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  US halts Haiti victim evacuations
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2016-10-05 Hurricane Matthew: Struggle to reach worst-hit parts of Haiti Grand Anse, Haiti
C. 2010-02-09 Rubble collapse traps at least one Port-au-Prince, Haiti
3. 2010-02-09 Haitian survived 4 weeks in rubble Port-au-Prince, Haiti
E. 2010-01-30 US halts Haiti victim evacuations Haiti
F. 2010-01-28 U.S. hospital ship in Haiti near capacity Haiti
6. 2010-01-26 Man rescued from rubble two weeks after Port-au-Prince, Haiti
H. 2010-01-24 Families to Haiti: Keep searching Haiti
8. 2010-01-23 Rescuers pull man alive after 11 days Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Search for survivors after Haitian migrant boat sinks   Bahamas: A boat carrying 28 Haitian migrants ran into trouble in the Bahamas while on its way to the United States, leading to at least 11 deaths   Rubble collapse traps at least one Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti  Teams of rescuers in the capital rushed to the Caribbean Market after a machine used to clear rubble caused a secondary collapse   Haitian survived 4 weeks in rubble Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti
Hurricane Matthew: Struggle to reach worst-hit parts of Haiti Map of Grand Anse Haiti

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  Rescue workers in Haiti are struggling to reach parts of the country cut off by the most powerful Caribbean hurricane in nearly a decade

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  28-year-old Evan Muncie pulled alive from the rubble of a building may have been trapped since the January 12 quake that leveled much of the city

  The US military has stopped evacuating earthquake victims to the US in a reported dispute over medical costs
Jan.28   U.S. hospital ship in Haiti near capacity  Haitians being treated on a U.S. Navy hospital ship are requiring longer care than expected, forcing the U.S. to scramble for an alternative Jan.26 Man rescued from rubble two weeks after Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti  A man has been pulled alive by US troops from the rubble in the Haitian capital - two weeks after the earthquake that destroyed the city Jan.24 Families to Haiti: Keep searching  Thousands of people were pushing for rescue efforts to continue, after a 24-year-old man was pulled alive from the ruins 11 days after the q... Jan.23 Rescuers pull man alive after 11 days Map of Port-au-Prince Haiti  A 23-year-old man has been pulled alive from the rubble of a ruined Napoli Inn Hotel in Haiti's capital, 11 days after the earthquake Victim rescue operation declared over
  Quake death toll surpasses 111,000. The government officially ended the search-and-rescue phase of its response to the disaster
Jan.22 Israelis pulled man alive from rubble  An Israeli search team reported that it had pulled a 22-year-old man alive. An 84-year-old woman has been rescued after 10 days under rubble Jan.19 Woman rescued from rubble week after  Rescue workers pulled Ena Zizi near Haiti's national cathedral, a week after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Jan.18 Tight airspace hinder aid effort  Limited runway space and battered telecommunications networks are hindering efforts to get food, water and medical aid into the hands of des... Jan.17 Glitches remain, but aid reaching victims  At least one organization attempting to deliver aid to Haiti continued to be plagued by delays and logistical problems Official: Aid teams must be self-sufficient  As the flow of aid gained momentum, a health official pleaded for arriving teams to be self-sufficient in food, water, equipment, supplies and... Thousands of bodies, shreds of hope   Nearly 30 international rescue teams continued to comb the rubble from Haiti's earthquake for survivors Jan.15 Rescued girl dies after bid to save her
  An 11-year-old girl rescued from the rubble of her home in an hours-long effort has died
Jan.14 Child pulled from rubble after 2 days   A group of men worked throughout the day to free this 11-year-old girl -- one of scores trapped beneath buildings that collapsed Aid deliveries face logistical nightmares

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Nov.7   Frantic hunt for survivors  A desperate rescue effort is continuing at the site of a school building that collapsed with several hundred children inside Sep.4 Rescuers can't get aid to flooded town   The convoy rumbled out of the U.N. base toward a starving and seething city, carrying some of the first food aid

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Sep.24 Mob attacks relief truck
May.29   Weather holding up Caribbean aid  The bad weather is hampering efforts to deliver supplies to the survivors of severe flooding May.28 Flooding survivors tell of ordeal  People in the Haitian village of Mapou spoke of clinging to trees for hours, then finding they had lost everything Caribbean teams race against floods  Rescue teams are scrambling to get food and clean water to survivors in flood-ravaged regions

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