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Eurozone releases more Greece aid  European Union: Eurozone finance ministers have approved the latest tranche of emergency help for the Greek economy EU leaders pledge to help Greece  European Union: European Union leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to help Greece out of its current debt woes and maintain EU financial stability European ministers: Greece to get loans
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B. 2015-03-20 EU pledges Greek humanitarian funds Greece
2. 2011-09-27 Greece calls for German debt help Greece
2011-07-21 Eurozone agrees new Greek bailout European Union
E. 2011-07-02 Eurozone releases more Greece aid European Union
F. 2011-06-23 EU leaders pledge to help Greece European Union
6. 2011-06-19 European ministers: Greece to get loans European Union
7. 2011-06-19 Eurozone 'to approve' Greece loan Luxembourg
I. 2011-06-17 Merkel and Sarkozy urge Greek aid Berlin

  Greek minister: 'Whatever it takes'  Washington: Speaking at an international banking conference, Greek finance minister said that his country will do 'whatever it takes' to meet its obliga...   Eurozone agrees new Greek bailout
  EU pledges Greek humanitarian funds  Greece: The EU has pledged €2bn to ease what it calls Greece's 'humanitarian crisis' - echoing a term used by Greece to describe the results of its crisis   Greece calls for German debt help

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  Prime Minister Papandreou has delivered an impassioned plea to German business leaders to help his country out of its current debt crisis
  European Union: Leaders of the Eurozone countries have agreed a new bailout package for Greece worth 109bn euros ($155bn)

  European Union: Applauding budget-cutting measures by Greece, the finance ministers announced that Athens is on track to receive fresh loans in mid-July
Eurozone 'to approve' Greece loan
   Luxembourg: Eurozone finance ministers are meeting in Luxembourg, where they are expected to approve a 12bn-euro loan to debt-stricken Greece
Jun.17 Merkel and Sarkozy urge Greek aid  Berlin: The leaders of Germany and France want a new rescue package for debt-laden Greece to be agreed as soon as possible

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May.17 EU to give Greece first tranche of loan
  Greece is due to receive the first tranche of a 110bn-euro loan to help it overcome its debt crisis May.2 Bailout worth $146 billion
  Greece: Greece has accepted an international aid package worth 110 billion euros over 3 years. The deal includes a budget deficit cut its to 3% of GDP
May.1 Greek leaders meet to discuss bail-out  Greece: The government is due to meet shortly to discuss the terms of a deal with the European Union and IMF to rescue the nation's embattled economy Apr.29 Greece seeking aid package worth $160B  The International Monetary Fund and European Union are demanding further austerity measures as a price for the bailout, Apr.26   Merkel offers Greece support   Germany: German Chancellor has pledged German support to a European financial aid package for Greece, provided 'certain conditions' are met Apr.25   IMF debt talks are 'going well'  Greece: Finance minister George Papaconstantinou: Greece's talks with the IMF on emergency loans to finance its debt are going well Apr.24   US urges quick action on Greece at IMF  Washington: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has called on the IMF, the EU and the Greek government to act quickly to tackle Greece's debt crisis Apr.23   Greece seeks aid from EU, IMF  Greek bonds backed off their record-high yields after the prime minister formally requested about $53 billion in financial aid

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Jul.23 EU suspends funding for Bulgaria  European Union: The European Commission has suspended hundreds of millions of euros because of concerns about corruption and organised crime

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Mar.31   Yugoslavia faces aid freeze  Serbia: $120m in aid is suspended after deadline for handing over war crimes suspects expires without any decisive action

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Jun.29 $1 Billion aid agreed  Serbia: Donors conference has pledged $1.28 billion in aid to Yugoslavia Apr.2   U.S. approves aid to Yugoslavia  Washington: C. Powell has decided that Yugoslavia qualifies for $50 million aid, following Milosevic arrest

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