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  US defence chief in Afghan visit  Kabul: US Defence Secretary Robert Gates is in the Afghan capital to discuss the future of US involvement there   Petraeus: Quran-burning harms troops  The U.S. commander in Afghanistan criticized a Florida church's plan to burn copies of the Quran on September 11 General warns on Afghan deadline  Washington: James Conway, a senior US general has warned Obama's deadline to begin pulling troops out of Afghanistan is encouraging the Taliban Gates says Afghan exit on course. Washington   Petraeus takes over Afghan campaign
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B. 2015-07-31 Afghan militant leader Jalaluddin Haqqani 'has died' Afghanistan
2. 2015-02-20 Ash Carter makes first visit Afghanistan
2014-08-05 US general Harold Greene killed by Afghan soldier Camp Qargha, Kabul
4. 2013-12-24 NATO commander spends Christmas Eve visiting, thanking US troops JALALABAD, Afghanistan
F. 2013-06-28 West should have talked to Taliban - British general Afghanistan
G. 2012-12-23 Military: Top SEAL's death likely suicide Afghanistan
7. 2012-06-07 Panetta in Afghanistan Kabul
I. 2012-02-04 U.S. brigadier general dies in Afghanistan Kabul

  NATO commander spends Christmas Eve visiting, thanking US troops   Maj. Gen. James C. McConville, the commander of NATO forces in eastern Afghanistan spent Christmas Eve visiting U.S. troops US generals retire over Taliban raid  Washington: The head of the Marine Corps has ordered 2 generals to retire because they failed to defend Camp Bastion in Afghanistan from a Taliban attac... West should have talked to Taliban - British general Military: Top SEAL's death likely suicide Panetta in Afghanistan. Kabul U.S. brigadier general dies in Afghanistan. Kabul Pentagon chief anger at 'urination' video   Washington: US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta says a video which appears to show US Marines urinating on the corpses of Afghans is 'utterly deplorable' US general in Afghanistan fired Petraeus hands on Afghan command   Suicide blast: 1 general killed, 1 injured Map of Taloqan Afghanistan
Afghan militant leader Jalaluddin Haqqani 'has died'  The Afghan founder of the militant Haqqani network, died at least a year ago after a long illness and was buried in Afghanistan Ash Carter makes first visit  New US Defence Secretary Ash Carter has arrived in Afghanistan days after taking up the post, saying he wants 'lasting success' for the coun... US general Harold Greene killed by Afghan soldier Map of Camp Qargha Afghanistan

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  Kabul: Maj Gen Harold Greene has been killed in an attack by an Afghan soldier at a British-run military academy near Kabul
 He is the highest ranking US military official to have been killed since US-led combat operations in Afghanistan began

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  Northern Afghanistan: Injured Maj. Gen. Markus Kneip is a German office and the regional head of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in 9 provinces
 Gen Mohammad Daud Daud, the police commander for northern Afghanistan, has been killed in the attack on Takhar province governor's office


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  Kabul: US Gen David Petraeus is formally taking command of the 130,000-strong Isaf international force battling insurgents
Petraeus calls for Afghan unity. Kabul Jun.29   Petraeus: Afghan fighting may worsen  U.S. Senate: The man chosen to take charge of the US military in Afghanistan has warned of an escalation of violence in the coming months Jun.26   Karzai backs choice of Petraeus  Kabul: Afghanistan's president has backed the selection of Gen. David Petraeus as the top NATO commander in Afghanistan Jun.23   Obama fires US Afghan commander
  Washington: Gen Stanley McChrystal, has been dismissed by President Obama after critical comments about senior US officials in a magazine.    He will be replaced by Gen David Petra...
Jun.22   Obama 'angry' over McChrystal claims
  Washington: US President was angered by a magazine profile in which the top military commander in Afghanistan criticised senior administration officials
Feb.14   McChrystal regrets Afghan deaths   Twelve Afghan civilians were killed when two rockets fired by coalition forces missed their intended target, as the Taliban showed stiff resistance

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Dec.8 McChrystal: Next 18 months 'critical'
  U.S. Senate: Top U.S. commander: Finding Osama bin Laden and rolling back Taliban are necessary steps toward winning the war in Afghanistan Dec.7   U.S. defense secretary arrives  Robert Gates arrived in Afghanistan, a week after President Obama announced he was sending 30,000 additional troops to the Asian nation Nov.26 Top soldier quits over Afghanistan raid  Berlin: Wolfgang Schneiderhan has resigned over allegations of a cover-up related to a deadly Nato air strike May.11 US sacks top Afghanistan general   Washington: The US defence secretary has asked Gen David McKiernan to step down, saying the battle against the Taleban needs 'new thinking'

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Oct.5 Afgh. General: Politics needed to end war  Kabul: Minister of defense Abdul Rahim Wardak: Political and economic solutions are needed alongside military might to help end the fighting in Afg...

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Aug.25 U.S. general backs probe of mass graves  Gen. Franks supports an investigation into allegations that Taliban prisoners suffocated and were dumped into mass graves

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Dec.24 Warlord Dostum is given top job  Kabul: New leader Karzai has appointed the northern warlord General Abdul Rashid Dostum as deputy defence minister

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