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Venezuela arrests 22 over drug haul Map of Caracas Venezuela
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2017-07-14 Colombia coca cultivation rises by 50% says UN Colombia
C. 2016-05-15 Colombia seizes record cocaine haul in Turbo Turbo, Colombia
3. 2013-09-27 Venezuela arrests 22 over drug haul Caracas, Venezuela
4. 2013-09-11 Woman arrested with 'cocaine bump' Bogota, Colombia
F. 2010-07-03 98-foot, ocean-going narco-sub seized Ecuador
G. 2009-03-20 Guerrillas held on U.S. drug charges Colombia
H. 2007-05-01 Colombia cuts drugs haul figure Colombia
I. 2006-04-11 Drugs seized on plane from Venezuela Mexico

Colombia seizes record cocaine haul in Turbo Map of Turbo Colombia
Colombia coca cultivation rises by 50% says UN

year 2017 Top ^

  The United Nations says there was a 50% increase last year in the area of land being used to cultivate coca leaf in Colombia

year 2016 Top ^

  Police in Colombia say they have seized their largest ever domestic haul of illegal drugs - nearly eight tonnes of cocaine

year 2013 Top ^

  The authorities have now arrested 22 people in connection to a massive cocaine haul found on an Air France flight from Caracas to Paris
Sep.11 Woman arrested with 'cocaine bump' Map of Bogota Colombia
  Colombia: A Canadian national has been arrested in Colombia after trying to board a flight to Toronto with a phony pregnant belly stuffed with cocaine

year 2010 Top ^

Jul.3 98-foot, ocean-going narco-sub seized
  Ecuador: A fully functional submarine built for the primary purpose of transporting massive amounts of cocaine has been seized by Ecuadorean authorities

year 2009 Top ^

Oct.20 Wheelchair user arrested for smuggling
Map of Madrid  Madrid: A 92-year-old woman from Uruguay with cocaine strapped to her body flew all the way from Brazil before police arrested her at Madrid's airport Mar.20 Guerrillas held on U.S. drug charges  Colombia: Two members of a guerrilla group have been arrested on federal charges and charged with conspiring to import 5 kilograms of cocaine into the U.S.

year 2007 Top ^

May.1 Colombia cuts drugs haul figure
  The authorities have revised the total of drugs seized in a haul from around 25 tons of cocaine to just over 13 tons

year 2006 Top ^

Apr.11 Drugs seized on plane from Venezuela
  Mexico: Mexican soldiers seized 5.5 tons of cocaine from a commercial plane at the airport of Caudal de Carmen

year 2005 Top ^

Dec.19 Morales vows to kill anti-coca programs
  Bolivia: The leftist who claimed victory in presidential race repeated his promise to end a U.S.-backed program May.13 $300m drugs haul  Colombia: The authorities have seized cocaine in what they say is the single largest drugs haul ever

year 2004 Top ^

Apr.16 Cocaine found on U.S.-bound Navy ship
  Colombia: A stash of cocaine and heroin was found aboard the main training ship shortly before it was to sail for the United States

year 2002 Top ^

Sep.13 Massive drug seizure  Colombia: A naval patrol vessel bristling with marines have seized 4 tonnes of cocaine worth $120m on the Pacific coast

year 2001 Top ^

Nov.7 Drug ring broken up  Colombia: Secret police said it broke up a cocaine- and weapons-smuggling ring linked to right paramilitaries Jul.27 Smugglers caught burying cocaine   Australia: 2 U.S. citizens and 3 Colombians planned to off-load the cocaine on a remote beach Jul.24 UN wants audit of cocaine spraying  Colombia: Crop spraying program is under attack for hurting poor peasants. There were 402,000 acres of coca

year 2000 Top ^

Nov.23 Cop killed, coca fields reduced  Bolivia: Patrol was on its way to root out coca plants

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