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Iran warning ahead of nuclear talks   Iran's Supreme Leader has warned his country will not step back 'one iota' from its nuclear rights, as it resumes talks with world powers in...   Israel issues warning to Iran over nuclear bomb report  A new report claiming Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb in less than a month Netanyahu warns of 'immortal Iran'. Jerusalem Khamenei: U.S. will 'definitely suffer' if it leads strike on Syria Iran poll prompts Israeli warning. Jerusalem Hillary Clinton: Iran 'steps up Syria support'. Washington Iran, Syria warn of retribution for Israeli airstrike   Netanyahu: Time running out on Iran   Washington: President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said they stand together in their efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon Obama warns against Iran strike. Washington Iran threatens pre-emptive action Russia warns against Iran strike. Moscow US warns Iran over uranium plant. Washington   U.S.: Iran blocking Hormuz unacceptable' Map of Strait of Hormuz Gulf
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B. 2018-02-10 Israel warns Iran after launching major raids in Syria Jerusalem
C. 2016-06-20 Iran warns Bahrain after Shia cleric stripped of citizenship Iran
D. 2015-04-08 US warns Iran over 'support' for Yemen Houthi rebels Washington
2015-03-03 Netanyahu warns US over Iran deal U.S. Congress
5. 2013-11-20 Iran warning ahead of nuclear talks Iran
6. 2013-10-26 Israel issues warning to Iran over nuclear bomb report Israel
7. 2013-10-04 Netanyahu warns of 'immortal Iran' Jerusalem
I. 2013-09-06 Khamenei: U.S. will 'definitely suffer' if it leads strike on Syria Iran
J. 2013-06-16 Iran poll prompts Israeli warning Jerusalem

  Iran warns Bahrain after Shia cleric stripped of citizenship  The head of Revolutionary Guards has suggested there could be armed resistance in Bahrain after the top Shia cleric was stripped of his citi...   US warns Iran over 'support' for Yemen Houthi rebels  Washington: US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Iran over its alleged support for Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen   Netanyahu warns US over Iran deal
  Israel warns Iran after launching major raids in Syria

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  Jerusalem: PM Netanyahu says his country will defend itself 'against any attack' after it carried out what have been called its largest strikes against sites in Syria

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  U.S. Congress: In a speech to US Congress the prime minister has warned that a deal under discussion on Iran's nuclear program could 'pave its way to the bomb'

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  Gulf: The U.S. Navy said Iran's threat to block the strategically and economically important Strait of Hormuz is unacceptable
Dec.6 Syrian opposition warns Iran, Hezbollah Nov.29 UK warns Iran over embassy attack   London: Britain condemned Iran for allowing protesters to storm its embassy and a separate diplomatic compound in Tehran Aug.21 Hikers face hard time in tough Evin prison

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Apr.29 Clinton blasts Iran, Syria
. Washington Apr.18   Ahmadinejad: Iran too 'mighty' to attack  Iran is so powerful today that no country would dare attack it, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during an annual army parade Feb.6   Iran warning against protests  Iran's police chief warned that security forces will firmly confront 'illegal' gatherings on the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution

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Jun.19   World 'watching Iran', Obama says  Washington: US President has told Iran that 'the world is watching', after its supreme leader demanded an end to post-election demonstrations

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Sep.23   Ahmadinejad: U.S. empire' nearing its end  UN Gen. Assembly: In a speech before the General Assembly, Iranian President blamed 'a few bullying powers' for creating the world's problems Jul.29   Ahmadinejad: The big powers going down  Iran's president blamed the U.S. and other 'big powers' for nuclear proliferation, AIDS and accused them of exploiting the U.N. Jul.10 Israel 'ready to act' over Iran
  Tel Aviv: Defence minister Ehud Barak has warned of his country's readiness to act against Iran if it feels threatened US warns Iran on missile threat  Washington: Secretary of State Rice has said it will not hesitate to defend its interests and those of its allies as Iran continues missile tests Jun.21 ElBaradei warns against strike on Iran
. United Arab Emirates Jun.9   US and EU 'to issue Iran warning'  European Union: President Bush is to hold talks with European Union leaders as they meet in Slovenia for their twice-yearly summit

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Nov.22 Iran: Middle East security at risk
. Tehran Sep.16 France warning of war with Iran
  Paris: Foreign minister Kouchner says the world should prepare for war over Iran's nuclear program
Mar.31   Bush attacks Iran over captives
  Washington: President has condemned Iran's nexcusable behaviour after its capture of 15 Royal Navy personnel Mar.27   Blair warns Iran of 'different phase'  London: Prime Minister has said his country is prepared to move to a 'different phase' if negotiations fail to free 15 sailors being held by Iran Mar.26 UK, Iraq raise pressure on Iran
. United Kingdom Feb.23 Iran ignored U.N. ultimatum Jan.31 US warns Iran on Iraq insurgents. Washington Jan.14 US warns Iran on Iraq 'meddling'. Washington

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Jun.19 Bush: Iran must stop uranium work
. Washington Jun.4 Iran warns U.S. on oil shipments Apr.26 Iran 'will harm U.S. interests if attacked'  Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: Iran will harm U.S. interests anywhere in the world if the U.S. launches an attack Mar.10 Bush: Iran grave security threat. Washington

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Aug.12   Bush warns Iran on nuclear plans
  Washington: US President still has not ruled out the option of using force against Iran, after it resumed work on its nuclear program
Aug.10 Iran warns US, EU over nuclear impasse  An Iranian official has warned Europe against 'coercive' measures in the standoff over its nuclear program Jul.31 UK warns Iran over nuclear plans. United Kingdom

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Jul.21 Bush cautions Iran and Syria
. Washington

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