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Rallies divide Buenos Aires before tax vote   Tens of thousands of farmers and government supporters are staging dueling protests ahead of a Senate vote on controversial farm taxes Farmers renew protests  Thousands of farmers protesting grain export tax increases returned to road blockades nationwide, angry over a police crackdown Farmers say no to tax changes  Farmers moved quickly to reject President de Kirchner's tax concessions made a day earlier Argentina braced for torch relay  The Olympic torch has been hidden in a secret location ahead, as authorities hope protests will not mar the parade Striking farmers resume blockades  Farmers seething at export taxes on their crops resumed blockades of rural highways after talks failed to end a 19-day-old strike Argentines in pulp mill protest  Tens of thousands have marched to the Uruguayan border in one of the biggest protests so far against a controversial mill Violence mars reburial of Peron   A ceremony to mark the reburial of former President has been marred by violence near Buenos Aires Mass rally for 'dirty war' witness  Thousands of people led by human rights activists are appealing for the return of a witness missing for a week Summit protest turns violent
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Argentina protests UK war games   The Argentine government continued to sound the alarm Monday about British plans to conduct military exercises on the Falkland Islands Thousands protest crime Map of Buenos Aires Argentina
Argentina march condemns 'femicide' Map of Buenos Aires Argentina  Thousands of people are taking part in a march in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires condemning violence against women   Argentines rally over Nisman death Map of Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires Argentina  Hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in a march in the capital,to mark one month since the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman Argentines rally against government   Tens of thousands of people in Argentina are taking part in protests against the government of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner   Thousands join Argentina protest Map of Buenos Aires Argentina

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  Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, in protest at the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

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  An estimated 10,000 Argentines marched on the historic Plaza de Mayo to demand more anti-crime measures

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  Protesters set one building on fire as the leaders of 34 nations began the fourth Summit of the Americas
  Protesters mass to confront Bush  Thousands of protesters have thronged the streets of Mar del Plata, a beach town hosting the Summt of the Americas

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Apr.1   100,000 Argentines protest rising crime  More than 100,000 people marched through the capital, shouting 'Justice! Justice!'

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Aug.6 Protesters burn O'Neill photos  Demonstrators burned a photo of U.S. Treasury Secretary after his arrival Jul.9 Protest in 'day of rage'  Tens of thousands demonstrate against the government's handling of the country's economic crisis May.29 Day of protests May.20 Protesters demanding food, jobs Feb.1 Protesters have taken to streets
  President criticised the Supreme Court over a ruling that said limits on cash withdrawals were unconstitutional
Jan.25 March against bank curbs  Police have fired teargas and rubber bullets. Banking restrictions imposed to try and salvage the economy Jan.10 Protests before peso's devaluation

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Dec.28 Violence returns
Dec.19 Argentina plunges into turmoil
  Economy Minister, Domingo Cavallo, has resigned. Police fired tear gas to disperse tens of thousands of angry protesters
State of siege declared  Violence erupted over the worsening economic crisis. Police clashed with rioters

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1. 2015-06-03 Argentina march condemns 'femicide' Buenos Aires, Argentina
C. 2015-02-18 Argentines rally over Nisman death Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
D. 2013-04-18 Argentines rally against government Buenos Aires, Argentina
2012-11-08 Thousands join Argentina protest Buenos Aires, Argentina
F. 2010-10-11 Argentina protests UK war games Argentina
6. 2009-03-19 Thousands protest crime Buenos Aires, Argentina
H. 2008-07-15 Rallies divide Buenos Aires before tax vote Buenos Aires, Argentina
I. 2008-06-15 Farmers renew protests Argentina
J. 2008-05-31 Farmers say no to tax changes Argentina

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