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Australian bush fires set to worsen. Sydney Australia wildfires raze homes Map of Winmalee Australia
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Main Event: Christmas blaze guts Australia ...
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B. 2017-02-12 Homes destroyed in fierce Australian wildfires Dunedoo, New South Wales, Australia
C. 2016-01-09 Australia bushfire: Two killed as blaze rages unabated Yarloop, Western Australia
D. 2016-01-07 Waroona fire threatens more towns after devastating Yarloop Yarloop, Western Australia
2015-12-25 Christmas blaze guts Australia homes Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
F. 2015-12-20 Homes destroyed in Australia bushfires Scotsburn, Melbourne
G. 2015-11-25 Australian wildfire kills at least 2 and injures 13 others Adelaide, Australia
H. 2015-11-17 4 killed in wildfires raging across Australia's southwest Esperance, Western Australia
I. 2015-01-06 Hopes rise of halting Adelaide fire Adelaide Hills, Australia
J. 2015-01-04 Australia bushfire weather fears Adelaide, Australia

Homes destroyed in Australia bushfires. Melbourne Australian wildfire kills at least 2 and injures 13 others 4 killed in wildfires raging across Australia's southwest. Western Australia Hopes rise of halting Adelaide fire Australia bushfire weather fears Wildfires destroy 6 homes in Australia Record payout over Australia Black Saturday fires. Melbourne Bushfires sweep south-east Australia. Melbourne Pilot dies battling Australia fires   Sydney: A plane fighting bushfires in the state of New South Wales has crashed, killing its pilot, as the military faced criticism for starting one of... Australia bush fires: Worst may be over Map of Blue Mountains Australia  Sydney: Firefighters battling blazes that menaced the western suburbs of Sydney, are concerned about Thursday's weather conditions Weather fear as Australia fires burn Map of Blue Mountains New South Wales Australia  Sydney: More than 3,000 firefighters in Australia are battling devastating bushfires raging across New South Wales as weather conditions worsen   Australia firefighters back-burn to merge NSW fires Map of Blue Mountains New South Wales Australia  Fire fighters in Australia deliberately joined two large fires near the Blue Mountains as part of efforts to control bushfires across New South Wales   Fears Australia blazes could merge Map of Lithgow New South Wales Australia
  Homes destroyed in fierce Australian wildfires   Officials say several homes have been destroyed by huge wildfires that tore across Australia's most populous state over the weekend Australia bushfire: Two killed as blaze rages unabated. Western Australia Waroona fire threatens more towns after devastating Yarloop. Western Australia Christmas blaze guts Australia homes Map of Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia

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  A Christmas Day bushfire in Australia has destroyed at least 53 homes in Victoria state, officials say

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  Bushfires in New South Wales could merge to form a massive blaze, the fire commissioner has said as teams battle fires across the state

  Sydney: Australian fire fighters are battling a series of major wildfires in New South Wales, with fears that hundreds of homes have been destroyed
Australia bush fires menace New South Wales homes. Sydney Jan.13 Bushfire damages NSW observatory Jan.12 Bushfires rage on in Australia Jan.9   Australia races to control fires Map of New South Wales Australia  Fire crews in south-east Australia are racing to bring hundreds of bushfires under control before temperatures rise and winds pick up again Jan.8 Cool relief for blazing Australia   Cooler weather has brought some relief to south-east Australia as fire crews continue to battle bushfires across several states Jan.7 Heat and wind fan Australia fires Map of New South Wales Australia
  High winds and record temperatures have fanned fires in south-east Australia, as the prime minister warned of a 'very dangerous day'

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Jul.30   Change call after Australia fires  A report into Australia's worst bushfires has called for sweeping changes to the way the authorities respond to natural disasters

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Dec.29 Homes burn in West Australia fires
Map of Perth Australia  Western Australia: Firefighters are tackling bush fires in the far west of the country as strong winds and high temperatures sweep across the area Feb.21   Australia mourns bushfire victims
Map of Victoria Australia  Melbourne: Australia is observing a day of mourning for the victims of fires which swept across the state of Victoria, claiming more than 200 lives Feb.10   Winds continue to spread wildfires  Melbourne: Winds whipping across southeastern Australia's countryside continued to fan deadly brushfires, spreading flames through rural towns Feb.9   Toll from bush fires claimed 181 Map of Victoria Australia
  Melbourne: Some people died in their cars trying to escape the fires. Some of the fires in the state of Victoria were started deliberately
 The Victorian bushfires are a series of bushfires that were ignited on 7 February 2009, resulting in Australia's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire. Over 500 people injuried. The fires have destroyed at least 1,834 homes in towns north-east of Melbourn. The fires have left an estimated 7,500 people homeless
Feb.8 Raging wildfires killed at least 130 people  Melbourne: The wildfires have killed at least 130 people, decimating massive spans of land and leaving thousands homeless Bush fires kill at least 93 people   Thousands of firefighters and the army, are battling several major fires, and the number of dead is expected to rise as fires are put out Feb.7 Raging bushfires kill at least 65  About 30,000 firefighters continued to battle the flames. Prime Minister Rudd announced the creation of an $10 million relief fund Raging wildfires kill at least 25  Melbourne: The wildfires fueled by strong winds and scorching temperatures in southeastern Australia

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Jan.19 Canberra sifts through rubble
Canberra fights its worst bushfires Jan.18 3 die in brush fires State of emergency in capital   The ferocious bushfires have killed one person, burned dozens of homes and forced thousands of evacuations

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Dec.4 Wildfires ravage Sydney  Dry and windy conditions fan more than 60 blazes

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Dec.25 Struggle with inferno
. Sydney Dec.24 Bush fires wreck holiday havoc  Fires are fanned by high winds and scorching temperatures

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