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  Bonus row opens up G20 divisions  Deepening divisions are appearing among international finance ministers, about how to curb excessive bank bonuses   Banks face huge losses from $50B 'scam'
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Banking giant pays $340M to settle laundering charges  Standard Chartered, a British banking giant, has paid $340 million to settle allegations it was involved in money laundering for Iranian cli... HSBC to axe 30,000 global jobs  Banking giant has said it will cut another 25,000 jobs by 2013 and exit operations in 20 countries as it looks to save billions of dollars Osborne urges EU change banking system  George Osborne, Britain's chancellor, urged Europe to 'put its own house in order', calling on eurozone countries to decisively underpin the...   G20 pledges tougher bank action
HSBC shares down as full year profit falls 62%  The $7.1bn (5.7bn) pre-tax profit is 62% lower than the $18.9bn reported a year earlier. HSBC attributed the fall to a string of one-off charges HSBC 'helped clients dodge tax'  Britain's biggest bank helped wealthy clients cheat the UK out of millions of pounds in tax, the BBC has learned JP Morgan pays $920m to regulators   Manhattan: US bank JP Morgan Chase has agreed to pay four regulators $920m relating to a $6.2bn loss incurred as a result of the 'London Whale' trades HSBC 'to pay $1.9bn' in US deal

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  HSBC is to pay US authorities $1.9bn (1.2bn) in a settlement over money-laundering, say reports, the largest ever in such a case

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  Finance ministers from the most powerful economies have agreed a series of measures to try to regulate the global banking system
 The meeting did not agree on specific limits on the amounts individual bankers get paid


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  Some of the biggest names in global finance have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in a 'pyramid scheme' by Bernard Madoff
Nov.6 UK interest rates slashed to 3%  The Bank of England has made a shock 1.5% point cut in UK interest rates to the lowest level since 1955 Oct.8 World's central banks slash interest rates
  The leading economies, led by the U.S. and the UK, slashed interest rates to tackle the global financial crisis after days of stock market losses.    Six central banks cut interest ...
Apr.20 Bank of England to detail 50bn plan  The bank is to announce details later of a plan to help prevent the credit crisis causing more damage to the UK banking system and economy Apr.18 Bank 50bn mortgage rescue plan  The Bank of England will next week unveil a plan to swap government bonds for British banks' mortgages

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Dec.12 UK welcomes world cash injection
  Prime Minister Brown has welcomed a joint plan by the US Federal Reserve and other central banks to help ease strains in financial markets Nov.20 Bank data of 25 millions missing  Tax and customs service lost banking and personal data when 2 computer disks disappeared in an internal mail service Sep.20 Bank chief defends role in crisis   Bank of England governor has defended his handling of the Northern Rock crisis in a crucial appearance in front of a panel of MPs Aug.10 Central banks pour money into system
  The U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank pumped money into the banking system for a second day to ward off a global credit crisis

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1. 2017-02-20 HSBC shares down as full year profit falls 62% London
2. 2015-02-08 HSBC 'helped clients dodge tax' London
2012-12-10 HSBC 'to pay $1.9bn' in US deal London
E. 2012-08-15 Banking giant pays $340M to settle laundering charges London
5. 2011-08-01 HSBC to axe 30,000 global jobs London
G. 2011-01-06 Osborne urges EU change banking system London
H. 2009-09-05 G20 pledges tougher bank action London
I. 2009-09-04 Bonus row opens up G20 divisions London

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