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Antares rocket explosion cause sought in US   The builders of an unmanned rocket which exploded on the way to the International Space Station have vowed to find the cause of the failure Unmanned NASA-contracted rocket explodes Map of Wallops Flight Facility Virginia
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Main Event: SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape ...
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2016-09-01 SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral ahead of launch Cape Canaveral, Florida
C. 2015-11-07 'Mysterious light in sky' spooks California Orange County, Southern California
D. 2015-07-28 Virgin Galactic spacecraft crash 'due to braking error' Mojave Desert, Southern California
E. 2015-06-28 Unmanned SpaceX rocket explodes after launch Cape Canaveral, Florida
F. 2015-04-14 SpaceX fails in third try to retrieve rocket after launch USA
G. 2015-01-10 SpaceX rocket test ends in crash Cape Canaveral, Florida
H. 2014-11-12 Virgin Galactic pilot 'thrown free' from spacecraft Mojave desert, Southern California
I. 2014-11-03 Descent tool probed in Virgin crash Southern California
J. 2014-11-02 Virgin Galactic defends safety record USA

'Mysterious light in sky' spooks California   A mysterious bright light in the sky has sent Californians into panic - only for it to be explained soon afterwards Virgin Galactic spacecraft crash 'due to braking error'   Investigators say a Virgin Galactic spaceship crash was caused by structural failure after the co-pilot unlocked a braking system early Unmanned SpaceX rocket explodes after launch   An unmanned SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket has exploded over the Atlantic minutes after lift-off from Cape Canaveral in Florida SpaceX fails in third try to retrieve rocket after launch  US firm SpaceX has failed in its third attempt to retrieve a booster rocket intact, after a successful launch SpaceX rocket test ends in crash   The American SpaceX firm says its experiment to bring part of its Falcon rocket down to a soft landing on a floating sea platform did not wo... Virgin Galactic pilot 'thrown free' from spacecraft   The pilot who survived the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo accident was thrown clear as the craft broke up around him, investigators say Descent tool probed in Virgin crash  A safety device on the Virgin Galactic spacecraft that crashed on Friday killing a test pilot had been deployed early, US investigators say Virgin Galactic defends safety record  Virgin Galactic insists safety has always been central to its operations, following the crash of its experimental spacecraft in the US on Friday Virgin Galactic crash: SpaceShipTwo probe 'may take year'   The investigation into the Virgin Galactic spacecraft crash in Mojave Desert could take about a year, the head of the transport safety agency... Virgin crash investigation begins Map of Mojave desert USA  US officials are starting to investigate why a Virgin Galactic space rocket crashed over California's Mojave desert on a test flight Virgin spacecraft crash kills pilot Map of Mojave Desert USA
SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral ahead of launch Map of Cape Canaveral Florida

year 2016 Top ^

Sep.1   Florida
  A rocket operated by the aerospace company has exploded on the launch pad where it was being test-fired ahead of a launch

year 2015 Top ^

Nov.7   Southern California
Jul.28   Southern California
Jun.28   Florida
Apr.14   USA
Jan.10   Florida

year 2014 Top ^

Nov.12   Southern California
Nov.3   Southern California
Nov.2   USA
  Southern California
Nov.1   Southern California
Oct.31   Southern California
  At least one person is dead and another injured after Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft crashed in the California desert

Oct.29   Virginia
Oct.28   Virginia
  The rocket exploded early Tuesday evening along the eastern Virginia coast, causing a huge fireball but no apparent deaths
Apr.22   USA Asteroid impact risks 'underappreciated'   A visualisation showing where sizeable asteroids have hit the Earth in recent years has been released by the B612 Foundation

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Dec.17   USA Nasa orders emergency ISS repairs   The US space agency has ordered a series of emergency spacewalks to carry out repairs on a broken cooling line at the International Space St...

year 2011 Top ^

Sep.23   USA Satellite falls towards earth  US officials now say the fall to Earth of Nasa's six-tonne UARS satellite could occur early on Saturday Sep.16   USA Nasa satellite hurtling to Earth
Sep.1   USA Space debris 'at tipping point'

year 2009 Top ^

Feb.24   USA Failure hits Nasa's 'CO2 hunter'   The Orbiting Carbon Observatory, Nasa's first dedicated mission to measure carbon dioxide from space, has failed following a rocket malfunct...

year 2008 Top ^

Dec.30   USA Grim details of Columbia disaster

year 2005 Top ^

Jul.27   Florida   Nasa grounds space shuttle fleet
  The engineers investigate debris which fell from Discovery's external fuel tank during launch

year 2003 Top ^

Aug.26   Washington Columbia report faults Nasa managers
  The independent team concluded that long-standing flaws in the organisation were 'as much a cause' as technical faults Feb.3   Texas   Nasa extends shuttle search
  Experts have extended their search for debris and crew remains across the western United States Feb.2   Texas   Sensors: rising temperatures on Columbia
  In the final minutes something occurred on the craft's left side, significant enough to make the space craft roll to the right Feb.1   Texas   Space shuttle and crew lost
  Columbia broke up as it descended toward a planned landing, showering debris across southeastern Texas
 Those killed on the flight were commander Rick D. Husband; pilot William C. McCool; payload commander Michael P. Anderson; mission specialists David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla and Laurel Clark; and Israel's astronaut, Ilan Ramon. The loss was caused by damage sustained during launch when a piece of insulation broke off

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