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  Liberation of Mosul Begins
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  Mosul battle: Iraqi special forces 'break front line'
  Iraq begins battle to free western Mosul from IS

February 2017 ... more > Top ^
Feb. 18
  Iraqi government forces have launched an offensive to liberate the western part of the city of Mosul from so-called Islamic State

year 2016 Top ^

  Iraqi forces fighting so-called Islamic State (IS) in Mosul have broken through the front line without suffering any losses, a spokesman says

  The Iraqi government launches an offensive strategy to take back the city, which is the last major city in Iraq that is under the Islamic State
Jun.17 IS conflict: Iraqi forces 'retake most' of Falluja. Sunni Triangle May.30 Iraq troops in 'final assault' on Islamic State in Falluja. Sunni Triangle May.28 Islamic State: Iraqi army makes gains in Falluja offensive. Sunni Triangle

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.28   Iraq declares Ramadi liberated from ISIS
Map of Ramadi Iraq
  Western Iraq: The Iraqi city of Ramadi has been 'liberated' from so-called Islamic State, the Iraqi military has declared. There are still pockets of resistance in the city
Dec.27 Iraq forces in 'full control' of central Ramadi   Western Iraq: Iraqi officials say they believe the army is now in 'full control' of central Ramadi, where Islamic State has been resisting an army offensi... Iraqi forces 'retake Islamic State Ramadi stronghold'   Western Iraq: Iraqi forces have retaken a former government compound from where Islamic State (IS) group militants have been resisting an army offensive Jun.7 Iraqi troops reportedly advance against ISIS in refinery town. Northern Iraq Apr.4 Tikrit: looting and lawlessness follow recapture Mar.31 Iraqi forces take large parts of Tikrit from ISIS Mar.12 Iraqi forces 'push into Tikrit' Mar.11 Iraqi forces take military hospital from ISIS in Tikrit offensive Mar.6 Iraqi army drives IS from key town Map of al-Baghdadi Iraq  Western Iraq: Iraqi forces have pushed Islamic State (IS) fighters out of the western town of al-Baghdadi, the US military says Mar.2 Iraq 'seizes districts from IS' in Tikrit advance   Iraqi government forces say they have retaken some districts around Tikrit in their fight to recapture the city from Islamic State

year 2014 Top ^

Nov.9 Iraqis advance in oil refinery town
. Northern Iraq Oct.25  IS forces 'pushed back' in Iraq Sep.24 UN aims to stop jihadist recruits. UN Security Council Sep.7 Iraq secures area around key dam after US strikes Map of Haditha dam Iraq  Western Iraq: Iraqi government forces say they have cleared ISIS militants from a wide area around the strategic Haditha dam, helped by US air strikes Sep.1 Shia and Kurdish forces move against IS. Northern Iraq Aug.31  Iraqi forces 'reach besieged Amerli' Aug.18 Iraq crisis: Mosul dam recaptured from militants Map of Mosul dam Iraq  Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi troops have retaken Mosul dam from Islamic State (IS) militants, US President Barack Obama has said Aug.17 Kurds 'break IS hold on Mosul dam'   Kurdish forces in northern Iraq are in near complete control of Iraq's largest dam after ousting Islamic State (IS) militants, Kurdish officials... Kurd forces 'take part of Mosul dam' Jun.28 Iraq army 'routs Isis rebels' in offensive on Tikrit Map of Tikrit Iraq  Sunni Triangle: Iraq's army has routed Sunni militants in a major offensive on the northern city of Tikrit, state media say Iraq army launches offensive to retake Tikrit from Isis   Sunni Triangle: Iraq's military says it has launched a major offensive to retake the northern city of Tikrit from Sunni militants Jun.24 Iraq government claims gains in anti-militant fight. Baghdad Jun.18 Militants driven back from nation's main oil refinery   Northern Iraq: Iraq's military claimed Wednesday to have driven back militants who stormed the country's main oil refinery in the town of Baiji

year 2008 Top ^

Mar.30 Moqtada Sadr calls off militias
. Basra Feb.25   Turks claim 41 rebels killed  Northern Iraq: 2 military personnel died in a further day of fighting. The White House is in 'constant dialogue' with Iraq and Turkey about the operation

year 2007 Top ^

Dec.1   Turkey attacks Kurd rebels in Iraq
  Northern Iraq: The Turkish military said it attacked 50 to 60 Kurdish rebels inside Iraqi territory, inflicting 'significant losses'.    A spokesman for the local Iraqi Kurdistan government denied there had been an attack. The Turk...
Oct.10 Turkey hits rebels in Iraq
. Northern Iraq Jan.28 US, Iraqi troops have killed 250 militants   Southern Iraq: The battle raged all day as army units fought the unidentified group in orchards on the outskirts of Najaf

year 2006 Top ^

Dec.8 Coalition: crackdown kills 20 insurgents
Oct.25 Iraq, U.S. forces take on militia. Baghdad Oct.8 30 rebels killed in mostly Shiite city

year 2005 Top ^

Sep.26   Al Qaeda's No. 2 in Iraq killed
  Abu Azzam was a 'significant' figure in the network in Iraq Jun.26 4 Mosul suicide attacks kill 33
Apr.21   6 Americans among 11 dead in copter crash
  The Russian-made MI-8 carried a crew of 3 Bulgarians and 6 Blackwater Security employees Mar.23 Iraqi, U.S. overrun rebel base, kill 85  After a 2-hour firefight, Iraqi forces and U.S. helicopters captured an insurgent base north of Baghdad

year 2004 Top ^

Nov.14 U.S.: 'Enemy is broken' in Falluja  Sunni Triangle: Marines spread through the deserted streets, kicking in doors during a dangerous house-to-house search Oct.22   Falluja raid 'nets Zarqawi aide'  Sunni Triangle: US forces in Iraq have seized a 'senior leader' in the militant group along with five others in a pre-dawn raid Oct.1 109 insurgents killed in Samarra   Sunni Triangle: 3,000 U.S. troops moved into Samarra. One American soldier was killed Aug.28 Rebels Leave Najaf Shrine
Aug.20 Rebels 'leave Najaf shrine' Aug.12 Radical cleric wounded in Najaf Aug.6 Marines: 300 insurgents killed in Najaf Apr.27 U.S. forces kill 64 insurgents near Najaf

year 2003 Top ^

Dec.2 US raid 'targets Saddam deputy'
. Northern Iraq Nov.30 46 ambushers killed by U.S. forces. Northern Iraq Apr.8 U.S. says Baghdad resistance crumbling

Main Event: Liberation of Mosul Begins
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B. 2017-02-18 Iraq begins battle to free western Mosul from IS Mosul
C. 2016-11-01 Mosul battle: Iraqi special forces 'break front line' Mosul
2016-10-17 Liberation of Mosul Begins Mosul
E. 2016-06-17 IS conflict: Iraqi forces 'retake most' of Falluja Falluja, Sunni Triangle
F. 2016-05-30 Iraq troops in 'final assault' on Islamic State in Falluja Falluja, Sunni Triangle
G. 2016-05-28 Islamic State: Iraqi army makes gains in Falluja offensive Falluja, Sunni Triangle
H. 2015-12-28 Iraq declares Ramadi liberated from ISIS Ramadi, Western Iraq
I. 2015-12-27 Iraq forces in 'full control' of central Ramadi Ramadi, Western Iraq
J. 2015-12-27 Iraqi forces 'retake Islamic State Ramadi stronghold' Western Iraq

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