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  Violence after Berlusconi survives vote  Rome: Protesters threw rocks and bottles and police lobbed tear gas canisters in streets after Prime Minister survived lawmakers' confidence votes Rome landfill pledge fails to halt unrest   Naples: The government would halt the construction of a controversial landfill near Naples, but the assurance was not enough for protesters   Mass rally shows support for Berlusconi  Rome: Tens of thousands of people have staged a rally in Rome in support of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, ahead of regional elections this mon...   Thousands attend anti-Berlusconi protest  Rome: Tens of thousands of Italians have been taking part in a protest in Rome's main square against the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlu... Italians rally for press freedom  Rome: Tens of thousands have protested against what they say are threats to press freedom by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Crowds march against mafia   Naples: Thousands of Italians have marched through the city in one of the largest anti-mafia protests of recent years 15 officials jailed over G8 protest. Northern Italy Violence breaks out over trash crisis Map of Naples
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Main Event: Protest rallies grip major citi...
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B. 2015-02-28 Mass anti-immigration rally in Rome
C. 2013-11-16 Thousands march in Naples over toxic waste dumps Naples
D. 2013-05-18 Thousands rally to oppose Italy cuts Rome
E. 2012-03-29 Two Italians set themselves on fire Bologna, Northern Italy
2011-10-15 Protest rallies grip major cities Rome
G. 2011-10-05 Wikipedia hides pages in protest Italy
H. 2011-02-13 Women stage anti-Berlusconi rallies Italy
I. 2010-12-14 Violence after Berlusconi survives vote Rome
J. 2010-10-24 Rome landfill pledge fails to halt unrest Naples

Wikipedia hides pages in protest  Wikipedia's Italian edition has taken all entries but one offline in protest at a draft privacy law restricting the publication of police wi...   Women stage anti-Berlusconi rallies
  Mass anti-immigration rally in Rome   Thousands of supporters of Northern League have poured into one's biggest squares for a rally against immigration, the EU and the government Thousands march in Naples over toxic waste dumps Map of Naples  Thousands of families have marched to demand a quick cleanup of toxic waste that has been dumped by the local Camorra crime syndicate for decades Thousands rally to oppose Italy cuts  Rome: Thousands of protesters, led by trade unionists, have rallied in the Italian capital Rome against the policies of the new coalition government Two Italians set themselves on fire   Northern Italy: Two Italians, 'crushed by the economic crisis' according to one newspaper, set themselves on fire in Bologna and Verona Protest rallies grip major cities

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  Rome: Protests at financial mismanagement and government cutbacks have been held around the world. Clashes erupted at the biggest rally, in Rome
  Italian women are holding nationwide protests against embattled Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

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  Naples: Police and protesters furiously clashed at government plans to dump mountains of uncollected trash from Naples in their towns
 8 Italian policemen and three other people have been injured

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Jun.18 Italians picket ex-Nazi's office
. Rome May.12 'Pro-family' groups rally   Rome: Hundreds of thousands of protesters have gathered to protest against laws giving more rights to homosexual couples

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Feb.17   10 die in cartoon clash at consulate
Map of Benghazi Libya  Eastern Libya: Police confronted protesters who had set fire to Italian consulate in the port city of Benghazi

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Mar.20 Rallies mark Iraq war anniversary
  Thousands of people have taken to the streets, beginning a day of protests around the world

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Nov.9   Anti-war march attracts 200,000
Map of Florence Italy  Northern Italy: March through Florence was promoted as the first Europe-wide anti-war rally. It passed off peacefully Oct.6 Anti-war marches Mar.23 Workers take to the streets
  Rome: The centre of Rome has been brought to a standstill by an anti-terror demonstration organised by biggest trade union

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Jul.24 Thousands rally for G8 protester
. Rome Jul.21 Police use tear gas at G8  Northern Italy: 2,000 protesters is trying to breach a safety perimeter. G8 leaders condemn violence Jul.20 G8 summit death
  Northern Italy: Violent demonstrations left Giuliani, 23, dead from gunfire and 100 wounded. World leaders called for calm
G8 summit clashes  Northern Italy: Police used tear gas and water cannon to try to stop anti-globalisation and debt relief protesters

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Dec.16 Haider protests
  Rome: 500 demonstrators marching against the visit of Austrian far-right leader to the Vatican clashed with Italian riot police

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