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  PM Tsipras to present new plan at eurozone summit   Athens: Alexis Tsipras is expected to present new proposals at a Eurozone emergency summit on his country's growing debt crisis   Greece finance minister quits   Athens: Greece's debt crisis sent shivers through American stock markets Monday, a day after Greek voters rejected demands from international credit... Greek PM defiant over economic plans   Athens: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Greece has said he is sticking to plans to roll back austerity and rejecting an international bailout exten... Greek PM offers olive branch on debt. Athens Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as new prime minister   Athens: Radical left leader was sworn in after forming a surprise alliance with a small right-wing nationalist party Independent Greeks Large icicle strikes Serbian energy minister Slovenia PM resigns, seeks new elections Bulgaria's government resigns amid protests Ex-Greek minister faces tax probe. Greece Greek party expels ex-minister. Greece Kim Jong-un's nephew in interview. Bosnia Greece swears in unity coalition   Greece's new coalition cabinet and Prime Minister Lucas Papademos have been formally sworn in, after a week of political turmoil Papademos named as new prime minister
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Srebrenica anniversary: Crowds chase Serb PM away Map of Srebrenica Bosnia
Serbia to have first gay prime minister   The president of Serbia has nominated Ana Brnabic, a gay woman, to be his prime minister in a double first for the deeply conservative Balkan... Romania: Protests despite Victor Ponta's resignation Map of University Square Bucharest Romania  Thousands joined a march in the Romanian capital Bucharest, hours after Prime Minister Victor Ponta resigned over a deadly nightclub fire PM Alexis Tsipras quits and calls early polls Map of Athens

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  Athens: Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has announced he is resigning and has called an early election. He will lead his leftist Syriza party into the polls
  Bosnia: Aleksandar Vucic has been chased away by stone-throwing protesters from a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the massacre


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  Greece: Lucas Papademos, a former banker and European Central Bank vice president, has been named interim prime minister of Greece.    Papademos was one of several leaders meeting with President Pap...
Nov.6 Papandreou-Samaras talks  Greece: George Papandreou is expected to resign after the makeup of the nation's new coalition government is decided Nov.3 Greek PM faces new call to resign   Greece: Greece's centre-right opposition has demanded George Papandreou resign, throwing into disarray plans for a unity government Calls for Greek leader to resign  Greece: PM George Papandreou is facing calls from senior members of his own party to resign, amid uncertainty about a eurozone bailout deal

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Dec.15 Kosovo PM named in organ theft report
  The Kosovo authorities may have stolen organs from prisoners of war and political rivals when the Kosovo Liberation Army was fighting Serbian forces May.17 Minister loses job over unpaid taxes. Greece

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Jul.21 Mayor's Nazi uniform provokes outrage
. Romania Feb.23 3 quit in wake of helicopter prison break   Greece: The director of a maximum-security prison and two of his colleagues resigned after two inmates escaped by helicopter

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Mar.17   Tribunal: Milosevic not poisoned  UN Tribunal: An interim toxicological examination of the body indicates the former Yugoslav leader was not poisoned Mar.13   Milosevic 'took the wrong drugs'  UN Tribunal: An expert who found traces of drugs in blood says they may have neutralised treatment for his heart conditions   Lawyer: Milosevic did not alter medication  UN Tribunal: A lawyer has denied reports that the ex-eader of Yugoslavia altered his medication to discredit medical care Mar.12   Milosevic autopsy points to heart attack
  UN Tribunal: Preliminary autopsy results indicate that Milosevic died of a heart attack. 2 pathologists from Belgrade attended Milosevic feared poisoning - aide  UN Tribunal: Slobodan Milosevic feared he was being poisoned just a day before he died in his cell in The Hague

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Mar.8 Premier indicted, resigns
. Kosovo

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Mar.16 Zivkovic nominated as Serb PM
. Serbia

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Jul.5 PM quits in tactical move
. Croatia

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Jan.14 Kostunica meets Milosevic
. Serbia

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Oct.7 Kostunica sworn in as president
  Serbia: Coalition of 18 opposition parties and groups calling itself the DOS, rallied around a constitutional scholar Oct.5 Nationwide uprising overthrows Milosevic
  Serbia: Socialist Party, with its monopoly on political clout, agreed to share power with the two opposition parties
Mar. 12, 1880 Kemal Ataturk born Map of Thessaloniki Greece
  Greece: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, an army officer, revolutionary, and the first President of Turkey. He is credited with being the founder of the Republic of Turkey

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B. 2017-06-15 Serbia to have first gay prime minister Serbia
C. 2015-11-04 Romania: Protests despite Victor Ponta's resignation University Square, Bucharest, Romania
D. 2015-08-20 PM Alexis Tsipras quits and calls early polls Athens
2015-07-11 Srebrenica anniversary: Crowds chase Serb PM away Srebrenica, Bosnia
5. 2015-07-06 PM Tsipras to present new plan at eurozone summit Athens
6. 2015-07-06 Greece finance minister quits Athens
7. 2015-02-08 Greek PM defiant over economic plans Athens
I. 2015-01-31 Greek PM offers olive branch on debt Athens
J. 2015-01-26 Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as new prime minister Athens

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