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Bush welcomes NATO's new seven
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B. 2010-11-02 Bush memoir confesses Iraq regret Texas
C. 2008-09-05 Bush considering 8,000 troop cuts in Iraq Washington
D. 2008-05-12 Bush offers help for Lebanon army Washington
E. 2008-04-10 Democrats: Bush is avoiding Iraq decisions U.S. Supreme Court
F. 2008-04-01 Bush backs Ukraine on NATO bid Kiev
2008-03-19 Bush speech hails Iraq 'victory' Pentagon, Washington
7. 2008-03-18 Bush: War in Iraq must go on Washington
I. 2007-12-24 Bush sees 3-way fight against PKK Washington

Sources: Bush's plan calls for more troops   Washington: The plan for Iraq will call for increasing the number of U.S. troops in Baghdad by at least 20,000, and more money Democrats warn Bush on Iraq plans   U.S. Congress: The newly-empowered Democrats have warned the President he will have to justify any plans to boost troop levels Bush revamps US military in Iraq  Washington: President is to make a number of key changes in the military leadership as part of his fresh strategy Bush: Army need to increase in size  Washington: President said he thinks the US needs to increase the permanent size of the Army and the Marines Bush considers US force expansion  Washington: The President is considering a short-term increase in the size of the force in Iraq Bush 'dissatisfied' with Iraq war  Washington: US President says he is unhappy with the progress, admitting that an upsurge in violence is a 'serious concern' Bush to rethink Iraq strategy  Washington: US President has said military tactics will continue to change to deal with the threat posed by insurgents Bush takes on Iraqi war critics  Washington: US President has accepted responsibility for going to war in Iraq, but said it was still the right choice Bush outlines Iraq 'victory plan'
  Bush memoir confesses Iraq regret  Texas: Former US President George W Bush still has 'a sickening feeling' about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq   Bush considering 8,000 troop cuts in Iraq  Washington: The top U.S. general in Iraq David Petraeus is recommending nearly 8,000 troop cuts in Iraq because of the improving situation there Bush offers help for Lebanon army. Washington   Democrats: Bush is avoiding Iraq decisions  U.S. Supreme Court: Democratic opponents of US President have accused him of putting off tough decisions on Iraq until after the presidential elections   Bush backs Ukraine on NATO bid   Kiev: 'The missile defense system is not aimed at Russia,' Bush said at a news conference following talks with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchen...   Bush speech hails Iraq 'victory' Map of Pentagon USA  Washington: President Bush has delivered a speech at the Pentagon to mark the fifth anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq   Bush: War in Iraq must go on  Washington: 5 years after, Bush will mark the anniversary by insisting that a continued U.S. presence there is crucial Bush okay on keeping troop levels   Kuwait: President said it's 'fine with me' if generals recommend no more troop-strength reductions in Iraq than those already planned Bush sees 3-way fight against PKK. Washington Bush wants another $42 billion for wars. U.S. Congress Bush pledges Iraq troop reduction   Washington: US President has made a televised address backing a limited pull-out of troops from Iraq Bush urges Congress Iraq support. Ohio Bush 'would veto new Iraq bill'. Washington Bush vetoes Iraq withdrawal bill   Washington: US President has vetoed a Congressional bill that would have linked war funding to a timetable for withdrawal of troops from Iraq Bush presses Congress on Iraq funds. U.S. Congress Bush defends boost to Iraq troops. Washington Senators attack Bush Iraq plan. U.S. Senate Bush boosts troop numbers in Iraq

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  Washington: President will send more than 20,000 extra troops, as part of a new strategy for the future of US involvement
 In an address on US TV, Bush said the deployment would help break the cycle of violence. The majority of the new troops will be sent to Baghdad

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  Washington: The President has said he will not accept 'anything less than complete victory' in Iraq

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  Washington: U.S. President has formally welcomed the addition of 7 new members to the alliance

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May.1 Bush calls end to 'major combat'
Map of Lincoln USA
   USA: From the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln President delivers a nationally televised address

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Sep.22   Bush holds council of war  Washington: President has been consulting top military advisers. Warplanes are being sent to bases near Afghanistan Sep.15   Bush says US is at war
   USA: President views Osama Bin Laden as the main enemy

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