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Nato probes Libya 'civilian' raid   NATO: Nato is investigating Libyan government claims that it bombed a residential area of the capital, Tripoli, killing several civilians Tripoli 'Nato strike kills five' Map of Tripoli Libya
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B. 2012-05-13 Nato pressed over Libya deaths NATO
C. 2011-10-02 Hundreds of civilians flee Sirte Sirte, Libya
D. 2011-09-27 Worries grow for Libyan civilians in Sirte Sirte, Libya
4. 2011-09-19 NTC: Humanitarian disaster in Bani Walid Bani Walid, Libya
5. 2011-08-24 Libya's hospitals flooded with victims Tripoli, Libya
G. 2011-06-25 Libya says NATO strikes kill 15 civilians Brega, Eastern Libya
H. 2011-06-19 Nato admits Tripoli target error NATO
I. 2011-06-19 Nato probes Libya 'civilian' raid NATO
2011-06-18 Tripoli 'Nato strike kills five' Tripoli, Libya

  Worries grow for Libyan civilians in Sirte   International officials have expressed fears for more than 200,000 civilians caught in fierce clashes in the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid   NTC: Humanitarian disaster in Bani Walid Map of Bani Walid Libya  Forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi are creating a humanitarian disaster in Bani Walid, the National Transitional Council's spokesman charged Libya's hospitals flooded with victims Map of Tripoli Libya  The humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders, said support facilities in the capital were overwhelmed with patients Libya says NATO strikes kill 15 civilians   Eastern Libya: NATO airstrikes hit a bakery and a restaurant in the Libyan city of al-Brega, killing 15 civilians, a Libyan government official said Nato admits Tripoli target error
  Nato pressed over Libya deaths   NATO: A leading human rights organisation has urged Nato to investigate fully the deaths of civilians in air strikes in Libya last year   Hundreds of civilians flee Sirte Map of Sirte Libya

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  Hundreds of residents, in vehicles packed with belongings, are queuing at checkpoints leading out of the city
   NATO: Nato has admitted 'a weapons systems failure' may have led to civilian casualties in morning's air strike in the Libyan capital

  At least five people have died in a Nato air strike that hit a house in the Libyan capital, Libyan government officials say
Jun.12 Violence, deaths continue in Libya   Seven people died Sunday in fighting in the town of Dafniya, Libya, near the besieged city of Misrata May.21 Libya blames NATO for crisis  Libyan officials sounded alarm over NATO bombings of ports which they said would trigger a crisis by limiting the movement of supply ships May.1 UN to quit Tripoli amid attacks Map of Tripoli Libya  The UN says it is leaving the Libyan capital amid attacks on foreign missions after a Nato strike that reportedly killed one of Col Gaddafi's sons Apr.27 Devastation mounts in Misrata Map of Misrata Libya
  In the wake of what rebels describe as the heaviest shelling yet by pro-government forces on the port, much of the city is a wasteland
Apr.20 Acclaimed journalists killed in Libya Map of Misrata Libya  Oscar nominee Tim Hetherington and acclaimed photojournalist Chris Hondros died while chronicling the violence in the war-torn city Apr.7 Nato 'in Libya rebel hit apology'   Rebel commander says Nato has apologised for mistakenly carrying out a deadly air strike on a column of rebel tanks in the east of the count... Nato raid kills Libyan rebels Map of Ajdabiya Libya
  Eastern Libya: Rebels in eastern Libya say their forces have been mistakenly hit by a Nato air strike, and at least 13 rebel fighters are said to have been killed.
Apr.5 Libya rebels 'disappointed' by NATO  Efforts to prevent forces loyal to Gadhafi from attacking civilians have been complicated by weather and to hiding military equipment Apr.3 Turkey ship rescues Libya injured   Eastern Libya: A Turkish humanitarian ship carrying more than 250 injured people from the Libyan city of Misrata arrives in the rebel stronghold of Benghaz... Mar.12 Al-Jazeera journalist killed in Benghazi   Eastern Libya: Ali Hassan al Jaber, a cameraman, was killed in an apparent ambush, the first journalist killed in the country since the start of the civil ... Mar.4 Thousands of refugees pour out of Libya  The evacuation of the tens of thousands of refugees who stream across the Libyan border to Tunisia has stepped up dramatically Mar.1 UN urges mass Libyan evacuation  The UN has called for a mass humanitarian evacuation of people fleeing Libya for Tunisia, saying the border situation is at 'crisis point'

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