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Aleppo siege: Syria rebels lose 60% of territory   Close to two-thirds of rebel-held areas of east Aleppo have now fallen to the Syrian government after another district was seized Syria conflict: Aleppo defeat 'not the end for rebels' Army declares offensive in eastern Aleppo   The Syrian military has announced a new offensive in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, where a quarter of a million people are living under siege Syrian troops recapture parts of Aleppo Troops 'cross into IS-held Raqqa province'. Northern Syria   Assad hails Palmyra recapture from IS   Damascus: President Bashar al-Assad has hailed the recapture of Palmyra from so-called Islamic State (IS) as an 'important achievement' in the 'war on... Palmyra: Syria forces 'enter Islamic State-held city' Syria troops 'reach outskirts of IS-held Palmyra'   Syria conflict: Turkey shells Kurdish militia   Northern Syria: Turkey has shelled a Kurdish militia in northern Syria and demanded it retreat from territory it has seized, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu ... Aleppo offensive threatens peace talks   A Syrian government offensive on rebel-held areas around Aleppo is threatening to derail UN efforts to persuade the warring parties to start... Syrian Army 'breaks IS siege of Kuwairis airbase'. Aleppo Army launches new Aleppo offensive Syria conflict: Assad forces make 'significant gains'. Northern Syria IS 'withdraws' from ancient Palmyra   Islamic State 'driven out of Kobane' Map of Kobane Syria  Northern Syria: Kurdish forces have driven Islamic State (IS) militants from Kobane, officials say, ending a four-month battle for the northern Syrian town Western-backed Syrian rebels hemorrhaging on multiple fronts. Northern Syria At least 70 ISIS bodies dropped off at Syrian hospital. Northern Syria   ISIS pushed back with help of U.S. airstrikes in Kobani Map of Kobani Syria  Northern Syria: Kurdish fighters have pushed back ISIS militants in a number of locations as U.S. airstrikes on ISIS positions continue in and around the city   UN aims to stop jihadist recruits   UN Security Council: The UN Security Council has adopted a binding resolution compelling states to prevent their nationals joining jihadists in Iraq and Syria Blast kills leader of Ahrar al-Sham group. Northern Syria   California native fighting for ISIS killed in Syria Map of Aleppo Syria  Aleppo: Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, died in a battle between rival extremist groups in the suburbs of Aleppo, Syria's once-bustling commercial capital   Top Syrian rebel commander dies Map of Aleppo Syria  Northern Syria: A top Syrian rebel commander has died of wounds he sustained in an air strike on a rebel-held air base in Aleppo province on Thursday   Syrian army 'makes key Homs gains'   Syrian government forces have taken most of the Khalidiya neighbourhoo, one of the few remaining districts there under rebel control Syrian troops capture central villages Syrian regime captures crucial city of Qusayr Map of Qusayr Syria
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Aleppo battle: Rebels await evacuation, as fighting ends  Rebel fighters are preparing to leave eastern Aleppo under a deal that could end more than four years of fierce fighting in the Syrian city   Aleppo battle: Assad says victory in city would be 'huge step' Map of Aleppo Syria
  US-backed forces 'surround IS in Raqqa' Map of Raqqa Syria  Northern Syria: US-backed forces say they have fully encircled Islamic State fighters in the capital of the group's self-proclaimed caliphate Aleppo 'back under government control'

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  The Syrian army says it has retaken full control of Aleppo, following the evacuation of the last group of rebels
  Syrian President has said a victory for his army in Aleppo would be a 'huge step' towards ending the country's five-year civil war


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  Syrian government forces seized control Wednesday of the strategically important border city, which had been the site of nearly seven weeks of fighting.    State TV said a large number of rebels had died and many others had surre...
May.31 American woman among 3 Westerners killed in Syria May.25 Syrian town under heavy army shelling May.19   Syria army storms rebel-held town   Heavy fighting is reported in the besieged Syrian town of Qusair after state forces launched a major offensive to re-capture the rebel stron...

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Aug.9   Syria rebels lose key Aleppo area
Map of Aleppo Syria
  Syrian rebel commanders say they have lost control of the strategic Salah al-Din district in the northern city of Aleppo after a government offensive
Aug.8 Assad forces claim Aleppo advance Jul.28 Syrian forces hammer Aleppo
Map of Aleppo Syria
  The head of the opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) has called for foreign states to arm rebel fighters
 Tanks pounded the Syrian city of Aleppo on Saturday, a sign that a much-feared government offensive in the country's largest city has started
Syria forces launch Aleppo attack   Syrian forces have kept up a day-long ground and air attack against rebels in parts of the city. Rebels with FSA say they have repelled an army... Jul.26 Syrian troops 'amass near Aleppo' Jul.24 Syrian troops hit back in Aleppo   Pro-government forces have hit back after rebels seized parts of Syria's economic capital, Aleppo, and tried to move into its historic old c...

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Jun.13 Military in control of Jisr al-Shugur  The Syrian military is in complete control of Jisr al-Shugur after entering the northwestern city over the weekend Jun.10 Syrian army 'moves on Jisr al-Shughour'   The Syrian army has moved against the town where the government says 120 security personnel were killed earlier this week

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B. 2017-06-29 US-backed forces 'surround IS in Raqqa' Raqqa, Northern Syria
2016-12-22 Aleppo 'back under government control' Aleppo
D. 2016-12-13 Aleppo battle: Rebels await evacuation, as fighting ends Aleppo
E. 2016-12-07 Aleppo battle: Assad says victory in city would be 'huge step' Aleppo
F. 2016-12-03 Aleppo siege: Syria rebels lose 60% of territory
G. 2016-11-28 Syria conflict: Aleppo defeat 'not the end for rebels'
H. 2016-09-22 Army declares offensive in eastern Aleppo Aleppo
I. 2016-09-04 Syrian troops recapture parts of Aleppo
J. 2016-06-04 Troops 'cross into IS-held Raqqa province' Raqqa, Northern Syria

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