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U.N. funding shortfall threatens air aid  The World Food Program is cutting back its air service in Sudan because a lack of funding has made it difficult to ferry aid workers to remote... Orphan airlift bid threatened aid op
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Main Event: UN urges Sudanese rethink on aid
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B. 2013-04-06 Qatar hosts Darfur donor conference Qatar
C. 2011-02-15 Sudan expels French medical aid group
D. 2009-05-07 Sudan invites expanded Darfur aid Sudan
E. 2009-04-16 Sudan 'to accept some Darfur aid' Sudan
2009-03-26 UN urges Sudanese rethink on aid UN Security Council
G. 2008-06-10 U.N. funding shortfall threatens air aid Darfur
H. 2007-10-29 Orphan airlift bid threatened aid op Darfur
I. 2006-04-28 U.N. forced to cut food aid to Sudan Darfur

White House meets Darfur aid groups
Qatar hosts Darfur donor conference  The Gulf state of Qatar is hosting a two-day conference on development and reconstruction in Sudan's Darfur region Sudan expels French medical aid group Map of South Darfur Sudan  Sudan has ordered Medecins du Monde out of South Darfur state, accusing the organization of supporting rebel forces Sudan invites expanded Darfur aid  The government says it will invite new aid groups to work in the region and allow those still operating there to expand their activities Sudan 'to accept some Darfur aid'  US Senator Kerry: Sudan's government has agreed to allow some aid back into Darfur following its expulsion of humanitarian groups UN urges Sudanese rethink on aid

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  UN Security Council: The Council has called on Sudan to reconsider its decision to expel foreign aid agencies from the troubled Darfur region
  Washington: Officials of Obama's administration have met with non-governmental organizations currently operating in Darfur

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  An attempt by a group of French charity workers to spirit away more than 100 children could have seriously damaged relief efforts in the region

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Apr.28 U.N. forced to cut food aid to Sudan
  The U.N. said would cut food rations for more than 6 million people, because of a severe lack of funds
Mar.9 Unrest prompts UN aid cut  The Refugee Agency is being forced to cut its relief work because of continued insecurity in the Sudanese region

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Aug.31   President promises to help Darfur   Sudan: Omar al-Bashir vowed to work to end the suffering of the Darfur and pushed for a peace deal May.25 Fresh aid sought for Darfur work
   Ethiopia: The world's top diplomats are gathering to discuss how to address the emergency

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Dec.28 U.N. suspends Sudan food convoys  The World Food Program suspended convoys to the Darfur region after rebes attacked and the government retaliated Aug.18 Huge boost to Darfur aid effort  The World Food Programme is airlifting almost 100 extra tons of food a day Jul.28   UN appeals for more Darfur funds
  Kofi Annan has made an urgent appeal to various governments to give more money to ease the humanitarian crisis
Jul.15 Libya to open Darfur aid corridor
  Libya has agreed to open a new aid corridor across the Sahara to speed up the delivery of relief supplies to Sudan Jun.15   UN pleads for new Darfur funding  The United Nations has asked for an extra $35m to care for refugees from troubled region who have reached Chad

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