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  Russia marks Kursk five years on
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  Crews try to rescue fishing boat stuck in Antarctic ice  Crews from the U.S. and New Zealand are trying to rescue a damaged Antarctic Chieftain with 27 people aboard that is stuck in ice near Antarctica Russia nuclear sub fire extinguished Map of Murmansk Russia  A fire on a docked Russian nuclear submarine has been fully put out, Russia's Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu said Nuclear submarine in dock fire Map of Murmansk Russia
Russian nuclear submarine fire 'put out' in Arctic dock Map of Severodvinsk Russia

year 2015 Top ^

  A fire that broke out on a Russian nuclear submarine Orel at an Arctic naval shipyard has been put out, Russian media report

year 2011 Top ^

   Russia: A fire has broken out during repairs to a Russian nuclear submarine at a dock near the northern port of Murmansk

year 2005 Top ^

  Remembrance services are being held to mark 5 years since the loss of the submarine

year 2003 Top ^

Aug.29   Nuclear submarine sinks Map of Barents Sea Arctic
  A subtopics/russia-d-n.html" title="Russia timeline">Russian sub K-159 with at least 10 crew on board has sunk in the Barents Sea. One of the crew had been rescued

year 2002 Top ^

Jul.26   Torpedo fuel to blame for Kursk loss
   Russia: Leaky torpedo fuel caused the explosions. The exploding blank torpedo caused the other blasts

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.16   Kursk remains to be scrapped
   Russia: Submarine's reactor to be cut out and the hulk will be scrapped Nov.5   Explosives halt Kursk lifting   Russia: Investigators saw undetonated explosives around submarine forward section Oct.25 Kursk gives up its dead   Russia: Investigators have recovered 3 bodies after entering the nuclear submarine for the first time Oct.7   Raising of the Kursk begins
   Russia: Dutch salvage company Mammoet started the operation to raise the wreck of the sunken subtopics/russia-d-n.html" title="Russia timeline">Russian sub Sep.13 Kursk bow sawn off   Russia: Attempt to lift Russian nuclear submarine to be scheduled for 25 September Aug.25 Race against time to raise Kursk   Russia: Unusual stormy weather is causing delays Jul.22 Holes cut in to Kursk hull   Russia: Diving teams had been working on the wreck in 6-hour shifts around-the-clock Jul.21 Divers begin Kursk recovery   Russia: The first group of divers has descended to the bottom of the Barents Sea in a diving bell Jul.18 First stage Kursk salvage complete   Russia: Debris has been cleared from sub by using an unmanned remote-controlled vessel Jul.17 Kursk site tested   Russia: Engineers are using a remote-control, deep-sea vessel. 25 deep-sea divers arrived in the Barents Sea Jul.15   Divers prepare for Kursk mission   Russia: Norwegian ship with deep-sea divers have arrived in the Barents Sea to prepare for lifting the sunken sub Jul.4 Kursk salvage operation gears up   Russia: Commander Kuroyedov will oversee preparations for lifting the submarine by Dutch transport company Mammoet May.18 Russia agrees deal to raise Kursk  Moscow: The vessel is scheduled to be lifted in a $70 million operation by a Dutch salvage company

year 2000 Top ^

Aug.12 Kursk submarine went down
Map of Barents Sea Arctic
  All 118 crew members on board the nuclear submarine perished when the Kursk exploded and sank

Fire Main Event: Nuclear submarine in dock f...
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1. 2015-04-07 Russian nuclear submarine fire 'put out' in Arctic dock Severodvinsk, Russia
C. 2015-02-11 Crews try to rescue fishing boat stuck in Antarctic ice Arctic
3. 2011-12-30 Russia nuclear sub fire extinguished Murmansk, Russia
2011-12-29 Nuclear submarine in dock fire Murmansk, Russia
F. 2005-08-12 Russia marks Kursk five years on Russia
G. 2003-08-29 Nuclear submarine sinks Barents Sea, Arctic
H. 2002-07-26 Torpedo fuel to blame for Kursk loss Russia
I. 2001-11-16 Kursk remains to be scrapped Russia
J. 2001-11-05 Explosives halt Kursk lifting Russia

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