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Israel arrests 91 suspected militants  West Bank: The defense minister promised to keep up the pressure on militants Israeli forces arrest 50 at settlement  Gaza: As a deadline to voluntarily leave Gaza approached, Israeli police arrested about 50 protesters at Neveh Dekalim   Israel arrests 30 Palestinians  West Bank: All suspected militants had been sought by Israeli security forces. 26 of them are believed to be members of Hamas Vanunu held over Bethlehem trip   West Bank: Israeli former nuclear technician has been detained trying to enter Bethlehem in defiance of a travel ban Suspects seized over Maher attack  Jerusalem: Israeli police have detained 7 Palestinians. The foreign minister returned to Egypt Palestinians arrest Arafat HQ militants Map of Ramallah Israel
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Main Event: 6 Jewish suspects arrested in c...
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2014-07-06 6 Jewish suspects arrested in connection with killing of Palestinian teen Jerusalem
C. 2014-06-14 Israeli army arrests 80 over missing teenagers Hebron, West Bank
D. 2009-11-01 Israeli settler held over attacks West Bank
E. 2006-05-19 Hamas official seized with $800k Gaza
F. 2005-09-27 Israel arrests 91 suspected militants West Bank
G. 2005-08-16 Israeli forces arrest 50 at settlement Gaza
H. 2005-07-16 Israel arrests 30 Palestinians West Bank
I. 2004-12-24 Vanunu held over Bethlehem trip Bethlehem, West Bank
J. 2003-12-22 Suspects seized over Maher attack Jerusalem

Israeli army arrests 80 over missing teenagers   West Bank: The Israeli army says it has arrested about 80 Palestinians as part of efforts to return three Israeli teenagers missing from the West Bank Israeli settler held over attacks  West Bank: Israeli police have arrested 37-year-old American immigrant Yaakov Teitel whom they say has confessed to a string of high-profile hate attacks   Hamas official seized with $800k
6 Jewish suspects arrested in connection with killing of Palestinian teen

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  Jerusalem: They arrested in connection with the killing of a Palestinian teenager whose death set off days of violent protests in Arab areas of Jerusalem

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  Gaza: Palestinian border police briefly detained Sami Abu Zuhri accused of smuggling more than into the Strip

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  West Bank: Palestinian security forces have arrested about 20 militants at the Palestinian leader's Ramallah compound
Jun.23   100 Hamas members arrested in Hebron
  West Bank: The operation targeted the infrastructure responsible for the most recent suicide attacks
Feb.20   FBI charges professor with terrorism  Florida: University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian said to be a top leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad

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Nov.14 Kibbutz attack suspect arrested  West Bank: Israeli forces were surrounding the house where suspect was holed up for several hours Aug.26   Hamas militant arrested  West Bank: Israel has accused Jamal Abul Hija of being behind the 2001 bombing of the pizzeria in Jerusalem that killed 15 people Aug.21 Suspects in university bombing arrested  Jerusalem: Police had broken up a terrorist cell that was responsible for 8 attacks, including a bombing at Hebrew University Feb.21 3 arrested for killing Tourism Minister  West Bank: Palestinian security forces had arrested suspects in connection with the assassination of the Israeli minister, Rehavam Zeevi Jan.15 Israel sceptical about arrest
  Jerusalem: Israel wants proof that Palestinian police have arrested Ahmed Saadat, the leader of the PFLP

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Dec.5 Militants clash over Yassin arrest  Gaza: Militants opened fire on Palestinian police enforcing the house arrest of Hamas spiritual leader Oct.17 Arrests follow killing of Israeli minister  Gaza: Palestinian police have arrested 2 officials belonging to militant group which claimed responsibility for killing May.27   10 held over wedding tragedy  Building's owners and contractors involved in its construction arrested in connection with the collapse of banquet hall Apr.1   6 Arafat's elite soldiers arrested
  West Bank: All taken by Israel were members of the elite Force 17. Israelis and Palestinians buried children killed in recent clashes

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