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  Iraq Kurds warn Turkey over raids  Northern Iraq: Massoud Barzani, the president of the Kurdish region, has warned Turkey to halt its strikes against rebel Kurdish positions in the border area Iraq warns Turkey over incursion  Baghdad: Foreign minister has warned of serious consequences if Turkey launches a ground assault against Kurdish rebels   Bush issues Vietnam warning over Iraq
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1. 2015-08-01 Iraqi Kurds warn PKK amid Turkey air strikes Northern Iraq
C. 2014-08-23 UN warns of possible Amerli 'massacre' Amerli, Northern Iraq
D. 2014-08-09 Iraq crisis: No quick fix, Barack Obama warns Washington
E. 2012-01-31 Iraqi VP predicts return to sectarian violence Iraq
F. 2011-12-20 Biden urges Iraq to resolve disputes Washington
G. 2009-06-30 Obama warns Iraq of 'difficult days' Washington
H. 2008-06-15 Iraqi official rebukes al-Sadr threats Baghdad
2008-03-26 Ultimatum as cease-fire in jeopardy Baghdad
9. 2007-12-24 Iraq Kurds warn Turkey over raids Northern Iraq

  Iraq crisis: No quick fix, Barack Obama warns  Washington: US President has warned it is 'going to take some time' to help Iraqis overcome the jihadist-led Sunni rebellion and stabilise their country Iraqi VP predicts return to sectarian violence   Biden urges Iraq to resolve disputes   Washington: US Vice-President Joe Biden has urged Iraqi leaders to work together to avert renewed sectarian strife Obama warns Iraq of 'difficult days'   Washington: The President says U.S. troops have withdrawn from Iraq's towns and cities on schedule Iraqi official rebukes al-Sadr threats  Baghdad: Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari sternly rebuked Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's latest threats to establish a new fighting force to battle U.S. troops Ultimatum as cease-fire in jeopardy
  Iraqi Kurds warn PKK amid Turkey air strikes  Northern Iraq: Iraq's Kurdistan region has urged Turkish Kurd separatist forces of the PKK to leave civilian areas amid continuing Turkish air strikes   UN warns of possible Amerli 'massacre' Map of Amerli Iraq

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  Northern Iraq: The UN has called for action to prevent what it says may be a possible massacre in the northern Iraqi town of Amerli

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  Baghdad: The prime minister gave Shiite militants battling security forces in Basra a 72-hour deadline to surrender their weapons.    Maliki issued the threat on the 2nd day of a government offensive, that has left a...

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  Washington: President has warned a US withdrawal could trigger the kind of upheaval seen in South East Asia after US forces quit Vietnam
May.2 Iraq exit could spell disaster, experts warn   USA: Pulling U.S. forces from Iraq could trigger catastrophe, affecting not just Iraq but its neighbors in the Middle East Mar.26   UK, Iraq raise pressure on Iran   United Kingdom: Iran is under increased pressure to release 15 British sailors and marines seized in what Tehran insists were its territorial waters Mar.10 U.S. warns Iraq's neighbors. Baghdad Jan.31   US warns Iran on Iraq insurgents  Washington: The US are telling Tehran to stop helping militants make lethal bombs to attack US troops Jan.14   US warns Iran on Iraq 'meddling'   Washington: Vice-President Cheney has warned Iran not to interfere in Iraq after US forces detained several Iranians in Iraq Jan.6   Iraq PM warns over Saddam hanging
  Baghdad: Nouri Maliki has said his government could review relations with any country which criticised the execution

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Dec.27   Hussein loyalists warn against hanging  The Baath Party is warning there will be 'grave consequences' if former Iraqi leader is executed

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Oct.6   Bush warns of 'war on humanity'  Washington: US President says the insurgency in Iraq is part of a wider strategy by al-Qaeda and other militants Sep.30   Rice warns against quitting Iraq  New Jersey: The US Secretary of State has said that America must not abandon its mission Sep.28   Bush warns of Iraq violence spike  Washington: US President has warned that insurgents will step up their attacks ahead of referendum on a new constitution

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Nov.5   U.N. warns as Falluja attack looms   UN: Kofi Annan has warned US, Britain and Iraq against launching the assault

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Oct.28   Bush warns Iraq neighbours  Washington: US President has warned Iran and Syria not to let terrorists cross into Iraq from their territory Mar.18   Saddam rejects Bush ultimatum
  Baghdad: The Iraqi leader has flatly rejected a US ultimatum to leave the country or face war Mar.17   Bush: Saddam has 48 hours to leave Iraq
  Washington: U.S. President gave Iraqi President 48 hours for him and his sons to leave Iraq before military action begins
Jan.2 Bush warns Iraq 'faces reckoning'. Washington

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Sep.21 Iraq warns against fresh UN resolution

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