against the result of the presidential election, which was won by Enrique Pena Nieto Mexico final tally -- a PRI presidential victory  An official tally of presidential election returns -- including individual recounts for more than half the ballots -- confirmed Enrique Peņa... Partial recount in Mexico polls  Electoral authorities have announced they will recount more than half of the ballot boxes in presidential poll after finding inconsistencies in the tallies Mexico candidate demands recount  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the runner-up in presidential poll in Mexico has said he will demand a total recount of the vote Losing Mexico candidate defiant   Lopez Obrador, the second-placed candidate in Mexico's presidential election, has refused to admit defeat, saying his opponent broke electoral... Pena Nieto 'wins' Mexico election
  Trump met Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto Map of Los Pinos Mexico City Mexico

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  He met Pena Nieto but said they had not discussed financing the wall. The president later insisted he had told Mr Trump Mexico would not pay

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  Old ruling party, the PRI, is set to return to power as early official results indicate its candidate Enrique Pena Nieto has won the presidential election.    Nieto, 45, is on some 38%, several poin...


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  Felipe Calderon was declared president-elect. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador refused to recognize the victory.    Obrador vowed to lead a parallel leftist government from the streets...
Court chief backs conservative win  The president of Mexico's top electoral court recommended that his judges uphold the slim lead of Felipe Calderon Aug.5 Full poll recount rejected Aug.1 Election protesters dig in Jul.31 Poll protests block Mexico City Jul.30 Huge rally challenges poll  Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to support the left-wing candidate in the presidential elections Jul.8 Thousands protest election results
  Thousands of defiant supporters of leftist Lopez Obrador took to the streets to overturn his narrow defeat
Jul.6 Calderon wins disputed vote  Ruling-party candidate was declared the winner in the presidential election, but his opponent will challenge the results Candidate vows vote fight  Centre-left Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has said he will challenge the outcome of presidential election Jul.5 Mexico checks presidential votes  Left-wing candidate Lopez Obrador has a slight lead over his conservative rival Calderon Jul.2 Voters choose between left, right  The election split open deep class divisions. Leftist Andres Manuel Lopez; Conservative Felipe Calderon

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Jul.2   Vicente Fox elected president
  Opposition candidate is ending 71-year PRI dynasty in fairest election ever

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