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Bernanke says Libor system flawed  The Libor system, which sets inter-bank lending rates, is 'structurally flawed', the chairman of the US central bank has said JP Morgan boss sorry for losses  U.S. Senate: JP Morgan Chase chairman and chief executive Jamie Dimon has apologised for the bank's $2bn losses on high-risk trades Surprise US World Bank candidate  President Obama has nominated Korean-born US academic Jim Yong Kim to be the next president of the World Bank US sanctions Iranian Central Bank Banks act amid new crisis warning US 'to sue banks over mortgages'  The US is planning to sue more than a dozen major banks for misrepresenting the quality of mortgages they sold during the housing bubble Goldman Sachs' under fire at hearing   U.S. Senate: Chief executive Lloyd Blankfein has denied his bank contributed to the US financial crisis by betting some of its own investment products would... Senate bars bank reform debate. U.S. Senate   Obama pushes new bank regulation
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US advises banks on 'cannabis cash'  The US government has offered guidance to banks that want to accept deposits from marijuana sellers, lowering their risk of prosecution US government sues Bank of America  The US government filed two lawsuits against Bank of America relating to fraud on $850m of mortgage-backed securities JP Morgan accused of hiding losses  U.S. Senate: US bank JPMorgan Chase has been accused of hiding its huge trading losses by a US Senate panel HSBC 'to pay $1.9bn' in US deal
  Trump nominates Jerome Powell as Fed chair

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  Trump has named a Republican and multi-millionaire, as his pick to lead the Federal Reserve

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  London: HSBC is to pay US authorities $1.9bn (1.2bn) in a settlement over money-laundering, say reports, the largest ever in such a case


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  US President has proposed significant new curbs on the activities of banks to try to prevent future financial crises, include limits to the size of banks
 Markets in the the US and Asia fall sharply after Barack Obama unveils plans

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Dec.14 Obama tells US banks to lend more  US President has told bankers to increase loans to small and medium-size businesses after a meeting with executives of some of top banks Sep.14   Obama issues warning to bankers
  US President has warned bankers against complacency, saying that some in the industry are ignoring the lessons of the financial crisis
Feb.10 US to unveil new bank bail-out Feb.2   Obama predicts more bank failures  US President has warned that more US banks are likely to fail, as the full extent of their losses in the economic crisis becomes clear

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Nov.23 Citigroup secures U.S. government lifeline
  The government outlined a massive rescue package that would inject another $20 billion into the banking giant, shares of which have plunged Oct.29   Treasury spends $125 billion on 9 banks
  The Treasury Department spends $125 billion of its $700 billion bailout fund on banks, some of whom had argued that they did not need the money Oct.14 Plans to buy stakes in major banks  Bush announces new measures to attack the current economic crisis including plans for the government to buy stakes in major banks Oct.8 World's central banks slash interest rates
  London: The leading economies, led by the U.S. and the UK, slashed interest rates to tackle the global financial crisis after days of stock market losses.    Six central banks cut interest ...
Oct.1 Senate backs new bail-out bill   U.S. Senate: The Senate, 74 to 25, has approved a new version of a $700bn rescue plan for the troubled US financial system Sep.28 US lawmakers publish rescue deal  U.S. Congress: The move, backed by both Republicans and Democratics, allows the Treasury to spend up to $700bn buying bad debts from ailing banks Sep.23 Congress cool after bail-out plea  U.S. Senate: Lawmakers have expressed strong scepticism about a bail-out of the banking system, following a 5-hour Senate hearing on the rescue plan

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Dec.12 Central banks act on credit fears
  The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and central banks from the UK, Canada and Switzerland are to jointly help banks Aug.10 Central banks pour money into system  London: The U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank pumped money into the banking system for a second day to ward off a global credit crisis

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1. 2017-11-02 Trump nominates Jerome Powell as Fed chair Washington
C. 2014-02-14 US advises banks on 'cannabis cash' Washington
3. 2013-08-06 US government sues Bank of America Washington
4. 2013-03-14 JP Morgan accused of hiding losses U.S. Senate
5. 2012-07-17 Bernanke says Libor system flawed Washington
6. 2012-06-13 JP Morgan boss sorry for losses U.S. Senate
2012-03-23 Surprise US World Bank candidate Washington
I. 2012-02-06 US sanctions Iranian Central Bank Washington

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