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Report: 'Severe torture' at second jail  The nation's Human Rights Ministry: Inspectors found 'a number of problems' at a jail housing Iraqi detainees   Witness at Hussein trial describes torture
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B. 2016-11-02 Mosul battle: Militiamen 'torture' IS suspects on city outskirts Mosul
C. 2012-09-12 Gays live in fear in post-Saddam Iraq Iraq
D. 2011-02-06 Iraq denied secret detention center exists Baghdad
E. 2010-10-23 Leaked war papers spur calls for probes London
5. 2009-09-15 Bush 'shoe thrower:' I was tortured' Baghdad
6. 2009-08-31 Report criticizes Iraq's executions Iraq
2009-08-17 Gay men 'attacked, executed in Iraq' Iraq
8. 2009-08-07 Boy survives al Qaeda kidnapping, torture Fallujah, Iraq

Iraq torture 'worse after Saddam' Putin rejects Iraq democracy model. St. Petersburg Photos may support Haditha charges  Washington: Some of the most incriminating evidence against Marines is a set of photographs taken by another Marines Amnesty says Iraq abuses continue  Amnesty International has said that thousands of detainees are still being denied their basic rights   New inquiry urged over Abu Ghraib  Washington: Civil liberties groups have called for an inquiry into treatment of Iraqi detainees after new images were shown   New Abu Ghraib images broadcast
  Mosul battle: Militiamen 'torture' IS suspects on city outskirts  Militias involved in driving so-called Islamic State out of Mosul have been carrying out revenge attacks on men and boys in nearby villages Gays live in fear in post-Saddam Iraq Iraq denied secret detention center exists. Baghdad Leaked war papers spur calls for probes. London   Report: U.S. hikers were in Iraqi territory   USA: The mothers of U.S. hikers held by Iran said that contradicts government claims they crossed the border before their arrests is 'concerning' Bush 'shoe thrower:' I was tortured'  Baghdad: Muntadhar al-Zaidi who threw his shoes at then-President Bush last year said that he was beaten and tortured while he was detained Report criticizes Iraq's executions Gay men 'attacked, executed in Iraq'  Human Rights Watch: Hundreds of gay men have been tortured and killed in Iraq in recent months, some by the nation's security forces Boy survives al Qaeda kidnapping, torture   Terrorists kidnap, torture 6 years old Khidir to bully Iraqi policeman Dad of U.S. hunger striker questioned Iranians at Iraq camp allege abuse   Human rights groups see disaster in Iraq  As the war reaches its 5-year anniversary, two of the humanitarian groups issued extensive reports describing a crisis of huge proportions Iraq to round up homeless, mentally ill. Baghdad Torture house discovered  Northern Iraq: Coalition forces found 26 bodies buried in mass graves and a torture complex, with chains hanging from walls and ceilings UN criticises Iraq human rights Amnesty attacks Iraq executions   Saddam trial 'flawed and unsound'

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  Baghdad: Human Rights Watch: The trial was so flawed that he did not get a fair trial and its verdict is unsound
   Australia: An Australian TV channel has broadcast previously unpublished images showing US abuse of prisoners

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  Baghdad: The witness is describing the torture of man from a Shiite village in 1982: 'They broke all his body parts'
Nov.27 Ex-PM: Abuse as bad as Saddam era  Ayad Allawi: Human rights abuses in Iraq are as bad as they were if not worse Nov.17 Iraq official defends 'torture' facility  Baghdad: Interior minister has defended a facility that was found to be holding dozens of prisoners Nov.15 US 'troubled' by Iraq abuse claim  Washington: Washington is troubled by the alleged abuse of more than 170 detainees held by Iraqi security forces Detainees 'found starving'
  Baghdad: The government begun an investigation into the abuse of more than 170 detainees held by Iraqi forces
Jan.23   'Zarqawi tape: Democracy a lie'
  An Internet recording claiming to be from wanted terrorist said participants in election are enemies of Islam

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Jun.9   Iraq abuse 'came from US policy'  Human Rights Watch says the mistreatment of prisoners by soldiers was due to a decision to circumvent international law May.12 New abuse photos are 'even worse'
  Washington: The lawmakers have been viewing yet more photographs and videos of alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners May.10   Bush 'disgust' over new photos  Washington: US President has reacted with 'disgust and disbelief' to more images of prisoner abuse by US guards in Iraq May.8   Abu Ghraib prison to remain open   Gen Geoffrey Miller, the new head of Iraq prisons, has said the US will continue to use the jail, despite the abuse scandal

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May.28 U.S. rejects Amnesty charge. Washington Apr.2 Torture chamber found

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Oct.16 Saddam 'wins 100% of vote'

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