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Venezuela court suspends three new opposition MPs  Venezuela's Supreme Court has suspended the inauguration of three opposition MPs who were due to take office next week Bolivia lowers working age to 10  Bolivia has lowered the legal working age to allow children to work from the age of 10 as long as they also attend school and are self-emplo... Chile judges apologise for past role  The body representing judges in Chile has made an unprecedented apology for the actions of its members under military rule in the 1970s and ... Uruguay MPs back marijuana bill  Members of Uruguay's House of Representatives have passed a bill to legalise marijuana Bolivia law backs Morales third term  Bolivia has passed a controversial law which paves the way for President Evo Morales to be elected for a third time Mexico Congress passes telecoms bill   Mexico's Congress has passed a major reform, in an attempt to make the telecommunications industry more open and competitive Manual recount not possible, chief justice says  A manual recount isn't possible in Venezuela, the head of the Supreme Court said, suggesting there is no legal basis for a ballot-by-ballot ... Venezuela sees electoral law row   The opposition has made an official complaint against the government following allegations that it broke the law by continuing its campaign on... Cuba legalises private home sales  Cuba has approved a law allowing individuals to buy and sell homes privately for the first time in 50 years Colombia passes 'historic' victims' law Brazil gay couples get new rights Judge blocks Amazon Belo Monte dam Bolivia wants coca to be legal Costa Rica files case against Nicaragua Colombia court blocks US bases deal   Argentina legalises gay marriage
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Crime Main Event: Brazil judge blocks Lula a...
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B. 2017-08-05 Venezuela's chief prosecutor rejects dismissal Venezuela
C. 2017-06-09 Brazil's Temer gets big victory in electoral court ruling Brazil
D. 2017-03-31 Venezuela's court move breaks law, Maduro ally says Venezuela
E. 2016-05-10 Brazil impeachment: Rousseff appeals to Supreme Court Brazil
5. 2016-04-21 President Pena Nieto proposes relaxing marijuana laws Mexico
2016-03-17 Brazil judge blocks Lula appointment to government Brazil
H. 2015-12-30 Venezuela court suspends three new opposition MPs Venezuela
I. 2014-07-17 Bolivia lowers working age to 10 Bolivia
9. 2013-09-04 Chile judges apologise for past role Chile

  Brazil impeachment: Rousseff appeals to Supreme Court  Rousseff has asked the Supreme Court to block impeachment proceedings against her - in a final attempt to stop the process before a Senate vote President Pena Nieto proposes relaxing marijuana laws  Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has proposed legalising marijuana for medical purposes and easing limits for personal use of the drug Brazil judge blocks Lula appointment to government
Venezuela's chief prosecutor rejects dismissal  Luisa Ortega says she was sacked by the new constituent assembly because the government wanted to stop her investigations   Brazil's Temer gets big victory in electoral court ruling  Brazil's top electoral court is voting to reject allegations of campaign finance violations that could have removed him from office Venezuela's court move breaks law, Maduro ally says

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Aug.5   Venezuela
Jun.9   Brazil
Mar.31   Venezuela
  Chief prosecutor has said the decision by the Supreme Court to take over legislative powers from the National Assembly violates the law

year 2016 Top ^

May.10   Brazil
Apr.21   Mexico
Mar.17   Brazil
  A Brazilian judge has blocked the appointment of ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as chief of staff to his successor, Dilma Rousseff

year 2015 Top ^

Dec.30   Venezuela

year 2014 Top ^

Jul.17   Bolivia

year 2013 Top ^

Sep.4   Chile
Jul.31   Uruguay
May.20   Bolivia
Apr.30   Mexico
Apr.17   Venezuela
Apr.13   Venezuela

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Nov.3   Cuba
Jun.10   Colombia
May.5   Brazil
Feb.25   Brazil
Jan.19   Bolivia

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Nov.19   Costa Rica
Aug.17   Colombia
Jul.15   Argentina
  Argentina has become the first country in Latin America to legalise gay marriage after the Senate voted in favour
Feb.26   Colombia   High court: Uribe can't run for third term  The Constitutional Court ruled against holding a referendum that could have cleared the way for the president to run for a 3rd consecutive term

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Aug.25   Argentina Court ruling allows personal use of pot
  Supreme Court ruled it is unconstitutional to punish an adult for private use of marijuana as long as it doesn't harm anyone else

year 2008 Top ^

Jan.31   Rio de Janeiro   Rio judge bans float on Holocaust
  A judge has banned a group from parading in the carnival with a float depicting the victims of the Holocaust and a Hitler figure

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Apr.24   Mexico Mexico City legalizes abortion  City lawmakers voted to legalize abortion, a decision likely to influence policies and health practices across Mexico and Latin America Jan.18   Venezuela   Rule by decree passed for Chavez
  National Assembly has given initial approval to a bill granting the President the power to rule by decree for 18 months

year 2006 Top ^

Sep.5   Mexico Judge: Calderon to lead Mexico
  Felipe Calderon was declared president-elect. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador refused to recognize the victory.    Obrador vowed to lead a parallel leftist government from the streets...
Aug.28   Mexico Court rejects fraud claim  The top electoral court decided not to order a full recount of votes from the disputed election

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