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  Colombia suspends Farc peace talks over kidnapping  Colombia has suspended peace talks with the Farc rebel group after the apparent kidnapping of an army general Journalist missing in Farc raid    Colombia: A French journalist is missing after Farc rebels killed four soldiers trying to destroy cocaine laboratories Colombia Farc hostages released Map of Villavicencio Colombia  Colombia's leftist Farc rebels have released their last 10 police and military hostages. They were collected from the jungle by a Brazilian helicopter Colombia rebels in hostage pledge  Left-wing Farc rebel group says it will free 10 members of the security forces it holds hostage and abandon kidnappings for ransom FARC to release six hostages   Colombia: Colombia's main leftist rebel group says it plans to release six hostages, including three who have been in captivity for more than 12 years FARC releases 2 more longtime prisoners   Colombia: Members of a leftist rebel group released two more longtime prisoners, bringing the total released since February 9 to six Farc rebels release more captives   Colombia: Colombia's rebels have released two hostages, bringing the number released so far this week to three FARC ready to release 5 hostages   Colombia: Colombian rebels say they are ready to start the unilateral release of five hostages, according to a message posted on a former senator's we... US court indicts Dutch Farc rebel   USA: A US court has indicted Tanja Nijmeijer, a Dutch member of the Colombian Farc rebel group on kidnapping charges Two police officers held by FARC rescued    Colombia: The Colombian military rescued Gen. Luis Mendieta and Col. Enrique Murillo, top national police officers held by the FARC guerrillas for nearly... Farc rebels release soldier Pablo Moncayo   Colombia: A Colombian soldier held hostage in the jungle by left-wing rebels for 12 years has been freed FARC rebels release Colombian soldier  Colombia's main leftist rebel group has freed Josue Daniel Calvo, 22, it kidnapped just under a year ago Kidnapped governor found dead Map of Caqueta Colombia
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  Colombia rebels say they'll free general on Sunday  Colombia's main rebel group says it's begun the process of freeing army Gen. Ruben Dario Alzate, who was captured two weeks ago   Colombian rebel leaders confirm capture of top general
  Colombian rebels free captured general

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  Colombia's largest rebel group has freed Gen. Ruben Alzate and two others whose capture led President Juan Manuel Santos to break off peace talks
  That country's largest guerrilla group Tuesday confirmed capturing Gen. Rubén Darío Alzate


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   Colombia: Luis Francisco Cuellar had been seized from his house in the Caqueta provincial capital, Florencia, by suspected leftist rebels
Sep.7 Video shown of captives. Colombia Aug.18 Guerrillas release video of two hostages. Colombia Feb.27 Colombia captures FARC kidnapper Feb.6 Rebels killed lawmakers in cold blood   Colombia: A Colombian ex-hostage, released by FARC after nearly 7 years in captivity, said the rebels who held him killed the others in cold blood Feb.3 Farc free ex-governor. Colombia Feb.2 Hostage release stalls. Colombia Feb.1 FARC rebels release 4 hostages
   Colombia: A Colombian soldier and 4 police officers were released from captivity by leftist guerrillas, completing the first stage of a release of hostages
Jan.28 Farc 'to free hostages on Sunday'
. Colombia Jan.13 Guerrillas flee FARC camp with abductees. Colombia

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Dec.21 FARC 'will release six hostages'
. Colombia Jul.7 Ex-jungle captive: 'We fought each other'   Colombia: The hostages held alongside Ingrid Betancourt in the jungle endured years of deprivation and abuse from the leftist rebels who kidnapped them Jul.2 Betancourt rescued from FARC
   Colombia: In a secret operation the Colombian military infiltrated rebel group and deceived its members into giving up 15 hostages
 Along with French-Colombian politician, 3 American contractors and 11 other hostages who were Colombian police were rescued. Appearing healthy after being held for 6 years in the jungle, Betancourt walked down from a military jet in Bogota and hugged her mother and husband
Mar.25   Chavez: Little chance to free Betancourt   Venezuela: Venezuelan President: There is little chance FARC will free Colombian presidential candidate after that country's attack inside Ecuador Jan.4 FARC admit 'hostage boy' not held    Colombia: The rebels have confirmed a boy living in foster care in Bogota is the same 3-year-old who was due to be part of a hostage release deal

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Feb.22 FARC rebels 'hold Americans'
   Colombia: Left-wing group has said that it is holding three US citizens who vanished when their plane crash-landed

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2014-11-30 Colombian rebels free captured general Colombia
2. 2014-11-29 Colombia rebels say they'll free general on Sunday Colombia
3. 2014-11-18 Colombian rebel leaders confirm capture of top general Colombia
E. 2014-11-16 Colombia suspends Farc peace talks over kidnapping Colombia
F. 2012-04-02 Colombia Farc hostages released Villavicencio, Colombia
6. 2012-02-26 Colombia rebels in hostage pledge Colombia
H. 2011-12-28 FARC to release six hostages Colombia
8. 2011-02-16 FARC releases 2 more longtime prisoners Colombia

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